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What Do We Do About The Bigoted Mormon Cult?


Last night I was driving home from dinner around 10pm. Normally there would be almost no traffic. Instead there was traffic-- lots of it, everywhere. Grrrrrr... no matter which way I went I was snarled in back-up traffic. And it was getting worse the further east I went. It always thins out once you get to the eastside. That's when I realized-- that and seeing stragglers with No on 8 signs-- that protesters were protesting up ahead. I called a friend with eyes and ears to the ground to ask what's up. Big protest at Sunset Junction. Odd, I thought; no Mormons anywhere near Sunset Junction-- and probably no one who voted Yes on 8 unless it was someone too stoned to remember what Yes and No meant on election day.

I was just a young boy the first time I heard about self-immolation for a political cause. It was actually more a religious cause but the context was pure politics: the Vietnam War. The images in 1963 of a Buddhist monk, Thich Quang Duc, setting himself on fire in Saigon have haunted me all these decades. From Frances Fitzgerald's Fire in the Lake: "the political climate in Saigon changed as if hit by the drop in pressure preceding a hurricane. Vast demonstrations broke out. The city people, who had for years remained passive, terrified before the Diemist police, crowded into the pagodas to kneel and weep, then, following the bonzes [Buddhist monks], burst forth into the streets calling for the downfall of the Ngos [the ruling family in South Vietnam]."

How seriously are people taking the protests over the vote on Prop 8, a vote that deprives millions of people of a right to marry, that singles them out for second-class citizenship? Will snarled traffic make people stop and think? Would self-immolation? Violence against hate groups like the Mormon "church?" Can a boycott of Utah's $6 billion tourist industry do anything to root out the hatred and bigotry at the heart of that bizarre cult that has thrived on engendering a sense of persecution among its grotesquely ignorant, brainwashed followers? Sure, Utah is as much a reactionary hate state as Mormonism is a destructive and dangerous aberration in America... but what's going to really help change people's minds?

I'm guessing Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi had the winning strategy, far more than Abu Bakir Bashir or brawling monks. Striking out violently against the Mormon Establishment is counterproductive. The hard work it takes to change people's minds and bring them out of the Darkness of Hatred and Bigotry is the only effective way to go about bringing real change. I'm glad today's peaceful demonstration has moved from Sunset Junction to the Mormon cult's main temple.


If you buy goods and services from these Mormon businesses you are contributing to the bigoted Mormon hierarchy's anti-gay jihad:

Black & Decker
Sky West
La Quinta
American Express
Hunstsman Chemical
Nu Skin
Jet Blue
Bain Capital



At 9:37 AM, Blogger Bob In Pacifica said...

I'm finding it amusing that the Mormons are trying to deflect criticism against them for their central role in pushing Prop. 8 by saying "the black guys did it".

I am hoping that this disgusting proposition can be tossed out in court, and I think that there are good reasons to believe it will, but in the meantime it's necessary for people to realize that there is a price that they pay when denying others the rights that they enjoy.

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Mormon and i find it fascinating how you feel it is o.k to force your agenda on others but others should just stay out of your way when they disagree. From everything i have researched you had your chance to vote and in America the majority rules. this proposition was voted for by 52% of Californians and as far as I know the population is not 52% Mormon. that would mean that many other people agreed that they did not want same sex marriage to be sanctioned. This type of proposition was on some seven other state ballots and passed everytime. The homosexual community thought it was o.k to force people to accept their lifestyle by have the judicial system force it upon them. In this vote the people showed they did not agree and that the judicial system overstepped it's boundaries.Our country is based upon the belief of majority represented in government (we are a Republic not a democracy) The Constitution was never written to say a few can sue to force their beliefs on the many. I did not vote for Obama i think he is a Communist but does that mean I sue to go against the will of the people. No!

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So... gay people getting married means that they're "forcing their beliefs" on us, but campaigning to forbid them to marry doesn't mean you're forcing your beliefs on them?

Just because Prop 8 won, doesn't make it right.

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

I remember living in Virginia back in the 1960s. There was a group that had billboards in Arlington that had a phone number you could call for the "White People's Power Message Of The Week". My friends and I used to call the number just for kicks. The message would ramble on, screaming irrationally about everything under the sun, eventually usually blaming "THAT COMMUNIST NIXON" for the ills, both real and imagined, that their sick, twisted little minds lacked the ability to comprehend. They would rail on about commies in the state department, commies in Congress, commies at the U.N., etc. Even LBJ's wife had been a commie because she planted RED maples in the parks. They also took pains to point out that "negroes"(polite term) were not granted full rights under the Constitution as originally written, and, that the call rights for them was communism . Now, 40 years later, a black man has been elected President. Therefore, to some, he must be labeled "a communist" and, to some his election is clear proof of the communist plot that they warned us about all those years ago. Coulter, Palin and their whole army of like-minded nitwits tell us that Obama will turn this country into the Soviet Union. Of course, they can't rationally explain how because it's just fear. Fear of a black planet? Fear of losing some measure of power over some group? Fear of the unknown? Or, just, undirected or miss-directed fear? It's happened before, back in the 60s with the Civil Rights movement and back in the 50s in the Joe McCarthy era.
Civil Rights, regardless of for whom, has always been a fearful, terrible thing to some people. Many voted against Civil Rights. Many worked tirelessly and often violently against Civil Rights. Change comes. Enlightenment comes. Voters change their minds. A better, more constructive society comes. Civil rights for all "groups" can work. It works better than imposing one's belief system on someone else. Sadly, it can take decades, but change comes as it even came in a doorway to a college in Alabama. It's better than living on Animal Farm. Grow up and get used to it. Free your mind and your ass will follow, or, you can choose to just remain an ass. Nixon was no commie and neither is Obama.

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its not about them getting married that is forcing it upon you its the fact that every time something does not go their way its catostophic. We have gay parades in our city and i cant take my kids out on the street because the crudeness of their behavior (no different than straight people in porn)its just what has become their way of identifying themselves to everyone. It doesnt have to be in your face. They protest and hate Mormons because Mormons felt they had a right to express their opinion but isnt that what they do when they hold these rallies and protests all the freakin time. Honestly if homosexuals at large would just live their lives and stop telling me i have to accept it i would not care what they do. I have idealogical differences with homosexuals but i do not hate them i just disagree with their choices. If i am made to defend my beliefs against someone elses i will and i feel i have just as much right as you do to defend your beliefs. This ballot item had a majority vote and most people felt it was right. Whether right or wrong it's a Republic and the voices have been heard one way or the other. Oh and another thing if homosexuals feel they have been persecuted then they must not have read the history of Mormonism in the United States you know extermination orders etc. where lots of Mormons were hunted and killed by law enforcement and citizens of the great state of Missouri and continually harassed by the Federal Government as a militia. I am not refering to the sicko's known as the reformed LDS or whatever they are but true LDS. I do not want to come across as hateful i just disagree and never wish harm to anyone with different beliefs. i have been reading other blogs and i am appalled at the hatred and violent suggestions some are making towards members of the Mormon church but not suprised. Eli i am glad you can debate without becoming venemous.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I say Obama is a communist because everything he spoke of was socialist ideas not because he was black. Raising someones taxes because they have been more successful than the person next to the? Do i owe my success to everyone because they have not succeeded financially? Do they owe me happiness because maybe their lives are happier than mine? entitlement programs, universal healthcare, increased government and regulation these are all things if you continued to write out sound just like Russia, China, Cuba and list of other countries with Communist governments. John McCain was not far behind when they were racing eachother to see who could give the most away to "the middle class". By the way Bruce your story is great you just forgot to point out that McCarthey was right, Communists had infiltrated our government. If you look at the Communist Party USA they are celebrating the victory of Barak Obama because of his ideologies. They believe he will create a platform for them to springboard from when he implements his policies. I am not a racist or bigot i have a close friend who is gay we agree to disagree and my best friends are a black, puerto rican and peruvian. I agree civil rights have come a long way and still have a long way to go. I agree it's historically an awsome thing we were able to elect a black president. I did not vote for him because i disagree with his ideas not his color. One day your intellect will allow you debate someone simply by disagreeing with ideas not telling them they must be an ass.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

Hmm, annony, I wasn't aware that I was addressing one specific person but does all of this mean you would also define Dubya as a socialist for his drug benefit, his "no child left behind" or his support of the bailout giveaway to his rich banker f(r)iends?
As for tax code, our country and its society were a lot healthier under the tax laws on the books during the Eisenhower years. Even restoring the taxcode back to where it was under Reagan would be an improvement. Same with regulating. Deregulation is causing a lot of pain right now.
Celebrating commies? Maybe, but I think they will be disappointed. The people who are really celebrating are the KKK. Enrollment is up, up, up.
McCarthy? He had no decency at last. That's another quote, like the "Free your mind" one

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do i owe my success to everyone

In a word, yes. You did not create the world or the system. It was more likely by luck of birth and luck of healthy genes that you succeeded in part. How many people in the world must do without for Americans to have the goods we have? Quite simply, we pillage to gain the resources we want.

As for Gay marriage, I cannot think of a more reprehensible way to force one's "beliefs" onto another. At least you would think you would have to come up with some objective truth that there is a god and that said god is against gayness.

However, even God allowed free will, right?

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then send me your wealth Teach. i am more than happy to take what is yours if you believe that. I worked from making $7.50 an hour with a wife and children to starting my own business and doing well for myself. My success was definitely helped by those who work for me and they are rewarded for their labors. However i took the risk and they did not so i receive more of the reward. In fact i encourage many of my people by helping them financially to get them get licensed in my industry and start their own business but they are happy with just doing their job and knowing they have a check every Friday. Of the 85 people that work for me in 12 years i have had one do it. They do not go home with the worries and stress of being responsible for so many other peoples lives they just go home and they are o.k with that. I have given over 20k this year to charities ranging from a local childrens hospital to church run welfare systems so do not preach to me how i owe those around me. I just think i will do a better job of using my money to help others than giving it to some politician. So instead of challenging me how about challenge yourself. What have you given this year? personal time, money, supplies i hope something or do you just expect the government to take it from someone and distribute it as long as it does not come from you. Has anyone asked Obama and Joe Biden how much personally they have given away to welfare or charity groups. I think we can find out through their tax records that would be interesting.

Bruce i do believe Dubya had socialist ideas also. The bailout is a joke. It's governments way of saying i'm responsible for your bad decisions. educate yourself before making big decisions like buying a house or investing in mortgage backed securities. Dubyas horrible big government domestic policy is what people were so angry with this election. Lets not forget the libs had something to do with this too. Deregulation didnt cause this, regulation by liberals forcing Fanny & Freddy to have large portions of money set apart for high risk subprime loans. And then there is Wall Street for selling worthless paper oh yeah to people who did not do their research to know they were purchasing mortgage backed securities. Please note that when i refer to you i do not mean you necessarily i do not know your background just what you have spoke of here. As for the KKK i hope your wrong because they are a sick group who is filled with hatred. I am not attacking Obama because he is black or a bad person i just do not agree with his policies. In fact i think personally i would like him as long as we did not talk politics too much. He seems to have an average Joe personality even though he has lots of money.

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


God gave agency and with it comes consequences if you believe in God. The 3rd of the host of Heaven that wanted to take agency away ended up with Lucifer. Yes agency exists but no where does it say it was free and with all the decisions we make consequences good or bad will happen. I believe that Christ sacrificed himself for the sin of all men and through him you will find forgiveness. I have no right to judge whether a man will be or how he will be punished for his choices. I just know the scriptures say Adam was the father of men and Eve the mother. The patriarichal order was set. I do not think you have to believe as i do thats your agency. I have faith in what i believe and you will find your faith in whatever you like. i'm not trying to be hateful im doing what i believe is right just as you do in your life. Homosexuals are not evil or disgusting they are my bretheren and i love them. Creation was a commandment and homesexuality will never allow that. I know invetero (?) fertilization, etc. i do not fight a persons agency to choose to be homosexual i fight to keep the laws of man from saying i have to support it.

At 7:50 PM, Blogger tech98 said...

entitlement programs, universal healthcare, increased government and regulation these are all things if you continued to write out sound just like Russia, China, Cuba and list of other countries with Communist governments.

Actually, they sound like Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand and other western countries with higher standards of social development than the US, lower crime rates, more cost-competitive and better-performing health care systems and highly competitive economies.

Of course, it requires government agencies that actually function with efficiency rather than being stuffed with incompetent heckuva-job cronies, religious freaks and party ideological commissars designed to make them fail so their functions can be outsourced to no-bid overcharging contractors who give lavish kickbacks; which would rule out Republican administrations.

You make yourself look really stupid hysterically ranting about communism over raising the top tax rate from 35% back to 39%, where it was in 2001.

I guess Eisenhower was a commie with his Marxist-Leninist top tax rate of 70% in the 1950s Repigs love to mythologize.

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Mormon and i find it fascinating how you feel it is o.k to force your agenda on others but others should just stay out of your way when they disagree.

Funny, I don't recall voting for any propositions that would nullify Mormon marriages.
Not a bad idea, though.

At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote: I am not refering to the sicko's known as the reformed LDS or whatever they are but true LDS. I do not want to come across as hateful

Good think you don't *want* to come across as hateful. I shudder to think what you'd say about the RLDS (or gays, or anyone else) if you really tried to be hateful.

And I suppose the lies told by the pro-Prop 8 folks in their ads and robo-calls about what would happen if prop 8 were rejected were also not intended to come across as hateful, either.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger kcBill13 said...

I think since the Catholics and the "out of state" Mormons want to get into the political arena with their cash to influence election outcomes the answer is simple.

It is now the time to remove tax exempt status from all religious organizations in the United Sates of America. They obviously do not need the exempt status as they are using their money for partisan purpose.

This also has the effect of swelling the general revenue fund in desperate economic times.

At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If civil rights were determined by popular vote women wouldn’t have the right to vote and slavery would be alive and well.

If Mormons don't want Gay marriage in the Mormon Church that’s their decision, but they have no right to push this agenda in state civil marriage.

Marriage is civil right, separation of church and state remember 4th grade?

Would you use leaches to draw blood if you had a fever?

Why do we look to the bible for guidance? This is an except from Exodus 21, instruction to sell your daughter as a sex slave.

"If a man sells his daughter as a servant, she is not to go free as menservants do. 8 If she does not please the master who has selected her for himself...

How about we use the MIND God gave us, reason instead of this arcane text.

At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will absolutely boycott Mormon businesses. Any ideas where I can find a more complete list. No offense to DWT, but some of the people I intend to enlist in the boycott will not believe the list without an independant source. They hate the lib-blogs.

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my coming out process, I ran in to SO MANY closeted Mormons. That religion is FULL of closeted gays, and I think that explains the Mormon church's PREOCCUPATION with homosexuality. They just CAN'T get their minds off of it.

As for Utah, and the Mormon church, well of course they will pay financially and with their public image for their anti-gay role in the election. Everything has a price. I think the day will come when the Mormon church will WISH it had stayed out of this vote. But too late. It meddled. And now it's in the middle of the fight of the century.

And as we all know from the way the history of civil rights goes, the church WILL lose the fight. They had to accept blacks when they didn't want to. They'll have to accept gays too.

Oh well.

Um, Utah? My boycott of that place started years ago. I knew long before this church blunder that Utah is not gay friendly. Why on EARTH would I spend my vacation and hard-earned gay travel dollars THERE? It's a no brainer. Utah? Not for gays.

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dell did not take a position on Propsition 8 - please remove Dell from the list of companies in your post.

Bryant at Dell (corporate affairs)

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most important and lasting civil rights-related changes in the U.S. have come through either direct votes of the people, or through their representatives in state legislatures or the U.S. Congress. Examples include the Civil War-era constitutional amendments and Civil Rights Act of 1871, women's sufferage (19th amendment), Voting Rights Act of 1965, etc.

What offends me as an American and a voter is when unelected judges short-circuit democracy with rulings like the one in California back in May. When judges legislate from the bench we are as likely to get a Dred Scott-like decision as we are a Brown v. Board of Education one. Anything that has to go through the scrutiny of a public vote or legislative action is more likely to stand the test of time.

I trust the people and our elected representatives far more than I trust our Supreme Court to make good law and public policy.

For more, visit the designated conservative at

At 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't trust the general population at all. People are unenlightened and just plain stupid. We don't let the general puplic make decisions for NASA because the general public is too stupid. We need smart people running things. The general population elected George Bush - he completely screwed up this country because he is a corrupt moron.
The Mormon Church is a Cult - period. Cults have no business influencing elections.
You people who call Obama a Communist because "he is a Socialist" are complete idiots. It is the role of Government to regulate and provide social programs you dumbasses.
The reactionary general pupblic who barely read and listen to fat AM radio propaganda nitwits for their opinions should not be part of any serious decision process.
Leave the Morons and the Mormons out!

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize this is quite old but thought I'd add a follow up. There are plenty of mormons who have been getting their brains back after leaving the cult, and it was Prop 8 that helped get us there. In D&C 132 (mormon scripture) it talks about polygomy being essential to highest salvation. This is mainstream mormon, and the reason it no longer happens is the excuse " it's against the law." Should Prop 8 have passed there was an opening that polygomy could have been legalized as well, thus making it a requirement once again. This would cause that church to shrink in number and money. Many mormons don't know their own history. Joseph had at least 30 wives, and the first 7 'prophets' were polygomous, plus all their leaders, even though it was illegal.
Ask a mormon who Fannie Alger was (the 15 year old maid, and first 'wife' Smith claimed according to LDS Family History records). Bet they won't even know that.


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