Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The House Races


Two winners: Rep. Carol Shea-Porter with President-elect Obama

Ballots are still being tabulated but I want to go through the House races and compare the wins and losses with the DWT predictions from Monday night. First though, I'd like to mention that I just got off the phone with Carol-Shea-Porter, the one Blue America incumbent that had a tough fight. She won it handily and I just got off the phone with her. "You can talk about working men and women in this country," she told me, "and you can talk about a progressive agenda and universal healthcare and... you can win! And you can run a campaign and not go negative. I'm very proud of that and of the way my staff conducted themselves. And to know that we now have a president who knows us and who can lead! The spell is broken!"

AL-02: Bobby Bright- 50%
AL-05: Parker Griffith- 52%
AL-03: Josh Segall- 47%

AK-AL: Ethan Berkowitz- 44%

AZ-01: Ann Kirkpatrick- 56%
AZ-03: Bob Lord- 42%

CA-04: Charlie Brown*- too close to call
CA-03: Bill Durston- 44%
CA-26: Russ Warner*- 40%
CA-45: Julie Bornstein- 44%
CA-46: Debbie Cook*- 43%
CA-50: Nick Leibham- 46%

CO-04: Betsy Markey- 55%

CT-04: Jim Himes*- 51%

FL-08: Alan Grayson*- 52%
FL-24: Suzanne Kosmas- 57%
FL-25: Joe Garcia*- 47%
FL-12: Doug Tudor- 41%
FL-13: Christine Jennings- 38%
FL-18: Annette Taddeo*- 42%
FL-21: Raul Martinez- 42%

ID-01: Walt Minnick- 51%

IL-10: Dan Seals- 45%
IL-11: Debbie Halvorson- 58%
IL-06: Jill Morgenthaler- 42%

IN-03: Michael Montagano- 40%
IN-06: Barry Welsh*- 32%

IA-04: Becky Greenwald- 39%
IA-05: Rob Hubler- 37%

KY-02: David Boswell- 47%

LA-04: Paul Carmouche- run-off

MD-01: Frank Kratovil- 49% (recount)

MI-07: Mark Schauer*- 49% (a win)
MI-09: Gary Peters*- 52%
MI-08: Robert Alexander- 40%

MN-03: Ashwin Madia- 41%
MN-06: Elwyn Tinklenberg- 44%
MN-02: Steve Sarvi- 43%

MO-09: Judy Baker- 47%
MO-06: Kay Barnes- 37%

NE-02: Jim Esch- 48%

NV-03: Dina Titus- 48% (a win)
NV-02: Jill Derby- 41%

NJ-03: John Adler- too close to call 52%
NJ-07: Linda Stender- 41%
NJ-05: Dennis Shulman*- 42%

NM-01: Martin Heinrich*- 55%
NM-02: Harry Teague- 55%
NM-03: Ben Ray Lujan- 56%

NY-13: Michael McMahon- 61%
NY-25: Dan Maffei*- 55%
NY-29: Eric Massa*- 51%
NY-26: Alice Kryzan- 40%

NC-08: Larry Kissell*- 55%

OH-01: Steve Dreihaus- 52%
OH-02: Victoria Wulsin* - recount 37%
OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy- 43%
OH-16: John Boccieri- 54%
OH-03: Jane Mitakides- 40%
OH-07: Sharen Neuhardt- 42%

PA-03: Kathy Dahlkemper- 52%
PA-15: Sam Bennett*- 41%
PA-18: Steve O'Donnell- 36%

SC-01: Linda Ketner- 47%

TX-07: Michael Skelly- 42%
TX-10: Larry Joe Doherty*- 43%

VA-05: Tom Perriello*- 50% (a win)
VA-11: Gerald Connolly- 53%
VA-02: Glenn Nye- 52%
VA-10: Judy Feder*- 38%

WA-08: Darcy Burner*- too close to call

WY-AL: Gary Trauner- 43%

The only Democratic incumbents to lose were really bad ones, reactionaries who vote with the GOP and deserved to lose. Their losses should be celebrated and should serve as a warning to other Democrats who forget that Democrats are supposed to helping working families, not serve the special interests.The losers:

Tim Mahoney (FL-16)- 40%
Don Cazayoux (LA-06)- 40%
Nick Lampson (TX-22)- 45%

[UPDATE: Nancy Boyda, a decent moderate from Kansas' second district lost her seat to state Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, not a radical extremist but a mainstream conservative, for no apparent reason other than all that stuff Thomas Frank wrote about.]

Names in italics were longshots and names with stars are Blue America candidates.


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