Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why Won't Frank Wolf Ever Stand Up For Northern Virginia Voters?


During his career, the real estate industry has donated more to Frank Wolf than any other sector-- $598,673. Lobbyists have given him $226,106. But when you combine all the culprits in the mortgage crisis and Wall Street meltdown, you find that Frank Wolf is one of their most beloved members of Congress. They have showered Congressman Wolf with "donations." In fact, since he was first elected, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate has contributed $962,663 to his career. And they have gotten their money's worth as he has consistently voted against the interests of his constituents and for the special interests who pay him off. Wolf has never met an unfair trade bill or a deregulation bill that he didn't support. His disgraceful voting record has come to define rubber stamp, across a wide array of issues. Frank Wolf is so extreme-- even for a Republican-- that he didn't oppose Bush on a single Iraq-related bill! He was with Bush and Cheney 63 times out of 63 roll calls, a record that few Republicans could ever duplicate.

Same when it came to the roll calls about our military personnel's well-being. Yes, for all Wolf's empty screeching about "support the troops," he has voted against the troops every single time a bill has come up-- from providing them with body armor to providing their families with health care. Wolf, more than any Republican in the House, actually hates military families and his votes, regardless of his rhetoric at election times, prove it! He also has a perfect score on veterans issues. He voted in exactly two dozen roll calls regarding veterans and he voted exactly two dozen times against veterans. When it comes to Big Pharma and Big Oil and Big Insurance, though... he is the first in Congress to throw taxpayers' dollars in their direction.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when one of McCain's racist campaign officials in Virginia made extremely disparaging, coded remarks about the residents of the 10th CD-- that they're not "real Virginians," Wolf refused to correct McCain or come to the defense of the people who have allowed him to live the life of a country squire at the public trough for so many years. I want to know what people who live in McLean, Manassas, Winchester, Chantilly and Front Royal think about this kind of talk from the McCain campaign. Watch it, please, and then help Judy Feder, sweep the garbage out of office:

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