Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Robin Hayes Asks North Carolina Voters To Decide If He's Delusional Or Just A Garden Variety Liar


Robin Hayes-- liar? loon? both?

Yesterday we talked about how Robin Hayes (R-NC) was following lunatic fringe GOP incumbents like Michele Bachmann, Bill Sali, Dana Rohrabacher and Mean Jean Schmidt off the cliff into outright insanity. He had stood up onstage at a McCain rally and accused Obama of “inciting class warfare” and said that “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

As the report started circulating and people in his district started hearing about it, Hayes flatly denied he had ever said it! Caught like a rat, he claimed it was the liberal media distorting his words. Hayes' campaign is now lashing out at reporters who are writing about his episode. Unfortunately for the delusional congressman, there's a recording of him and it's very clear.

That leaves us with these questions:

Is Hayes a liar?

Is Hayes delusional?

Will Hayes apologize immediately or let this drag on and on?

Will Hayes cry like a little girl again when he finally does apologize?

Hayes' opponent is Larry Kissell, one of the best Democrats running for Congress... anywhere. You can donate here or you can run your own SaysMe.TV ads in his district by clicking here. I had some hesitation about asking people to donate to Bachmann's opponent because he's a Blue Dog himself. I have no hesitation about Larry Kissell. He'll make one of the best members of Congress-- for North Carolina and for the whole country.


As far as we know Robin Weepy Hayes didn't cry when he was confronted with the taped evidence proving his denials were a blatant lie. Now he claims he didn't remember saying it, that he was just trying to work up the partisan crowd of what McCain has referred to as "the nuts" and that he didn't really mean it. No wonder ex-mill worker/high school teacher Larry Kissell is beating him in all the polls!

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