Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, No! Now Even The Really Bad Republicans Are Endorsing Obama


Please don't tell me John Ashcroft will endorse Obama too!

Forget for a moment that "really bad" and "Republicans" are kind of oxymoronic. I mean point out a post-Jacob Javits Republican who isn't "really bad." (Keep in mind that John Lindsey and Lincoln Chafee both abandoned the party of hatred and greed and that Olympia Snowe may wind up doing the same thing in January.) So... not one! And a whole slew have been jumping off the McCranky-Palin sinking ship as it lists this way and that, erratically, from one disaster to another.

But beyond the Chris Buckleys and Wick Allisons and the Colin Powells, we're now starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel as some real scummy opportunists pop up their heads and try running to the front of the parade. A few days ago it was war criminal Kenneth Adelman and then today...

When I saw the headline, I thought it came from The Onion. But it was today's Wall Street Journal: Bernanke Endorses Obama. Huh? Hyperbole aside, did he really? Not exactly. What he did do was admit that what the Democrats are suggesting, a stimulus package that puts cash into the hands of consumers and workers is what's needed to get the economy going. In other words, "Jobs, baby, jobs!"

The Journal editors aren't pleased that more money that could go into the pockets of corporate criminal executives might be wasted on... common people. In fact they're so outraged that they're assigned dark motivations to Bernanke's pronouncement. "Ben Bernanke apparently wants four more years as Federal Reserve Chairman. At least that's a reasonable conclusion after Mr. Bernanke all but submitted his job application to Barack Obama yesterday by endorsing the Democratic version of fiscal 'stimulus.'... Perhaps Mr. Bernanke's blunderbuss political intrusion will win him more Democrat friends, and maybe even Mr. Obama's goodwill. To the rest of the world, he has harmed the Fed and made himself less credible." By "the rest of the world," they mean themselves and the criminal elite they represent.

Obama should start rejecting these endorsements by the authors of our misery. What's next? An endorsement by Republican child molester Mark Foley? Yep, Foley, now openly gay and in L.A. for [oops, I'm not allowed to tell] admitted to fellow celebrities that he's for Obama. Having gone through quite a bit of therapy, I guess he's not as self-loathing as the even sicker Republicans who have actually endorsed McCain-Palin.

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At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you mean redundant instead of oxymoronic?

I just hope the ship jumping holds up. It seems to be happening in the rank and file as well.

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Child molesters actually molest children, which Foley did not. Yes, he had some perverse issue, which it appears he has worked out through therapy, but suggesting that he is a child molester, and that what he did was molestation, makes light of REAL molestation experienced by children. Isn't it good enough to call him a creepy pervert?


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