Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good News And Bad News For Gays


Who supports Prop 8? Well... Nazis and Mormans

The good news is for the good gay people and the bad news is for the bad gay people. First the bad news for the bad gays. Last Tuesday we reported that Austrian Nazi Jörg Haider was killed in a car crash, probably engineered by the Mossad to look like an accident. (I guessed it was the Mossad but that has been confirmed to me, off the record, of course, by an Israeli intelligence agent.) Anyway, to paraphrase a well-known American right-winger, who cares about a washed up old terrorist-- in this case a dead one?

Turns out Austria's most frequent user of plastic surgeons was, as many people suspected, not just a far right lunatic and a vicious and bigoted xenophobe, he was-- like American wing nuts Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mark Foley (R-FL), David Dreier (R-CA), Larry Craig (R-ID), et al-- a self-loathing closeted homosexual, kind of a Log Cabin Austrian. And his lover? Stefan Petzner, his political heir and head of Austria's Nazi movement. Ex-head of Austria's Nazi movement. The other Austrian Nazis fired him yesterday.
In emotional interviews with the national broadcaster and a tabloid newspaper Stefan Petzner spoke openly about his affair with Haider, who died at the age of 58 in a high-speed car crash after heavy drinking session at a gay club this month. Haider’s party, the Alliance for the Future of Austria, captured 11 per cent of the vote in national elections last month.

“He was the man of my life. Our relationship went far beyond friendship,” Mr Petzner, 27, said after only a week in the job, adding that Haider’s wife, Claudia, 52, “did not object” to their relationship.

“I only had him. Now I am all alone. I would spend nights with him and his family and that was important for me because I often was afraid to be alone in the dark,” he added.

Mr Petzner’s appointment as party leader was widely seen as a fulfillment of Haider’s last wish, as he had frequently said in public that he would like his young protégé to take his place one day. Mr Petzner dropped out of university when he met Haider at a party. At that time he was working as a journalist, writing about cosmetic treatments.

Outraged by the interviews, the party felt compelled yesterday to dismiss its leader amid reports of his alleged role in Haider’s tragic death. Local papers said that, on the night of his accident, Haider and Mr Petzner had a row at a magazine launch party. Haider left in a hurry and drove to a gay club in Klagenfurt, his home town, where he drank vodka with male escorts. The reports said that he was hardly able to walk to his car.

Haider's boyfriend wasn't kicked out of the party and he will now serve as the deputy fuhrer. This is what happens when social stigma forces people to stay in closets and hate themselves. I know dozens of gay men and women. None of them are in closets. None of them hate themselves. None of them vote for Republicans, Nazis or any other right-wing parties (although I know one gay guy who I suspect supports Blue Dogs).

Now, let's segue over to the good gays, the regular men and women trying to get on with our lives in this horribly reactionary Age of Bush. Narrow-minded, hate filled bigots, enabled by false prophets of made-up religions, especially the satanic Mormon cult, are attempting to single out gay Californians by taking away their right to marry. The good news is that new polling released last night is showing that the bigots and hate-mongers are losing-- albeit narrowly. I don't want to marry anyone, gay or straight, but I don't want a bunch of Mormons-- why the hell are they even allowed in a normal state like California-- dumping millions and millions of tax exempt dollars to run deceptive and divisive right-wing TV campaigns of bigotry and hatred-- turning our state into another hellhole of ignorance, disease and superstition like Utah. The Mormon cult hasn't changed, not really; they are a real danger to society-- just as bad as Jörg Haider:

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At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No shit, this makes the Nazis look hot...

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That movie was pretty crappy but the topic was interesting. The movie was filled with Hollywood Republicans Jon Voight, Dean Cain and the Cain Clan.


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