Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Joins The Parade-- Eloquently


Powell thinks we need the right man to clean up the mess

If you missed Meet the Press this morning, you can watch Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama below. I'm no fan of Colin Powell but his analysis of the political situation that led him to decide to vote for Obama was spot on. Afterwards he did an impromptu press conference in front of NBC and he went even deeper into his thoughts on how the Republican Party has degenerated and how that degeneration is undermining the essence of our country (again). Powell, who reminded the public that Obama, not his old friend McCain, is the "transformative figure" than America needs now, was a far more inspiring advocate for Obama than the plodding cardboard cutout that Joe Biden has been turned into, that's for sure. McCain doesn't agree with Powell's vision and pointed out that he's been endorsed by wanted war criminal Henry Kissinger, by dangerous and delusional Al Haig, and by Republican Party hack James Baker.

Powell, when asked, said he's still a Republican. His thoughts on the party-- particularly on Michele Bachmann, who he singled out, and other far right divisive elected officials-- makes one wonder why.

This comes in the midst of nearly every important newspaper in America endorsing Obama, many also slamming McCain-- as Powell did-- for his bad judgment, if not cynicism, in picking Palin as VP. Until today, the Houston Chronicle hasn't endorsed a Democrat since LBJ in 1964. "While Arizona Sen. John McCain and his running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin have struck an increasingly personal and negative tone in their speeches, Obama has continued to talk about issues of substance." It's what nearly every editorial in America is saying and it's similar to what Powell said. It is also borne out by pollsters and focus groups. This morning's Lexington Herald:
Even if this country were not in dire need of a new direction, Sen. Barack Obama would make a better president than Sen. John McCain.

McCain's one advantage, experience, is of little use without judgment and temperament. On both counts, Obama has shown himself to be better qualified.

Obama has been composed, consistent and honorable through a long and tricky campaign, which he has led almost flawlessly.

McCain, meanwhile, has abandoned stands that once earned him respect as a principled maverick within the Republican Party. He has done about-faces on immigration and the Bush tax cuts, the first ever during wartime, which he once opposed but now wants to expand. He drowned out his own enlightened voice on global warming with chants of "Drill, baby, drill." After fighting influence-peddling in Congress, he handed his campaign over to corporate lobbyists to manage.

With McCain, voters have no idea what they'd be getting, other than a president who promises to hold out for victory in a war in which no surrender papers can ever be signed because the enemy will always change shapes.


Not well. Actually it's stunning to read the perspective of Fox viewers-- stunning and instructive. This is why we have people like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin running around talking like that in public and still being accorded some degree of societal respect, as though they are normal people and not seriously mentally unbalanced. One particularly deranged GOP propagandist minimizes the impact of Powell's endorsement because, he claims, voters are "more interested in economic issues, and I think Joe the Plumber has more resonance than Colin Powell at this point in the election." Yep; McCain realizes Palin, who he openly referred to as a cold political calculation, can't win the presidency for him, so now he's counting on his old pal Charles Keating's relative, Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher. Oh, and Republican Party hacks like this kook in Maine, who's now calling Colin Powell a racist.

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At 9:59 AM, Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

I don't think Biden has been transformed into a cardboard cut-out by the Obama campaign. It's the fact that the TradMed barely covers him. You never hear where he'll be next. You never hear about his ability to field dress a moose. He doesn't go around calling people who disagree with him un-American. See where I am going here? It's more of an indictment of the TradMed. Then again, I think the Obama campaign doesn't mind it this way.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Dr. Tex Nology said...

I was amazed at how eloquent and articulate Powell was. And he didn't even wink ... or give that scary reptile smile McCranky's so fond of. It was one of the best cases to vote for Obama that I've heard. It reminded me of why I respected the guy before he started lying for Bush to start the war.

After Palin, Bush & McCranky, it's actually shocking to hear a republican speak intelligently.

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't think Biden has turned out into a cut-out. He's constantly on attack, but as 'jimmy the saint' pointed out, it's tradmed that's to blame.

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

In response to Mccain's latest lie:
Everyone in American knows that the real "underdog"... is the black guy.
Here's the problem... anyone at this point who thinks Obama is a) a socialist, b) a terrorist, c) the second coming of Christ... are all blinded by their biases. Just because Obama wants to give hard working Middle-Class Americans tax cuts by investments made by the wealthiest 5%, this is somehow a bad thing? This is what Adam Smith actually said government would have to do from time to time... government has to step in when clear dichotomies form between the upper and lower classes. Think of this as a investment... do not ship jobs overseas... reinvest in Americans and offer THEM jobs, not southeast Asian telemarketers our outsourced jobs, or Chinese or Mexicans our outsourced factory labor. The 2000 bucks we will get, will go towards affordable healthcare... is being able to afford health insurance a bad thing to you, or would you rather see all those people who will never be able to afford it just simply die off? Anyone who thinks Obama is a socialist doesn't even realize that he is a pure capitalist that recognizes that Americans are hurting. You also think that BLACK people are lazy, and unwilling to work when given the opportunity. This thinking biases your hiring practices, and makes you develop preconceived judgments about the people you are willing to hire, and those you are not. This implicit practice of active racism MUST STOP! The only way I see it... is to hire a black man for the highest position this country can offer... so far, he's the last politician standing.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger btchakir said...

Anybody catch Fareed Zakaria on CNN today?

Fareed Zakaria endorsed Obama at the end of his Sunday international news discussion show. I was surprised! I didn't think Television news celebrities did that. I certainly wouldn't expect Wolf Blitzer to openly endorse anyone.

Maybe I'm wrong.
Under The LobsterScope

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Colin Powell,
This election is about the people . McCain has forgotten there is more working class ordinary people then upper class aristocrats making large salaries. Does anyone realize his salaries over the last 26 years equals more then $2,000,000 ? And that is good wages for a elected public servant and does not include retirement or any other benefit. If you got in a job like that you sure would keep it with what means you had..and if a better one could come along ..well lets not let ethics or morals hold back McCain..frankly he looks old and crazy up there with his smirks and wise ass taunts that sound stupid with righteous holier then thou slurs.I am tired of the bully tactics and downright racist and the class war he, his campaign and vice presidential running mate is inciting. I never intended to vote for Obama at the start of this presidential race. I looked at him like a zealous wanta I want him to be president. Until you go without and the American dream is a nightmare of hellish proportions for ordinary working families, with either 2 adults working full time or a single head of household struggling to provide.How could you understand living in your tower looking down on the lower classes? People want better for their children and grandchildren and to be paid enough to live not just survive. They do not want to go bankrupt if illness comes. "By the way where were they suppose to get that extra $5,000 fake refund for healthcare from? Rob a failed bank the government now owns? What these senators earn in salary in a year would be like winning the lottery to many people. War,Oil and bailing out the banking industry is like giving welfare in huge sums to the over rich while they whine they are more deserving and need saved to save the less fortunate." I don't see McCain in tights swinging through trees with Sarah Palin as his Maid Marion either." Its time for change. No more Bush doctrine along with finger pointing saying someone is evil and corrupt only make McCain the biggest boogie man of all.
Who wants to identify with Palin, she is as weird as McCain. Talks more flaky then a pie crust. She is as bad as the KKK in drag and it appears that McCain has the judgement of Jerry Springer putting her in his road show. I feel this will enrage republicans but actually you dont make my living or care how my family survives so you can take a flying leap. No matter who wins the working class will survive by holding on to thier families and working till they thanks to Georgie Bush for the royal screwing he gave the American people. Dickie boy Cheny can get his position back with Halliburton after he leaves office about underground connections...McCain is not a hero ..I watched the senate hearings on prisoners of war and the MIA's and then read statements from credible witnesses of how he raised his hand in anger out of control as he would strike a old woman in a wheel chair and then pushed it away with her in it..his conduct is out of control and has been for years..and McCain continues but not with my vote.

At 8:57 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Before the public gets paranoid regarding retired General Colin Powell's decision to endorsed BARACK OBAMA this is some information that you may have missed in his explanation.

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama today. Colin Powell used words like steady, thoughtful, insightful in describing attributes that impressed him about Barack Obama. In contrast he focused on the campaign that John McCain has decided to run and he denounced it. He denounced his focus on William Ayers and expressed concern about the Robo calls that the McCain campaign has conducted in key battleground states calling them demagoguery

Powell also stated that he believed that Sarah Palin was not ready to be Commander and Chief. It shows that John McCain did not show good judgment in his selection of Sarah Palin. Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal said that Sarah Palin did not have the knowledge to be the Vice presidential nomination. Now the Republican right is coming to the conclusion that Sarah Palin is not the one for the Job. She has now become a divisive figure.

America will continue with its progress to be a better country and remain the leaders of democracy. We baby boomers are responsible for the progress that we see today in this country. And we must not let racism, ignorance and stupidity hold us back! Remember the song; We're on the move" Ain't no stopping us now!"

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colin Powell has just demonstrated a racist move in supporting Obama, and not Mccain. Powell's decision to not support Mccain is born of nothing but his desire to support his fellow "black" man. I heard on the news that one of the reasons Powell is doing is not supporting Buah is because of Sarah Palin. What a liar Powell is. Powell supporting Obama has been talked about for months on the news, before Sarah Palin was chosen by Mccain as a running mate. Palin is just an excuse for Powell to leave the republican party. Obnamas political beliefs are too far left from the republicans. There is no other reason Powell left the Democratic party than racism. Everyone go the site of the national black republicans. This site is, This group is saying that Obama is NOT whom the want to represent their race in history, THey say the church to whcih Obama belonged promotes racism and tries to make blacks think they cannot live without the goverrnment, which is marxism, communism. and who can respect a man such as Obama who badmothed his own grandmother who raised him on naional tv, Obama said his grandmotehr exhibited "typical hite behavior" . He did this in his national race speech months ago. Ther is no telling how badly this remark hurt that poor woman. Onama has some of the most dangerous associates which make him totally unqualified for President. His association with William AYers the terrorist who wanted to bomb the pentagon, the rpaaer who wrote the horrible lyrics to the song about John Mccain 'only being good if he is in a wheelchair paralyzed ." Fidel Castro has praised obama, saying Obama is 'advanced." that is becaseu Castro has communistic beliefs like Obama does. Many people I know are regarding Obama as the next Adoplh Hitler. Hitler hated his own Jewish background, and look what he did to the Jews. If Obama gets the Presidency, this country is finished, the USa is going to communism, HTere is a reason that Hillary Clintons political advisor and other Clinton supporters have left the Democratic party, Lyn Rohschild called Obama 'arrogant" and said he is weanting to take this country way too far left, and she is not comfortable with it, The was a member of the Democratic National Committee. Wak up, people before it is too late. Obama is come to destroy this country. Obama is an admitted ex cocains user, So Obama thumbed his nose at his country, did somthing illegal, But people are still votign for this communist for President. The USA has become natio of idiots for supporting Barack Obma.

At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it more ironic that John McCain has spent his whole life fighting communism all over the world just to be beaten by it at home, or that they are using capitalism to spread communism, i.e. buying the election from overseas?

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still remember his speech at the UN...the yellowcake from Nigeria... the delapidated truck which was supposed to be some nuclear missile... Powell has many innocent peoples death on his conscience. Thank you for supporting Mr. Obama but please go back to gardening or whatever you have been up to the last few years!


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