Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What To Do About Chris Carney


One of the worst and most dishonest of the reactionary freshmen from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, Pennsylvania Bush-Cheney rubber stamp Chris Carney has been begging constituents to flood the newspapers in northeast Pennsylvania with letters to the editors extolling his virtues. He doesn't have any virtues; he's a dishonorable and dishonest man unfit for public service. He made the mistake of e-mailing former online donors from his 2006 campaign. At the time, 722 Blue America contributors donated thousands of dollars to Carney's campaign. Once he proven himself to be a liar we asked for our money back. He refused to return the money he took from us under false pretenses.

One donor, from Northumberland, PA, who Carney asked to write a letter to the editor obliged by sending this to the Sunbury Daily Item:

As a VFW Post CMDR and a Combat Veteran in the Special Forces, I have to ask that the people help throw Chris Carney out of office. I voted for him even though he was a democrat and was shocked when it turned out he lied about his positions. I thought he had integrity since he was a Navy veteran. He said he support one position but has lied to me personally since he was elected. He expects to be reelected automatically, I can't allow that. I don't know who is running against him but I can't accept him as my representative nor can my comrades in the VFW.

CMDR, Post #9450
7th Special Forces, 79-87

Electing Carney was a terrible mistake-- one that should be rectified in November. Progressives should either not vote for that office or write in... well... how about Track Palin? He'd probably be a step up from Carney.

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