Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Darcy Burner, The Not-Sarah-Palin-Candidiate From Suburban Seattle


The whole world (minus, obviously, women who base their daily schedules, if not their lives, on reality TV) wants Obama to win the presidential election.

Britain- Obama 54%
Germany- Obama 61%
France- Obama 62%
Australia- Obama 62%
Italy- Obama 64%
Canada- 69%
Nigeria- 71%
Kenya- 87%

Obama was preferred by citizens of every single country polled, not just our allies above but also India, China, the Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Panama, Lebanon, Mexico, the U.A.E., Russia, Singapore, Brazil and Poland. What do citizens in all these countries have in common? Not much... other than hope.

Back in the U.S.A., McCain has been making strides against Obama, particularly with low-info voters, who are thrilled seeing Sarah Palin's purty face on the cover of the magazines they read: the National Enquirer, US Weekly and People. What a celeb! No telling when-- or even if-- voters will look past her celebrity and at where she stands on the issues and look past the campaign talking points and look at her actual record on earmarks, Bridges to Nowhere, and shockingly dishonest personal corruption.

Residents of the eastern Seattle suburbs who want to vote for an attractive young woman and mother are much luckier than residents in most places. In Bellevue, Mercer Island, Sammamish, the Lake Washington suburbs and the family-oriented blue collar suburbs of southern King County and Pierce County from Orting all the way east to Mt. Rainier, they can pull the lever for Darcy Burner and get not just good looks, but intelligence, sanity, solid policy direction and the ability-- even eagerness-- to answer a substantive question. Image... Sarah Palin without all the crazy baggage!

This afternoon Blue America did its first-ever live fundraiser; it was a low-key lunch at Cru in Silverlake for Darcy Burner. Except no one told Darcy it was low-key. After letting everyone else say a few words, she pressed on-- and... wow... like Ann said, "It was like a seminar on how to run a grassroots campaign." And it wasn't all "me, me, me" like most fundraisers tend to be. Darcy was very much oriented towards the progressive movement. When Digby asked her what we could do to help her, she pivoted right into help other progressive candidates around the country. Darcy is a truly inspiring candidate. I'm so proud to know her!

One thing we did discuss, though, is the NEA and how they, and other "progressive" interest groups like them routinely sell out progressive candidates for their own pathetic, shallow and ineffectual Inside the Beltway politics. Earlier today I corresponded with someone from the campaign of Florida Blue Dog Christine Jennings. She was trying to persuade me that Jennings was a good match for Blue America and, naively, mentioned other "progressive" organizations that had endorsed her. One was HRC, one of the most craven and despicable of all the sell-out one-issue bottom feeders in DC. Desperate for the "credibility" of bipartisanship, HRC looks for Republicans who may be disastrous for gay families but who aren't quite as disastrous as a Jim Inhofe, John Cornyn or self-loathing closet queen Mitch McConnell. Take their shameful endorsement of Susan Collins whose so-so voting record is no match for her Democratic opponent's perfect voting record. Collins voted for all Bush's hideous, violently anti-gay judicial appointments. Tom Allen, of course, opposed every one of them and, as a senator, has vowed to never vote to confirm anyone who favors discriminating against any group of Americans.

The NEA, similarly desperate for that kind of bogus Inside-the-Beltway credibility, scoured the country for Republican incumbents in high profile, tight races who they could endorse. One was Darcy's abysmal opponent, Dave Reichert, and another was Missouri reactionary goon Sam Graves. Like HRC, the NEA has lost all credibility. (Fortunately the American Federation of Teachers endorsed Darcy, which means the bureaucrats who waste tax money are for Reichert and the actual front line teachers are for Darcy.)

Anyway, we would like to help Darcy raise some money to make up for the $5,000 those craven imbeciles at the NEA gave Reichert. See that picture of Darcy up top? She's holding a Georgie-Is-Outta-Here Party In A Box. What's that? All you need to celebrate the end of George Bush's political career! Watch the video:

Georgie Is Outta Here Party In A Box!

It's never too early to prepare for the end of Bush-Cheney. You can buy the box online now or wait for them to hit the stores... or win one by donating to Darcy's campaign. Everyone who donates this week at the Blue America Darcy Burner page gets entered into a sweepstakes to win the box. There's no minimum amount you have to donate-- and it's a GREAT cause... and we have half a dozen boxes to give away.

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At 11:48 PM, Blogger Philip Munger said...

Darcy needs places like Silver Lake. Southeast King County - Pierce County cusp. I talked to her about that after 2006. That's the area where she lost it then. Very good to see her doing so well. I'm optimistic!

Go, Darcy!!!

At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is NEA?


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