Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Will Obama Get A Bounce Out Of This Convention?


John Amato told me there's a huge TV viewership. I notice it sounds great on radio when I'm driving around. A few days ago the National Journal polled a bunch of bloggers with the question "How big of a bounce-- if any-- will his convention give Obama?" This was before the really excellent speeches by Michelle Obama, Brian Schweitzer, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton-- let alone tomorrow's Obama speech. A plurality of bloggers-- me included-- picked 4-6 points. Now I'm thinking it could be even more, although sometimes I get in a darker mood and I agree with Chris Bowers that something's wrong-- I chalk it up to racism-- and there may be no bounce at all...

Here's how the normal bloggers pegged it:

And this is what the extreme right wing shills and GOP plants thought:

My friend Mike just watched Melissa Etheridge play at the Pepsi Center and he says she was incredible. But as for a bounce... he's worried. He-- like a lot of people I know-- says he'd "like to see the Democrats hit McCain harder. It seems they give him a pass on a lot cause he has white hair and was in prison."

I have a feeling that's because they want to appeal to independents, not the hard core activists. We'll see-- and in any case, next week's Republican HateFest in St. Paul should make the Democratic Convention sparkle in retrospect. The Republicans are seriously divided and their coalition is falling apart. A couple dozen members of Congress-- including big names like Senators Susan Collins, Gordon Smith, John Sununu, Pat Roberts, Ted Stevens, Chuck Hagel, Elizabeth Dole-- won't even show up and are praying their constituents don't remember that they're Republicans. Half the Michigan GOP members of Congress are "too busy" to come.

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At 12:39 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

No Bounce


McCain's Veep will squash it.

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think not Obama get a bounce, he was fabulous, Bill Clinton with is rally speech gave him a big bounce! He was magnificent, Bill is a very articulate and beautiful speaker and this is what Obama needs on his team. When Biden accepted the call for Vice President, then Obama showed with his surprise appearance, it was riveting! It is time for change, we must get rid of those puppet Repulicans, that care nothing about the poor or middle class only for the rich! They are literally destructing this country to pad their pockets. I find it unconceivable that others can't comprehend this, look at gas prices, oil prices, grocery prices, the housing market a mess and the surplus is zero and debt is outrageous and the Republicans keep borrowing more! Who in their right mind would support such party. Obama is here for the American people! Obama bounce, I say yes he did and he will bounce all the way to the oval office in Washington! McCain is just another Bush with a different face and this country want survive another of these war mongering cowboys! Have a wonderful day!

Sharon Khardaji

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Rena said...

OT, but can't find your email. Thought you'd find this interesting.

At 3:44 AM, Blogger KayInMaine said...

Something definitely changed with the media last night after experiencing the same excitement American Democrats who have supported Barack right from the start have felt. I say this, because this morning Joe Scarborough was singing praises of Barack and The Movement. He felt it. 85,000 show up for ONE GUY? Yep. It's about us and the people had no problem showing up last night to let Barack Obama we accept his nomination as The Catalyst of Change.

McCain's VP today will be announced today. I'm not sure he can pick anyone (including Dick Cheney!) that could dampen the spirits of Democrats right now. Poor thing.


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