Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Will The Last Few Racists In The Democratic Party Go Join Their Brethren In The GOP Now?


Friday is McCain's birthday. He was born, in Panama, the same year Gone With The Wind was published-- when people were still getting over the psychological devastation of the Civil War. His family's military tradition goes back to their disloyalty to the United States in defense of slavery. Of course, the media will never discuss that, only made up stories about Obama being a Muslim. And they certainly do want to discuss the handful of spoiled, loud-mouthed Hillary-haters so angry about not getting their irrational way and so desperate for a "respectable" rationale to mask their ugly, vicious anti-Obama racism. If Hillary's brilliant speech last night didn't persuade them, nothing will-- just like nothing will persuade any racist bigots in the KKK to vote for him. Let the media go on and on if that's what they want to talk about. Democrats need to move on and celebrate that the party has lost a handful of sick old racists. We're stronger and better off without them. Racists belong in the GOP; it's their natural home.

A friend of mine, who is very much not a racist, just called. In her early 60's-- though she looks like she's 40-something-- she was the most dedicated Hillary supporter I know. She never wavered in her absolute devotion to Hillary (and to Bill). After Hillary lost the nomination battle she tuned out on the election, having decided to not vote in November. Today when she called it was because she was brimming over with enthusiasm first and foremost for Hillary's speech last night, but also for her discovery of Barack Obama. She certainly intends to vote in November-- and it isn't for 4 more years.

"I believe what she said last night. I'm voting for Barack." Apparently, so are all but a few psychopaths at the Convention. Like I said, the Democratic Party is no place for any self-respecting racist-- or even a self-loathing racist. This is the historic moment. Look in the mirror; look hard. If you're filled with hatred for colored people... McCain beckons. Go to him. You'll feel right at home.



At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was listening to Thom Hartman's show yesterday and he was discussing the FOX News Feed everyone has to use.... they are focusing 90 percent of the close ups on African American delegates ....

I confirmed this while watching the roll call vote today. "Scary Black people are taking over YOUR country!" meme is loud and clear from the visuals Roger Ailes (NOT the good one) is force-feeding all major news outlets during the convention.

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still surf all 3 channels just to make sure I know what each is saying and THEN go to straight to

NICE Howie, I am hoping we get an equal number of offended non-racist Republicans fleeing the 4 more years Bush/McSame camp.
But then what DO I know? I said a year ago this was TOO racist a country to elect Obama, and I hope to be wrong. I was certainly wrong about Edwards being "the one"

While we are on being wrong Howie, do we have a candidate we r predicting for John McSame? I don't see he has ANY choice but to EAT IT with Romney who he hates (but then I have been wrong a LOT).

Where's Feral, is he pulling for Grandpa Fred?

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take some of that back went down SEVERAL times and I ran for the "teevee", while Big/little Bil was on...

BUT, HOW insulting was it to watch these (per the Montana Gu)-I like him) "jackels and Hyenas" babble on while Kerry was speaking. Shameful!


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