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There aren't many Republicans as completely repulsive as North Carolina wingnut Patrick McHenry. He was annoying the U.S. military-- which has actual work to do-- with a little holiday in the Green Zone. He was relaxing at a pool house of Saddam Hussein's palace when he decided to use the gymnasium. When a soldier, tasked with guarding the congressional prima donnas who were visiting, asked for his ID, the portly little closet queen flew off the handle. "I was not very happy with this two-bit security guard," McHenry told a group of Republican fat-cat donors once he was safely back Inside the Beltway. "So you know, I said, 'I want to see your supervisor.'"

Our troops don't have a rough enough time over in Iraq without being challenged and harrassed by a two-bit congressman trying to prove how macho he is and throw around his weight? This is absolutely disgraceful, especially coming from someone who has never once voted for a single piece of legislation that favors the well-being of our military personnel, who has rubber stamped every single Bush-Cheney policy in Iraq, and who has a zero rating on veterans affairs.

The media is chosing to ignore this. Can you imagine what would have happened if a Democrat would have made this statement instead of the pompous and officious little McHenry? So McHenry thinks one of our soldiers guarding his fat ass is a "two bit security guard" and Darrell Issa thinks 9/11 was nothing but a hyped up plane crash-- but Republican Minority Leader Boehner claims, rather incongruously, that the GOP is going to pick up congressional seats this year. I wonder what he's been smoking-- besides the cigarettes he's addicted to.

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