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The hell with McCain; it's the Constitution that needs intensive care

A certain number of delusional and disheartened Republicans will also vote in today's Potomac Primary and McCain is expected to be handily confirmed as all they've got to work with this dismal year. Today's Washington Post that there is a possibility that, "today's contests, particularly in Virginia, could provide a measure of conservative discontent with the presumptive GOP nominee." The Republicans have 119 delegates at stake today. Even the penultimate GOP ass-licker, sad little spawn of the treacherous Lucianne Goldberg, Jonah, questions-- not really-- whether right wing extremists should back McCain. "There are lots of reasons, some good, some bad, for conservatives' angry dyspepsia toward McCain. I have bouts of it myself. From campaign-finance reform, to his proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants to his general tendency to burnish his own maverick street rep by triangulating off conservatives, McCain just seems to relish breaking ranks too much." But then he claims that his erstwhile hero, Bush, is who Republicans should be hating, not the new leader. We'll be hearing plenty more of this claptrap as the campaign unfolds.

But, apparently, not from Ron Paul. He was pretty clear today-- again-- that he has no plans to jump aboard the McCain Double Talk Express. His congressional primary opponent, Chris Peden, is making a big stink of Paul's disloyalty to the GOP, which he, of course, will support as the true lemming he is.

Jeb Bush and unhinged right-wing religionist charlatan Gary Bauer are the latest additions to the list of self-identified conservatives who have cast all pretense of principle out the window to back McCain. But Paul says "No way, Jose"-- unless McCain has "a lot of change of heart." Don't count on it.
"I cannot support anybody with the foreign policy he advocates, you know, perpetual war. That is just so disturbing to me," Paul said in a Monday telephone interview. "I think it's un-American, unconstitutional, immoral and not Republican."

More important still is to see which way the Republican voters who have supported Paul go. How many of them are likely to jump to McCain in November? The ones I talk to say they'd rather see Obama as president.

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At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wow, that's two things Paul has said that I agree with. First, our criminal foreign policy, and now this. I don't back McCain either!

Too bad there aren't any more areas of agreement. A couple dozen more of those and I might consider voting for him.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One can always write in a name. Strangely enough I think most of Ron's supporters are aware of that fact also.

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Paul says, "[Perpetual war is] un-American, unconstitutional, immoral and not Republican."

He's wrong about that. Republicans love war. They loved the Cold War and Vietnam and Iraq I and II. They love supporting right-wing dictators all over the world. They love wars to establish the dominance of American corporations.

The only wars they don't like are wars against oppression and wars to prevent human rights tragedies, like in Darfur, Serbia, Angola, etc.

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Paul expert, I really liked this one adding a little additional shame to the failed Bush legacy...

"Conservative Presidents don't START wars, they END them...


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