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Voters in Virginia, Maryland & DC foresee an energetic, young First Family

Instead of updating this morning's post on the primary contests in Maryland, Virginia and DC, I'll start one now and keep updating as I get more info. So far this is what we know: turnout-- at least on the Democratic side-- is huge. The weather is bad, really bad. So bad, in fact, that Maryland is keeping their polls open 90 minutes later to accommodate huge number of Democrats who want to vote but have been stuck in weather-related traffic snarls. Virginia is already closed and, as expected, Obama rolled right over the Clinton Machine, just like he did all weekend everywhere. CNN already called it for him. At this point a third of the vote is in and Obama has 62%.

Evangelicals, who make up 40% of the GOP base in Virginia, have turned out for Huckabee and he and McCain are running neck and neck. Huckabee is beating him to a pulp in the rural Republican heartland in the southwestern part of the state, ironically, also the only part of Virginia Hillary is doing well in. Conservatives in the state seem to want to make a statement that they don't like McCain one bit.

Exit polls show that independent voters have caught on to McCain's bullshit and have abandoned him as the Bush troll he's always been. They're all voting for Obama instead. Exit polls indicate that Huckabee could actually beat McCain, who was endorsed by Senator Warner and Macacawitz! I doubt he will because the rural Huckabee counties are all counted and the suburban areas where McCain will probably do well, haven't reported yet.

No surprise that the District of Columbia went for Obama handily-- over 75% so far. McCain won DC too but only a roomful of people voted-- and it was a primary, not a caucus!

Democratic turnout dwarfed Republican turnout everywhere. Twice the number of Democrats in Virginia voting than the dispirited, bummed out Republicans with their crappy candidates no one likes.

McCain is projected to squeak to a narrow victory in Virgnia.

You can watch minute by minute totals for Obama in Virginia. Obama is winning in every congressional district in the state except the most rural and most lilly-white district, the 9th in the extreme southwest.

CNN just announced that even with the sleazy undemocratic superdelegate thing in play, Obama has now overtaken Hillary in total delegates! He is beating her in every demographic except white women. He's even beat her among Latinos! Look out Texas!

Within moments of the polls closing CNN projected a huge win for Obama in Maryland. McCain also won in Maryland. Obama won in all demographics, including Hillary territory (women, the elderly, the poor, rural voters). Obama won the Latino vote in Maryland 53-47, so that's two states where Latinos are turning away from Hillary. She'll be eatin' a lot of chorizo in Tejas for the next 3 weeks! John and Ken, a couple of viciously racist radio clowns on L.A.'s KFI were just screaming that Clinton is down in Texas giving away green cards.

CNN is now reporting that Obama has 1,195 delegates to Hillary's 1,178 (party bosses included).

Elderly Republicans went for McCain in Maryland.


Th first batch of results just got reported and they look good for Donna. She needs to build up a big margin so Wynn's machine can't steal it at the last minute like he did in 2006.

6% of the votes are counted in MD-04 and Donna's got 55% as opposed to Wynn's 41%. Way too early to make any projections but our friends on the ground are telling us that in precincts that Wynn won in 2006, Edwards is winning decisively. Example: precinct #521 in Montgomery County went 59% to 35% for Wynn last time, gave 508 votes to Donna and 167 to Wynn.

11% of the vote in MD-04 is now in and Donna has maintained her 55% share.

She's holding steady with 54% (with Wynn at 42%)-- 16% reporting.

I might also mention that in MD-01 mainstream conservative Republican Wayne Gilchrest is being challenged by a neo-fascist extremist, Andy Harris, and the neo-fascist is beating him 41%-32% (with another right-wing loon at 24%).


Well, she's pulling more ahead. 31% of the precincts are counted and...
Donna Edwards --15,748 (58%)
Al Wynn --10,440 (38%)
Other --1,117 (4%)

Every new report that comes in is positive. 39% of the precincts are in and Donna now has 59% to Wynn's 36%. She's got to keep that margin big because once people go to sleep he'll do exactly what he did in 2006: cheat. Then his machine showed up with miraculously discovered ballot boxes where everyone had voted for him.

In that other hot congressional race, on the GOP side, incumbent Republican Congressman Wayne Gilchrest may actually lose his crazy party's nomination. Right now a third of the precincts are reporting and Gilchrest only has 34% of the vote. Right wing extremist Andy Harris has 41%.

It's tightening up in MD-01 (Harris 39%, Gilchrest 36%) but the margin in MD-04 isn't changing as more precincts come in. There are now 42% in and Donna still has 59%.


It's Donna with 60% and Wynn with 36%. And the precinct count: 46%.

Now we have over half the precincts reporting and Wynn has climbed to 37%. Donna's got 28,398 votes to his 17,750. In MD-01's Republican primary Harris is still beating Gilchrest but it's going to be close. With 53% reporting Harris has 40% and Gilchrest has 36%. This could flip depending on which side of the Chesapeake the reports have been coming in from.

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At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll I am thrilled at results even if our Governor Ed Rendell thinks a bunch of my fellow Pennsyvanians are too racist to vote for Obama. I wonder how Philly Mayor Michael Nutter who also supports HRC feels abut Eddies comments...

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Christian said...

If a super delegate - such as 21 year old name "Jason Rae" in Wisconsin has more power than my vote plus 9000 other individual votes...what can I do to change this? It is not fair that a (any) single person is equal to over 9000 votes....... THIS IS WRONG.......POPULAR VOTE IS THE ONLY FAIR VOTE. It was wrong when Gore lost to Bush and is still wrong... If super delegates choose, then the "my vote does not count" mentality will grow and cause disenchantment among millions of voters who turned out in record numbers this year.

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously, the party needs to clean its own house in addition to DC, as pertains to dogma and oldboymanship. The good news is, Donna is a good start toward that end.

Good shot of endorphins on the heels of the Senate's shot of rage and, god damn, I'm ready to rumble. Where's Rahm when I need to punch something?

At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Rendell is another idiot who shouldn't have been re-elected.

At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as how MD-01 and MD-04 are solidly Republican and Democrat respectively, I think we have our new Members of Congress already!

At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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