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It was odd seeing the vitriolic, misleading, Rove-like attacks made against progressive Democrat Vic Wulsin by a rich Republican claiming he is now a Democrat, Steve Black, and running against her in the Democratic primary. Vic was endorsed by Blue America last year-- and re-endorsed this year-- and came within a small handful of votes of beating Mean Jean Schmidt in the second most Republican district in Ohio (51-49%).

We've covered Black's opportunistic attempt to secure the Democratic line for a Republican (himself), more than once, already. But what we didn't know at the time is that one of Rahm Emanuel's closest and most disreputable colleagues, ex-DCCC hack John Lapp, is behind the anti-Wulsin smears. Black couldn't use Rove so he got someone just as vicious and unscrupulous. Last we heard from Lapp he was trying to torpedo Jerry McNerney on behalf a Rahm Emanuel-Ellen Tauscher shill. It didn't work; the shill was laughed out of the district and McNerney went on to rid the U.S. Congress of Dirty Dick Pombo. Lapp is playing a similar role in Ohio with Black.

The desperate Black campaign-- polling in the single digits-- is trying to claim Vic isn't really a doctor and they have an absurd video up on YouTube with an elaborate search for her license. Probably a 14 year old could have suggested they look under her maiden name since she wasn't married when she got her license. A vote for Steve Black in March is a vote to make sure there are two Republicans running against each other in November: Mean Jean Schmidt and Steve Black.

Black can count on plenty of money from other wealthy Republicans embarrassed by Schmidt's drift into anti-American neo-fascism. Working men and women have been endorsing Vic in droves. Progressives are stepping up to the plate for Vic and if you'd like to help out, our Blue America page is accepting contributions for her campaign. So far 367 from our community have donated over $11,000. Don't be shy about stepping in and joining us. It's good for Ohio and good for America.

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At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's bad enough as progressives to constantly fight the media, think tanks, and Faux News on every issue that decent Americans want to see resolved. Having to fight Faux Democrats like the Emanuel and Hoyer bunch, who undermine good policy at everyturn just makes my blood boil.


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

This is the most ludicrous thing that I have ever heard. First of all, have you read any of Black’s positions on his website? He is very CLEARLY a democrat. And yes he was once a Republican but you have to give the guy credit for changing parties and dealing with the jerks in the Democratic Party who continue to tear him down and come up with one absurd, ridiculous story about him after the next. I have and always will be a Democrat and I find it appalling that people in our party spend their time and energy lying and smearing candidates in our own party.

Last I checked John Lapp and Rahm Emanuel were both Democrats. Lapp did an amazing job in ’06 to put Democrats in Congress. It’s really sad to see that as usual the democrats are continuing to pick part their own party. As for Rovian tactics- I think you are thinking of the wrong candidate. Vic Wulsin is smearing Black and is the one who has developed a viral website against him. Black had nothing to do with the stupid video which anyone with half a brain would realize. Vic has a lot more enemies who do not want to see her in Congress.

I do have one questing through, if Black is truly not a true threat, then why is Wulsin wasting her time smearing him??? She’s threatened and she should be. Black has the courage to not only change parties but to stand up and fight for the district- something that Wulsin cannot do. She’s already lost twice. The last time in a year that democrats took back Ohio. The voters have spoken- they do not want her to represent them. She’s too far left and too unconnected to the world outside medicine. She is completely unelectable in the super conservative OH-02.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger belmgren said...

I produced a video as proof that Vic Wulsin is a medical doctor. The lies about Vic's medical license are a low blow, and evidence of how desperate her opponents really are, polling in the single digits.

You can check out the video at


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