Thursday, January 31, 2008



You can put lipstick on a pig...

The News doesn't need any striking comedy writers to come up with the best headlines. Today: Hick Iowa Senator Says N.Y. Attitude Cost Rudy Giuliani; Apple Strikes Back. It features a photo of Rudy in drag I had never seen before (above)-- along with this caption: A possible example of Rudy Giuliani's 'New York lifestyle': Hizzoner's alter ego, Rudia, channeling Marilyn Monroe-- as well as one of Chuck Grassley, with a reminder that one of America's most brilliant journalists, Jimmy Breslin, dubbed him "a moron" and "another one of those low-IQ loudmouths."

Grassley blamed Giuliani's "lifestyle" and "personality" for his inability to connect with Middle America. Most New Yorkers were even more turned off to Giuliani's campaign than Iowans; they know him better. And those who have heard about Grassley blaming NY for Giuliani are offended. The founder of the Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa, put it like this: "I've seen Grassley before. He wears polyester, waffle-weave, flame-retardant pants that look like they survived the high waters... What does he know? There are more pigs than people [in Iowa]. Iowa is not a reflection of America."

Giuliani-hater Ed Koch, another former Mayor, agrees. "Rudy did not project New York. He projected his own personality, which was more than insensitive, it was ruthless. New Yorkers are pussycats. We're not ruthless. Most of the children from [Iowa] come here to live because of the freedom and anonymity."
Iowa's Chuck Grassley, a dour, 74-year-old Corn Belt Republican, said Wednesday that Giuliani's spectacular flameout stemmed from "that New York personality."

"The New York lifestyle hasn't gone over [in] some places. It seemed like the more people got acquainted with him, the less they liked him," he said.

Not content to leave it there, the Big Apple-baiting butthead from Butler County said that unlike Las Vegas, "Things you do in New York don't stay in New York."

Perhaps Grassley was referring to Giuliani's operatic personal life, complete with three wives, estranged children and appearances prancing around in drag. Maybe he meant Giuliani's refusal to declare holy war on immigrants and gays.

Giuliani's endorsement of McCain is unlikely to derail the sick and elderly Arizona senator's relentless quest for the Republican nomination.

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At 2:30 PM, Blogger Winghunter said...

Is it that Romney, McCain and the Huckster lie more convincingly than Rudolph??

All of their RINO records are clear and easily found on the net so, I have no idea why one of these clowns would be flushed without the rest of them going down also. Of course, American voters have to actually care enough about our country to find them so, I guess we've revealed the real problem right there;

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At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you people in the print media don't know is that Senator Grassley, despite any polyester, is a fine man and educated. He will win elections forever, 'cause he is honest, reputable, etc. I wish he could serve another 50 years (but he is over 70 now). He isn't trying to impress someone like your writer, he is just himself and Iowans love him. When my husband was in law school Sen. Grassley was in grad. school. They manned the Buler Co. Republican booth at the fair a few summers. My husband practiced law, became a judge and just retired after 25 years on the Iowa Supreme Court. Before zapping Grassley tell your writer to meet him, apologize and get to know him. He is a friendly, folksy man. He would probably enjoy him if he would "take a chance."

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