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Grassroots activists led by the Courage Campaign, with some help from wealthy Democratic Insiders eager for another Clinton Administration, caught onto Giuliani's nefarious plot to steal the 2008 election by splitting up the 55 California electoral votes. last week, they shot the Giuliani dirty trick out of the water and he's back facing the reality of no votes from the West Coast-- if, by some satanic miracle, he manages to trick the wingnuts who control the GOP nominating process into voting for him in enough primaries to give him a shot at Hillary in '08.

This morning's NY Times, which well remembers the sleaze that overcame New York City politics when Giuliani was mayor, warns that this is just a taste of what we can expect in 2008. Although Giuliani denies being behind the failed attempt to tamper with the California electoral system, the Times reports what is common knowledge in California: "the measure has been driven almost entirely by people who are associated with or have given money to Mr. Giuliani’s presidential campaign."
One of Mr. Giuliani’s top fund-raisers, Paul Singer, a New York City hedge fund executive, donated nearly all the money raised so far in support of the measure — roughly $170,000 — to be used to help gather signatures to qualify it for a statewide vote. Organizers have until Nov. 29 to collect the signatures of more than 400,000 registered voters for the initiative to appear on the ballot next June.

The money for the measure was donated through Take Initiative America, an organization led by a lawyer in Missouri who has also donated to Mr. Giuliani’s campaign. A spokesman for the Missouri group, Jonathan Wilcox, was once a spokesman and speechwriter for Bill Simon, a one-time Republican candidate for governor of California and now co-chairman of Mr. Giuliani’s California campaign.

Democrats who opposed the attempted Giuliani coup-- he can't admit being involved because that would expose his grievous hypocrisy at not supporting similar measures for Republican states like Texas, Florida and Georgia-- filed a complaint with the FEC. Their beef is that Giuliani has already been caught cheating over a year before the election and that money-laundering, a serious felony was involved. They point out that Singer, a well known crooked dealer and a real bucket of right-wing slime, didn't "reveal himself as the money bags behind the effort" until he was exposed by Democratic activists.
Amid the accusations and pitfalls, Thomas Hiltachk, the lawyer who drafted the initiative, walked away from the effort, citing ethical concerns about the way the money was raised. His resignation has left the initiative’s future in serious jeopardy, and many Republican consultants around the state are advising their clients and friends to steer clear of the effort, suggesting it will be challenged on constitutional grounds if it passes.

Aside from Hiltachk, two other GOP hacks, Kevin Eckery and Marty Wilson, have also disassociated themselves with the Giuliani scheme once they realized they were pawns of a front organization. One lawyer investigating the case points out that "Singer's contribution... raises questions about potential money laundering, illegal coordination between a candidate and an independent committee, and whether federal contribution limits were exceeded. 'As an agent of Giuliani's, Singer would be prohibited from soliciting or directing a contribution in excess of $2,300,' said Harrison, who works with San Leandro-based Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, a firm specializing in election law. 'We'd like the FEC to determine what Giuliani knew, when he knew it, what conversations he and Singer had about the contribution and how TIA was created. Whose idea was it? How did it come about?'... Under California law, the Campaign for Equal Representation was required to disclose its true source of funding. It identified Take Initiative America, which was created on Sept. 11, but Hurth, the lawyer behind the committee, refused to disclose where the $175,000 came from." (And that would be Giuliani''s billionaire pal Singer.)

Giuliani, of course, denies he was behind the plot. He makes the preposterous claim that he likes the system the war it is so that he could win all 55 electoral votes. "As far as I'm concerned, you can leave it the way it is. In fact, in some ways you might consider, I think that this is a state I can win." Sure he can. But now that his top fundraiser, the notorious Paul Singer, has been exposed as the $175,000 donor, when will it be revealed which one of the Giuliani backers bit a woman in the ass? I have to laugh when these right-wing hypocrites talk about themselves in terms of Family Values and all they can come up with is a whoremonger like Giuliani! One can only imagine what a Giuliani White House would be like.


Charles Hurth III is a shady GOP operative in Missouri who has been a key plotter in the Republican dirty trick that sought to steal the 2008 election by breaking up California's electoral vote bloc. There has been a good deal of talk about his relations with Congressman David Dreier, a Giuliani supporter who reprsents a sububan Los Angeles district even though he lives and works in Kansas City. Hurth's, Giuliani's and Dreier's plot against the California electoral system is being investigated and the FEC has received a formal complaint against Giuliani. But this isn't the first dirty busines Hurth has been involved in.

According to AP, Hurth is an ass biter, who was tried, convicted and fined for attacking a woman and biting her butt, breaking skin.
When she was made the butt of Charles Hurth III's prank, Maia Brodie vowed revenge, and she got it - taking a $$27,500 bite out of his wallet.

"I feel the damages were appropriate," Brodie said Thursday after jurors upheld her civil lawsuit against Hurth for biting her buttocks in a bar 2 years ago.

Brodie said the reward would help ease her humiliation.

She was at the bar near St. Louis University, where she studied law, in September 1987 when Hurth grabbed her hips and bit her, Brodie testified. Hurth and his friends laughed, pointed and exchanged high-fives, she said.

The bite broke the skin on Brodie's buttocks, causing "searing and throbbing pain" so severe she couldn't sit down for three days and was unable to attend classes, said Gerald Greiman, her lawyer.

Hurth, a lawyer, admitted biting Brodie but said he did not mean to hurt her and considered his action a compliment. Hurth testified he had previously bitten the buttocks of two other women at fraternity parties in 1981 and 1982 while attending Vanderbilt University.

Jurors deliberated about 90 minutes after hearing two days of testimony, awarding Brodie $$2,500 in actual damages and $$25,000 in punitive damages.

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