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How convenient that the Republican National Convention will be in Minneapolis next year, the site of Larry Craig's last (wide) stance! Believe it or not, the stall the right-wing hypocrite made famous has now become a tourist attraction. Every delegate flying into the Twin Cities for their pointless presidential nominating convention will be able to thrown a penny into the toilet where Senator Craig footsie played with the hottie male decoy-- before flushing his party's electoral chances.

Tourists are flocking to see the bathroom in the Minneapolis airport where U.S. Sen. Larry Craig was arrest in a sex sting, making the stall a "tourist attraction," media reported Sunday.

"It's become a tourist attraction," said Karen Evans, who staffs the information counter at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

She said some even take pictures.

Craig was arrested in the second stall from the right Aug. 27 for lewd conduct during a police sting. The Idaho Republican pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

... "People have been going inside, taking pictures of the stall, taking pictures outside the bathroom door -- man, it's been crazy," said Royal Zino, grandson of a shoeshine shop owner in the airport.

I doubt the GOP will be inviting Craig to their convention next year. Nor are they likely to invite their other recently arrested toilet queen, Florida Rep. Bob Allen, who faces trial this week. Unlike Craig, he hasn't pleaded guilty yet; he seems to have lost his mind and appears delusional.
As the Merritt Island Republican heads to trial this week accused of offering to pay $20 to perform oral sex on an undercover police officer, Allen remains confident he will be acquitted, welcomed back into the Republican fold and even win a state Senate seat.

But even if the Republicans can keep Rep. Allen and Senator Craig out of Minneapolis, what are they going to do about Senator David Diapers Vitter (R-LA) who the biggest paper in his state is asking to clarify all the contradictions and controversy involved with his longtime affair with prostitutes when he was a congressman.
At this point, Vitter needs to clear up this situation. His constituents need to know the truth. He owes it to the people who are paying his salary and those who he represents in the United States Senate.

With this new revelation, Vitter faces a crucial leadership test. Will he continue to stonewall or will he address the accusations? It seems at least plausible that Vitter was involved with Cortez and possibly other prostitutes in New Orleans and was engaged in this type of behavior both in New Orleans and Washington D.C.

In responding, Vitter does not need to go through hoops for Larry Flynt, and take his lie detector test; however, he does need to be honest about his activity. If Vitter admits that he frequented prostitutes and had a problem, but sought counseling from his priest and forgiveness from his wife, then the voters of Louisiana will likely forgive him as well. Yet, if he continues to deny the accusations and refrain from discussing these serious allegations then he is only harming his Senate career and the interests of his constituents.

Louisiana needs a full-time U.S. Senator who is not distracted and can give this important job his full-time attention. With these questions swirling around him, Vitter cannot do his job effectively. It is time for the truth from Senator Vitter, nothing more and nothing less. Right now, he is being less than forthcoming if not dishonest. It is quite sad that the sensational claims of a former prostitute and pornographer have been met with nothing but silence from our U.S. Senator.

So who do you think will be the next Republican hypocrite dragged out of the closet of a secretive life of perversion? Behind door #1 is Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Behind door #2 Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Behind door #3 David Dreier (R-CA)... Doors #4 to infinity have Republicans beyond counting... Jim McCrery (R-LA), Patrick McHenry (R-NC), Adrian Smith (R-NE)... Tell ya what, the first DWT reader who correctly guesses the name of the next Republican closet case to be exposed and places the date within 24 hours, wins a lovely Impeach Cheney cap.

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Yo, shouldn't John Yoo be ousted from the UC system in the wake of the Gonzales disaster?

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Should R Conventioneers be met at the airport with free maps to the site. If it was SF, Cal. I know I would be a lest for 1 day for help in the hand outs.

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