Monday, September 17, 2007



Yesterday Giuliani was at the NASCAR-Nextel Cup in New Hampshire and in full demagogue mode, his default position. He's still screaming like a fishmonger's wife that Hillary should denounce the MoveOn ad. I wonder why no one asks why he and the rest of the pathetic pygmies™ don't denounce Ann Coulter every times she opens her poison-filled yap. After all, the vast majority of Americans-- whether they applaud MoveOn's aggressiveness or wish they would tone it down a little-- agree with MoveOn that the war must end. Only the pathetic pygmies™ and the most radicalized, anti-American extremists on the far, far right agree with anything sprewed out by Coulter.

Meanwhile, MoveOn has turned their attention to the hateful Giuliani with an incredibly effective ad that everyone in America ought to take a look at. This is what a plurality of Republicans want to put in the White House to continue the Bush Regime for another 4 catastrophic years of backwardness:

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At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, about that graphic?

It's totally uncool to go insulting transgendered people by insinuating that Ann Coulter is one. And worse to post stuff like that which implies that being transgendered is inherently an insult. It's no different than screaming "fag" or "lesbo" at someone.

Apologies are due.

At 10:12 AM, Blogger dave in boca said...

Actually the MoveOn ad is DOA, and it's "betrayal of trust" motif is hilarious coming from an organization financed by the Soros-cide left.

MoveOn will betray the Democrats who are now squirming to rid themselves of these intrusive morons. Biden & the Edwards spouse will balls actually spoke against MoveOn; the rest are cowering in their craven manner, which left-wing Democrats, more apt for flight than for fight, actually admire.

Your site is a bad joke.


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