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I just heard Steve Cohen (D-TN) being interviewed by Ed Schultz. He and his Judiciary Committee staffers are drafting impeachment documents for Alberto Gonzales. I could stop right there but there are a few more points I want to make. Steve became a Blue America candidate on February 24. (Check out the archive of his FDL chat.) He hasn't let us down, not once. In fact, when reactionary ministers in his Memphis district attacked him for voting for the Hate Crimes Bill, he came back swinging.

Keep in mind that Steve is a first term congressman who managed to capture Harold Ford's old seat. Ford, now chair of the reactionary DLC, doesn't like the idea of a progressive in "his" seat and he has a shill challenging Cohen, Nikki Tinker, who is being pushed by the uber-corrupt Ford machine and by the same ministers giving Cohen crap over voting for the Hate Crimes bill. They're attacking Cohen because he isn't African American and because he's Jewish and pro-gay. And they've been raising a lot of money for Tinker.

Last week Steve became the first candidate endorsed by Blue America to sign on as a co-sponsor of H.R. 333, Dennis Kucinich's bill to start impeachment proceedings against Cheney. Yesterday Steve confirmed that he and his staff are working with former Reagan Justice Department lawyer Bruce Fein, a conservative, to draw up articles of impeachment against Gonzales.
"I just think that with what I've seen in these first seven months is that there's been so much disregard for the Constitution by the administration. I've seen it firsthand on the Judiciary Committee with General Gonzales."

There has been a lot of rage on the blogosphere about Democrats who vote to betray our values-- the Chris Carneys, John Barrows, Al Wynns, Dan Borens, Jim Marshalls. Amen! Well Steve Cohen is the opposite of that. He has a voting record and he votes for us and for our values, even when it puts his re-election at risk. He's earned our support. You can show him you appreciate it here

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At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on Cohen. As a Memphian who voted for Cohen last year, I recently wrote to him thanking him for his voting record thus far in the House.

My brother is involved in Memphis politics, and Cohen is a man who has enough integrity to win a share of even the Republican vote in the 9th - and he needs bipartisan support to prevent the Fords and Tinker (an empty vessel of a candidate if there ever was one) from retaking the 9th for the status quo corrupt politics that the Fords have fostered in Memphis for years.

I voted for Harold, Jr. as well (there really wasn't a choice in the matter considering the alternative), but the guy makes me ill. He's a panderer and a representation of the worst traits of the old Democratic party. His family, however, is falling into such disgrace at this point that they have lost almost every bit of credibility - even among their base here in Memphis. Uber-corrupt doesn't begin to describe it.

Anyway, back to Cohen - he's somebody I feel proud to have representing my hometown, and he's doing an exemplary job of voting for progressive policies. Anyone interested in helping him should definitely do so.

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in Memphis also, Cohen is a real stand-up progressive. Unfortunately, I'm in the odious Marsha Blackburn's district. But I did call Cohen's office to thank him. And I'm going to work for his re-election campaign .


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