Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Do FDL and the other progressive blogs frighten Bush rubber-stampers like Susan Collins precisely because of their dedication to principle?


I just wanted to join Howie (see below--and note the update with Firedoglake's public statement) in registering astonishment at the bizarre attack launched by the campaign of Maine's Sen. Susan Collins, apparently increasingly desperate about her reelection prospects, against a cadre of progressive blogs. They're such different entities, but all in their ways irreplaceable. DailyKos gave us a gathering place for a true marketplace of ideas. The MoveOn "family of organizations" do heroic jobs of spearheading public awareness of crucial issues and of manning the virtual trenches of political organizing.

Most mystifying, surely, is the grotesquely sexist as well as plug-ignorant attack on Firedoglake. The imbecile who wrote it either has never actually looked at the site or is too dim to understand the work being done there by our friend Jane Hamsher's remarkable team. I don't want to mention any other names, for fear of leaving deserving people out, but Jane can take a bow as the ringleader who assembled this group of (yes) brilliant women but also remarkably able men.

I wonder if the reason the attack on Firedoglake seems so utterly inexplicable may in fact explain the virulence of the attack. The FDL people are known as being not just really, really smart, but fiercely principled, hard-working, and incorruptible. If you were a low-grade P.R. flack for a sad political hack like Senator Collins, wouldn't that kind of passion and principle frighten you too? It's deeply offensive to the corporatist thugs and ideological primitives who justify such slugs' existence.

As far as I know, the lunk who wrote this nonsense is still employed by the Collins campaign. If you want to send that campaign the kind of message such people understand, the dollars-and-cents kind, check out Howie's post for information on contributing to the campaign of the senator's outstanding Democratic opponent, Rep. Tom Allen.

When the Collins "brain trust" imported Holy Joe Lieberman as a campaign weapon, smart progressives turned him into a secret weapon, a really big-time fund-raiser--for Tom Allen! The way things are going, it looks like every time the senator opens her mouth or her campaign issues a fatwa, it's going to be money in the bank for Allen.

And you might want to stop by and give the ladies and gents there a hug. They're only human.

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At 1:31 PM, Blogger yellowdog jim said...

i am just a common FDL commenter, but Jane linked to y'all and i just want say how much i appreciate your solidarity with Jane's Team at Firedog Lake: thanks, allies!

DWT rocks.

(looks like that has quit working)

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brand-new Allen contributor here in the southwest! I'll be sure to contribute to Tom Allen once at least every couple of weeks from now until Collins' defeat.

I knew nothing about Tom Allen or the Maine senate race until this ridiculous episode, thanks for bringing it to our attention!

At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Progressive blogs frighten politicians and corporate heads alike because, unlike the mainstream media, the blogosphere is not under the totalitarian thumb of the conservative right. The battle to get control of the net is at the heart of the battle over net neutrality. The net is a place where all viewpoints can be heard and shared. People like Collins and Bill O'Lieley will continue to attack progressive blogs. Funny how conservatives hate regulation and government except when it can be used to silence opposition.
As for calling firedoglake a femblog instead of just a blog, Collin's male blogger has revealed that he thinks women are lesser. "Fem" is a negative to him. That's not anything we shouldn't expect from a Repug/Conservative . Obviously, he'd he'd rather be working for a male senator. Regardless of his politics, if I was Susan Collins, I wouldn't be happy about that. I'd worry that my employee felt I should just be home making cookies. But, then, if I was Susan Collins, I'd be a mindless automaton.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Welcome, visitors, and thanks for your comments.

I think FDL commenter Jim really got the Collins campaign's message. They're badmouthing not just the people who post there, but the huge number of people who READ--and participate by commenting.

(I have to say I still don't understand the Collins Internet guy's female-bashing. Does he not know who he's working for? Or does the senator think that's OK?)

And to our new Allen contributor from the Southwest: It looks like Tom Allen is more than ready to step up to the Senate. He has pointed out that he and Senator Collins have occupied their offices over the exact same period, and so have faced essentially the exact same political choices--and Representative Allen has made the right ones down the line, just as Senator Collins was rubber-stamping the Bush ones.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read DWT and FDL every day for diferent kinds of news. I was impressed with the FDL press release and sent a contribution by ActBlue to Tom Allen.

Collins has got to go, especially since she and her colleague Lieberman have not been holding anyone accountable at Homeland Security for the Katrina mess as well as for their involvement in war-making.
Makes one wonder if they are also involved in love-making.


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