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Vitter never tried no monkey business with Harriet-- neither did Allen

This Vitter thing just doesn't want to go away. One of the Madams he was working with to procure women for him says he should be prosecuted (it is true that what he was doing actually is a crime) while another Madam says he "wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary" with her girls over the years (except that he was into a diaper fetish, just like Holy Joe).

The whole thing is certainly an embarrassment for the Louisiana Family Values Republican Party. Mike Cromartie a far right wing former chairman of the Commission on International Religious Freedom isn't taking this as lightly as Vitter's political cronies-- who all say, basically, "Well, if God has forgiven him, who am I to hold a grudge?" Cromartie's comment today was more in touch with a less forgiving branch of religionists: "It's the hypocrisy that people can't stand. It's not the fact that people are frail and given to sinful behavior. It's when they try to pretend to be morally upright and end up being self-righteous because they preach one thing and live another."

Preacher and GOP presidential contender Governor Mike Huckabee doesn't seem too proud to have Vitter's hypocrisy making a statement about GOP phony-baloneys either. "Many of us became a part of the Republican Party so that we could find a home for traditional beliefs regarding marriage and family and the sanctity of human life. If those things really don't exist in the party, then we have to ask, 'Why are we here?'"

One guy who is really embarrassed is Vitter's political protégé, Bobby Jindal, who has Vitter's old congressional seat and is currently running for governor of Louisiana. Jindal is in the same awkward position of so many Louisiana Republicans-- Vitter included-- who have been clamoring for William Jefferson to step down. Will they hold Vitter to the same standards?

The local papers seem filled with despair about the cesspool-like politics of the Bayou State. In Alexandria Town Talk summed it all up: "We've got a Democratic congressman caught with $90,000 in cash in his freezer and facing federal bribery charges, and a Republican senator caught with his pants down and facing a wife who... compared herself to the knife-wielding, libido-snipping Lorena Bobbitt. Welcome to Louisiana."

Meanwhile, up the road apiece the Republicans are having another sex scandal. This time it's Florida State Rep. Robert Allen of Merritt Island. The 48 year old Republican Representative was arrested today on second degree misdemeanor charges for solicitation for prostitution. And the twist is that he's a married many and was asking an undercover cop in a men's room if he could pay him to give him a blowjob. It's so GOP!

Allen was out for a little afternoon delight and got nabbed at noon in Titusville, Florida. "Officers say they noticed Allen acting suspicious as he went in and out of the men's restroom 3 times. Minutes later, he solicited an undercover male officer inside the restroom, offering to perform oral sex for $20." He was first elected in 2000 and lists "water sports" as a hobby on his official state website. He also uses a 10 year old photo-- a sure sign he's gay. The picture above is what he looks like today. The Christian Coalition loves loved Rep. Allen. Like Vitter (and Foley) and the rest of the Republican hypocrites, he was strong on the family values bullshit. In the last session of the Florida legislature, the Christian Coalition commends him for supporting their (extremist, hateful) positions 92% of the time. The Rainbow Democratic club also rates all the elected officals in the area. Allen? "Wicked Witch: Worst of the Worst."

There is a difference between Allen and Vitter. Vitter likes women prostitutes and supports the cross-dressing candidate for president. Allen's into the male variety and supports the most senile of the GOP contenders.


He claims there are 20 more elected officials who he's investigating.
"If someone's living a life contrary to the way they're advocating ... then they become fair game," Flynt told reporters. "I don't want a man like that legislating for me, especially in the area of morality."

...The Vitter scandal has touched off new anxiety among Republicans over whether their party will pay the price for members who fail to live up to their moral principles. Flynt, an unabashed Democrat, acknowledged that the GOP provides him with easier targets.
"Republicans are more fun because they get caught so easily," Flynt said. "They've been living a repressed life all their life. Democrats are liberal - they wear it on their sleeve. Their sex life is what it is. They don't spend their whole life trying to cover it up."


Both Republican perverts, Vitter and Allen, are countering on the religious right to come to their defense. Regardless of how disgracefully the hypocritically they have lived their lives, both have served the interests of the charlatans who dictate thought patterns in that community. Allen's attorney actually told the media that "We would hope that everyone takes into consideration Mr. Allen's history of public service." And that would be, in both cases, a history of bigotry, divisiveness, and victimization of people whose sins were no different whatsoever than their own. Ah... today's GOP!

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At 6:52 PM, Blogger People in the Sun said...

That was fun. I could sit back all day and watch them collapse one by one.

I also think we're getting to the point when Kid Rock is about to gain the moral authority in the GOP.

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please please PLEASE let Lieberman be one of them!

By the way: Vitter's one of the prime movers behind axing the I-bill:

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Darren said...

He neighbors our district. Rep. Scott Randolph has to work with this guy on the environmental council (believe it or not, Repubs down here are pretty good on environmental issues-keep beachfront developments real nice.)

This is the problem when Florida doesn;t pay its legislators a professional wage. Now, House members have to pull a George Michael to get some Andy Jacksons.

At 5:51 AM, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I guess I have an evil side about me because I agree with Larry Flint, it's just fun to watch them fall off their high horse. I'm kinda hoping to see old shooter cheney on the list.

Yep, now my state of Florida makes the news again, and not in a good way. You gotta hand it to my state, we sure as hell are news makers ;)

At 11:56 AM, Blogger darrelplant said...

Please, no more "shooter" Cheney references in this context.

At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob doesn't look so hot in yellow.

And give Larry the Congressional Medal of Honor, for patriotism.

At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Odds for the next GOP sex scandal:

Bestiality - 2/1
Bi-sexual drug and sex orgy bust at a motel - even
Transvestite bestiality - 3/1
Diddling kids - even
Proof that Ann Coulter has a large un-circumsized penis - 5/1
Proof that Ann Coulter has a large un-circumsized penis attached to his body - even
Rudy/Mitt/Fred 3-way - even
Regular old-fashioned mistress - 30/1

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone look at the credits for the other photos on Allen's official website? MARK FOLEY!!!

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Vitter never tried no monkey business with Harriet-- neither did Allen"

No monkey wants to do his "business" with Harriet either. Pinched up Old Maids and all that.

Sooooo, the New Orleans madam's leakers have already put their presser's out that Vitter liked to wear diapers during his dates for dollars

.... seems a million dollars reward for exposing hypocrites has it's benefits!

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Besides our water sports GOP glory hole gourmet offering twenty bucks to service the cop on his knees ....

We have the horny GOP's:

Remember June 16th, 2006? That’s when GOP's rabid mouthpiece.....

Burkman got exposed by a couple of girls on MySpace and posted Crooksandliars graphics of Jack to check him out. Her site is set to private now, but Wonkette still has some info…They called him a “CREEEEP”

Via Citizens for Legitimate Government:

The phone number for GOP political operative/conservative pundit, John (Jack) M. Burkman Jr. - Principal J.M. Burkman & Associates, Arlington, VA - appears in the database of phone records of the ‘DC Madam.’ From the phone logs: 2006-01-15 18:44 1.00

This is the same Jack Burkman who echoed Ann Coulter’s disgusting hate rant about the 9/11 widows on Scarborough Country last year.

More information and video at Media Matters:

Summary: On MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, Republican strategist Jack Burkman, echoing right-wing pundit Ann Coulter, whom he was defending, declared that “within hours of those [World Trade Center] towers going down,” the wives of victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks “were ready to make money and exploit this tragedy!”

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would make my day is if Novak, Carlson, Brooks and their ilk were on the list. However, i can't even imagine it because sexuality doesn't leap to mind when one thinks of them.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Darren said...

Oh, if you folks not from Central Florida could have seen the presser. Three people. Allen, his attorney, and one lone supporter holding a white posterboard with "We support Bob Allen" scrawled three times in Magic Marker.

This is Florida's legacy- pervs in public office.

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much fun will it be when the whole republican party is at it just down the road from me in Minneapolis?
We have a fine assortment of strip club establishments and I am quite sure escort services also. Oh, to be the mouse in the corner with a wee camaera

At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians and priests are the same twisted, dark, and evil people...they hide their malicious intent in the shadows created by faux sunshine....they use money and position/authority/title to gain trust. The 2-P's are calculated, manipulative, egomaniacs that chose their profession to feed their ego and place them at the front of the buffet line and make it easy for them to order up a serving of "sum jung son".....By the way, Hillary eats rug.

At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there something in the water supply in Louisiana? I mean, Jimmy Swaggart, Edwin Edwards, David Duke, Crazy Ray Nagin, Britney Spears, William Jefferson, Bob Livingston, David "Diaperman" Vitter?


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