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Landrieu campaigning last year for Joe Lieberman. Interesting body language

People are just sick of the Republicans. They're sick of Bush and Cheney. They're sick of the GOP No-Can-Do philosophy of government. They're sick of the corruption, the lying, the killing, the bullying... It's no wonder that Bush's and Cheney's approval ratings are approaching single digits and that they're lower than anyone believed they could ever fall. Yesterday over 1,500 people showed up at Bush's lair in Kennebunkport to protest his... existence. "The large group of protesters, expressing anger over the U.S. occupation of Iraq and Russia's occupation of Chechnya, and demanding the impeachment of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, gathered on the village green at 1 p.m. for a rally featuring music and speakers."

A new poll out from CBS today pits a generic Democrat against a generic Republican in a presidential race. It's no surprise that the Democrat wins (with 55%). The surprise is that only 28% of Americans think there is any Republican they could vote for. They've looked at McCain, Giuliani, Romney, the rest of the 10 old white dwarves and at Freddy and it makes all but 28% want to puke. A sweep for Democrats next year? It looks that way-- an historic one at that. Even the corporate enemies of humanity, normally the most Republican of bastions, are lining up behind the Democrats Hillary. And as Matt Singer points out this morning at Left In The West even national Democrats in Montana are looking good for 2008.

Last year, not a single Democratic incumbent in federal office was defeated, anywhere. Democrats picked up more seats in the House and Senate anyone thought they could. That's a prelude to what's shaping up for next year. Interestingly, the only two Democratic incumbents with close calls last year-- reactionary Georgia Democrats who consistently vote with Republicans, Jim Marshall, in a red district, and John Barrow, in a blue district-- nearly lost because Democrats didn't want to bother to vote for two congressmen with such godawful Republican-lite voting records. Both are considered extremely vulnerable this year too.

But of all the Democrats running for re-election, the one most likely to be defeated, is Louisiana's reactionary senator, Mary Landrieu, a real Lieberman-type "Democrat." Yesterday Robert Novak, who speaks to Karl Rove, mentioned that Rove's little trip down to the Bayou State is yielding some results in the hunt for a candidate to oppose Landrieu. Louisiana has a conservative state treasurer-- conservative and ambitious-- and he's willing to jump the fence and run as a Republicans if he's promised enough money to beat Landrieu, who-- a complete and total corporate whore-- will be very well financed by the corporate interests she always champions over the rights and interests of her constituents. Landrieu is looked on as an almost sure loser next year because the Democratic Party's most loyal constituency, African-Americans, who are willing to vote for horrible Democrats like Landrieu knowing that they're still less toxic than Republicans, have been scattered all over the country due to the heinously criminal job the Bush Regime has done to rebuild New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. The Republicans are also expected to win the governor's race for the same reason.

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