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Corporate lawyer Steve Black, one of them big money Republicrats-- he's voted for Republicans in primaries but never for Democrats for as long as the Ohio Secretary of State has kept records-- smells blood in Mean Jean Schmidt's water. Black looks at Mean Jean's near-death experience last November-- when Vic Wulsin drew 117,595 votes against her 120,112-- and he thinks the grassroots and progressive Democrats in OH-02 are just sitting around waiting for him to step up to the plate. So he's filed a primary challenge to Vic (as has anti-choice loon Jeff Sinnard). These two are entitled to challenge Vic in a primary. Her problem-- our problem-- is that she'll have to divert funds that should be going towards educating voters in southwest Ohio about Mean Jean's voting-record-from-another-planet.

So I was sitting around wondering how to help Vic and another extraordinarily good progressive with a tough primary coming up-- Donna Edwards (MD-04)-- and it dawned on me that something that worked really well for Tom Allen last week, might work well for Donna and Vic too.

Black says he's running as a Democrat because our party has moved in his direction lately. He has loads of cash-- and rich Cincinnati blue-blood connections-- but is he going to be a fighter for the issues that make Victoria Wulsin such an attractive candidate? Will he even have any credibility when he talks about the values and issues that matter to us? And who even knows if he-- like Al Wynn-- will sell us right out at the first opportunity. If issues like universal health care, ending the occupation of Iraq, environmental concerns not always being trumped by Big Business and developers, and women's right to choice are meaningful to you, it's time to think up ways to make sure candidates like Vic and Donna have the resources they need to compete with wealth and corporate power.

Al Wynn is totally a Lieberman type incumbent, a corrupt slimebag and Bush/corporate rubber stamp. Steve Black will fit right in that mode as a candidate. Now, is Lieberman only endorsing Republicans in this cycle or will he help treacherous and reactionary Democrats too? My gut tells me an endorsement for one's opponent by Lieberman-- which helped us raise over $4,000 in 2 days last week-- is a gift that will keep on giving and giving. Other than an embrace from Bush or Cheney, nothing will help a progressive more than Lieberman jumping on board with the opposition. He's far more toxic, politically speaking, than reactionary DLC chairman Harold Ford (who has, as expected, endorsed Wynn) or than Rahm Emanuel or than Ben Nelson. How do we get Lieberman interested in OH-02 and MD-04? Steve Black and Al Wynn are both right up his alley.

The Blue America Page is open (24-7) and happy to accept contributions, no matter how small, for Victoria Wulsin, Donna Edwards and Tom Allen, as well as a host of other progressive, grassroots candidates, none of whom, are Joe Lieberman Insider Money Party pols.

Oh, oh, oh... I just thought of something! Victoria Wulsin and Ned Lamont were actually college housemates for a while! Now, how do we get that information to Lieberwhore?

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