Monday, June 18, 2007



Although many of the urban Democratic incumbents in Chicago swept to re-election victories with 80% or more of the vote, Illinois Republicans had a much harder time in 2006. No seats changed hands, although Democrats made headway in several Republican strongholds. One place where Democrats made no headway was in IL-18 (Peoria), home of Ray LaHood, the Republican who wracked up the biggest GOP margin in the state (67%). Today Robert Novak confirmed the rumor that LaHood will to leave Congress if he is offered the presidency of Bradley College, his alma mater.

Although LaHood fancies himself "an independent voice" (he was one of only 3 Republicans who refused to sign Gingrich's Contract With America), his voting record has been pure rubber stamp Republican throughout the Bush Regime.

Born in 1945 and elected to the House in 1994, LaHood only has a B.A.-- but we are talking about Bradley College here, not Yale or the University of Chicago, so he probably will get the gig. It's no secret that he hasn't been a happy camper in Congress since the Democrats took over in January. In fact, he was one of the so-called "moderates" who went and bitched to Bush at the White House a few weeks ago-- and then continued rubber stamping everything Bush and the Republican leadership wanted. LaHood is the day before yesterday's news-- a McCain supporter-- and he's smart to want to get out of Congress before people actually laugh at him publicly when he walks down the street.

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