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Last weekend I was in beautiful Chicago where I did a live vlog session with John Laesch, the Fighting Dem Blue America supported last year when he took on Planet Denny Hastert. Since Hastert is likely to retire some time between now and the November '08 election, John has an excellent opportunity to bring passionate progressive ideas to IL-14 (due west of Chicago, from Aurora all the way to Henry County). Others also see an opportunity, some not so idealistic as John's.

Two Republican extreme wingnuts are salivating at the thought of Planet Denny stepping aside: far right nutcase/state senator Chris Lauzen and xenophobic kook, stock market shyster, and millionaire perennial candidate Jim Oberweis. It's hard to tell which one is more far right because Oberweis is obviously psychotic so who knows if the nonsense he spouts actually means something. Voters in Illinois-- Republican ones in primaries-- keep turning him down because he's obviously nuts, obviously a racist and obviously unable to distinguish between fact and fiction. He almost makes Lauzen look like a good candidate-- but not quite.

But before John goes up against whichever of these war-enthusiasts the Republican primary process farts out, it's likely he'll have to face one or more Democrats. Needless to say, the Inside the Beltway Establishment is looking greedily towards the seat and they know John Laesch isn't their man. Guys as strongly rooted in all-American principles and ethics like John aren't exactly what Rahm Emanuel has in mind. And John's uncompromising stand against the occupation of Iraq makes the Cheney-Dems want to tear out their hair. There were indications Emanuel had recruited an undistinguished, middle of the road state rep from the area, Linda Chapa LaVia, someone likely to play his kind of ball, but when word got out in the grassroots that Rahm was backing her, her chances soured. Several Democratic county party chairs have said that it doesn't look likely that she'll run.

The Beacon News and the Arlington Heights Daily Herald are both reporting that there is a Blue Dog getting into the face though: another millionaire, Bill Foster. Zzzzzzzzzz... A California lawyer named Jotham Stein has also tossed his cap into the race.

Meanwhile, the carpenter and former military intelligence office from Yorkville, has a great organization that he built up across the fast-growth district. His grassroots support is solid, especially with Labor, anti-war activists and progressives. John should be able to overcome johnny-come-lately Democrats, whether they're backed by the Machine or not, to get him ready to face the Republican troll in November '08. Blue America is collecting contributions for John-- and please keep in mind that those $5 donations add up fast. Last year we managed to raise over $20,000 for him online and this year we're off to a good start with $2,360 the first week. If you're feeling flush, $5, $10, $20 contributions will go a long way towards helping the country clean up after the disaster of 8 years of the Bush Regime.

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At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know this John Laesch fellow, but I DO know that both of these comments are nothing but baseless character assassination. We as a nation are living through the death throes (I hope) of a lying murderous regime. They used such tactics, and it dragged the US far down, squandering our international relations and alienating all of our one-time allies, even the UK. Please, I urge you all to post comments that are responsible, not baseless rumors. I want the Republican Party to end, but we still must have standards of behavior for ourselves, something that the GOP never had.

At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch your language. You are close to libel.

Senator Lauzen will be the next Congressman. He is the epitome of class and competence.


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