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I appreciated Art Torres' honest and perceptive assessment of the Inside-the-Beltway Emanuel/Carville vs the grassroots Howard Dean dispute yesterday. I was even more impressed today when North Carolina dynamo Jerry Meek, chairman of his state's Democratic Party came out and told Carville to go stick his head back up the DLC's ass where it normally spends all its time. In a press release entitled "NCDP Chair Meek to Carville: The Election Results are Proof Dean's 50-State Strategy is Working," there was no Washingtonian beating around the bush. Here's the text of the letter Meek sent Carville:
As the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, I cannot disagree more strongly with your recent comments regarding Governor Dean. For the past 20 months, we have benefited from having regional field directors across this state, organizing, building, and implementing
ground plans. The results here in North Carolina were tremendous. While your focus seems to be exclusively upon congressional and senatorial races, I'm concerned about all of the races-- including down ballot races. Because of the work of these regional field directors, we elected Sheriffs and
county commissioners in some of the reddest of counties. We increased our control of the state
house by 5 seats (now 68-52) and of the state senate by 2 seats (now 31-19). We elected Heath
Shuler to Congress, with one currently undecided potential pickup seat. These down ballot races are particularly important to future electoral successes.

There is no institution-- other than the DNC-- that is charged with the task of building the Party in the long-term (rather than focusing exclusively on the current election). Howard Dean understands,
correctly, that we need to have an infrastructure in place that creates continuity between elections, allowing for the Party's expansion.

Like every State Chair I know, he has my full support. I can assure you that any attempt to remove Gov. Dean would be met with fierce opposition.

Best Wishes,

Apparently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid groaned, rolled his eyes Heavenward and left no wiggle room in his declaration of utter confidence in Howard Dean today when he was asked about Carville's crazy and pointless suggestion that the Democrats dump Dean. A friend of mine told me that Carville had been angling for the job himself so that he and his wife (who also didn't get the RNC job) could be chairs of the two committees, allowing them to shill whatever crap they're selling for even more money. This is one power couple who's time and come... and gone.


At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I offer the suggestion that Carville was acting on behalf of someone by the name of Hillary. Seems a couple people but, in particular Lawrence ODonnell said he knew he was acting on behalf of someone else. Harold Ford Jr., a particular fav of Hillary's was who he wanted to be named to take Dean's place.
and convienently, Dean is in england this week helping the labour party with revamping themselves post Blair.

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voter Turnout Dean effort

A good analysis would be this
How Many Precincts had a Chair in this election versus past elections?
In my county we usually had one half.
This time--37 Precincts--37 Chairs
In past we had Democratic Headquarters which had little action in it.
The State Hedquarters were of little help in past elections.
100 counties in ths state and they provided ONE person to work with Precincts!!!
No funding for local candidates.
This election they were a help locally.
This time we had very active Head of Democratic Headquarters fo the County with booths and telephones. Busy Place.
The Headquarters will now be a FULL-TIME operation through 2008 election.
Join us for Breakfast-Coffee and Pastries each day. A talking place.
Planned Seminars for Precinct Chairs.
Public Seminars
Get letters to the editor on a consistent basis promoting he Greatness of Democratic policies and history of success for ALL-AMERICANS.
Republicans do not have many Positives to promote
Leave Negatives to Republicans. Public has tired of them.
In past two years the D letters to the editor were few.
We will work hard for our COUNTY.
People will be informed. TRUTH. No Moogumboo.
It is called the ---HOWARD DEAN PROGRAM--
clarence swinney
political historian

At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

-------------------- SHOCK & AWE------------------------
1.From Harding In 1921 to Bush in 2003
2.Democrats held White House for 40 years and Republicans for 42.5 years.
3.Democrats created 75,820,000 net new jobs -- Republicans 36,440,000.
4.Per Year Average—Democrats 1,825,200---Republicans 856,400.
5.Republicans had 9 presidents during the period and 6 had depression or recession.
6.Republicans had a recession/depression in 177 months and Democrats in 32 months.
7.DOW—1928 to 2003—Stock market gained 11% average per year under D presidents versus 2% under R presidents. Small Cap stocks gained 18% as yearly average under D and minus 3% under R.
8.GDP—grew by 43% more under Democrats.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger ViViDVeW said...

Those are some pretty staggering, altho not surprising numbers! Could you please quote a source.

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once and for all, Carville has proven himself to be vile, duplicitous scum.

Why doesn't he give up the ghost and simply join his hideous wife in the bosom of the hateful rightwing GOP?

And each day, I sour more and more on the Clintons, who are likely a part (or supporters) of this attack on a REAL DEMOCRAT----

Dean for president in '08!!!!!!!!!!!

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The numbers add up. Very shocking to the average person.

At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the success of Dr. Dean's 50 state strategy and the influence of 'the internets' is frightening the insider folk who are accustomed to power and deference.

Taking back the party and taking back the country is a great thing - but no one gives up power voluntarily, so this sniping is to be expected. The grassroots are looking pretty green these days!

Oregon Dem

At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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