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Two new polls on Missouri: one has McCaskill up 49-46 and the other has her up 50-44

As I predicted, Tester is pulling away from Burns and the new polling shows 49-44 for Tester

Menendez is kicking Junior's ass-- 9 point gap

Even Ford is catching up to Corker in the lastest poll, just a point behind. Maybe if he weren't trying to run to the right of Corker more Democrats would bother to vote.

You know what a huge fan I am of the Inside-the-Beltway pundits-- not-- but I don't discount their experience and savvy of how to interpret actual election day goings on. All the big time prognosticators have the bellweather contests they're watching to see how big the Democratic majority will be in the House.

Greg Giroux (Congressional Quarterly): like me, he's focused on the Kentucky and Indiana races.

Stuart Rothenberg (Rothenburg Political Report): he's all about Kentucky.

Chuck Todd (Hotline): if the Democrats take KY-03, the floodgates are open and if the Democrats win in OH-01 (Cincinnati) it means Republicans are staying home.

John Zogby: he's watching NY-26, IL-06 and CT-02 and he says if the Democrats win in these three, it's all over for the bad guys. This is a lame way of looking at things and I don't even know what he's talking about. What does "over" mean? That they'll lose their majority? Duh. That's they'll lose 50 seats?

Dotty Lynch (CBS News): KY-02, IN-02, IN-08, IN-09, OH-01, OH-15. Made for TV analysis; weak.

Craig Crawford (MSNBC): he's watching Katherine Harris' old seat in Florida and thinks if Jennings wins it means a big night for Democrats. (yawn)

Del Ali (Research 2000): it's all about 3 Indiana seats and the 3 Connecticut seats all held by Republicans and all liable to switch, indicating disaster for the Party of Bigotry and Greed.

The loony right Christian Newswire just sent out a "vote... or else" e-mail to it's members from the president of the "National Clergy Council, representing church leaders from all Christian traditions including Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and conservative Protestant." [No, not Ted Haggard; this is some other Republican satanic organization.]
This is a critically important day for Christians in America. If Christians don't show up to vote today, babies will continue to die in abortions, fewer children will grow up in married homes, many more will grow up with two daddies or two mommies, God will ultimately be purged from the public square. In short, America will soon look like godless Europe. It's that simple.

Jesus said Christians are salt and light, preserving against moral and spiritual decay and lighting the way for our civilization in the way of the One True God. But it comes down to whether we vote or not today. If we do vote, God will use us to benefit this country's culture and future. If we don't vote, we
deserve what we get, and our children, grand children and great grandchildren will sadly pay the

I am praying God's people will respond and do their duty to God, to their families and to our country. God help us.

Yeah, me too. Of course the way I see responding to their duty to God and the one some neo-fascist imbecile like, say Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, sees it, is very different. "Gov. Rick Perry, after a God and country sermon attended by dozens of political candidates Sunday, said that he agreed with the minister that non-Christians will be condemned to hell. 'In my faith, that's what it says, and I'm a believer of that,' the governor said."


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Hey, somebody oughta tell Christian Newswire that things are pretty fine here in godless Europe. We have good sex education and a lower abortion rate, a school biology curriculum that includes evolution, universal health care, more freedom and human rights and civil liberties than Americans, and gosh, I can't remember the last time I saw God in a public square here.

Very glad I'm here and not there.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger superstar said...

good picture

At 3:32 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

The picture Howie included here was in my front yard for the past week until late afternoon today when someone ripped it out of the ground. I'm in a very republican suburb of Cincinnati and frankly, I was suprised it lasted this long.
It read: "You're dead to me gop" which is a take off from Southpark where Ike says to Kyle,
"you're dead to me kyle" lol
Thanks Howie.


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