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Tomorrow we should go forth from our homes in our millions with the purest love for our country in our hearts. I never missed an election in my life, not even when I had to ride a horse down from the mountains of Afghanistan to vote at the American embassy in Kabul. These days I always make a point of walking-- never driving-- to my polling place. I love that walk. And I love asserting my sense of belonging to a democratic community where we elect and hold responsible our public officials. Before the suns rises tomorrow and before the polls open, I'll be swimming, and after the sun is up but before the polls open, I'll be hiking in the hills behind my home. But, rain or shine, I'll be casting my vote early tomorrow morning in communion with my fellow citizens from sea to sea who now seem to fully understand the danger from within we have allowed to fester for 6 long years.

Every opinion poll, even their own, shows massive and across the board repudiation of Bush and his rubber stamp Congress. Even the much ballyhooed outlier, yesterday's out-of-step Pew Poll being pushed by reactionaries like the New Republic forecasts Democratic victories, just not as overwhelming as what every other poll is projecting. Today's SUSA poll in Virginia, for example, shows that "Jim Webb has surged ahead of Republican George Allen in the last poll of the campaign." Macacawitz is trying to hold onto his diminishing 44% support as Webb increases his 52% share among those most likely to vote.

The brand new CNN poll shows Democratic advances everywhere. Rove's own polling can't be that great or he wouldn't have sent retardo-boy out campaigning in Kansas and Nebraska yesterday, where Republicans are in danger of losing 4 seats-- unheard of-- and maybe Cheney wouldn't have had to scurry off to Hayden Lake to beg the furthest right extremists in the whole Republican circus tent to support the faltering race of the maniac fringe candidate the GOP is running in Idaho's first CD, Bill Sali. The CNN poll shows that "Democrats hold a 20 percentage-point advantage-- 58 percent to 38 percent-- over Republicans among likely voters in the survey released Monday morning. The Democratic advantage was 11 percentage points-- 53 percent to 42 percent-- in a poll a week ago. The right wing New York Post is already bemoaning what they know is coming, A GOP Massacre: A Bloody Tuesday, nicely illustrated with a photo of Miss Dude Ranch Macacawitz wiping a tear from his eye as he contemplates having to get an honest job after January. And Republican Richard Armitage told that U.K. paper, The Guardian that the Republicans will suffer heavy losses. Even the reactionary Democrat running for the Senate from Tennessee, who was given up for all but dead just last week, Harold Ford, seems to be bouncing back.

Is there still something we, citizens, can do to make sure these is a closed deal? Absolutely. In the last couple of months I've asked you to look into a great organization called Do More Than Vote. They will help channel volunteers today and tomorrow in dozens of cities and counties from Alaska to Connecticut and everywhere in between. Remember, face-to-face canvassing increases voter turnout more than any other GOTV method. People are now primed; they've been called; they overwhelmingly prefer Democrats... but many need to be pulled to the polls on Election Day. If you can spare some time tomorrow for your nation, Do More Than Vote has all the contact information for every close race in the country.

Gore Vidal told Bob Scheer why this is "the most important election of my lifetime." "This is the most important vote that you'll probably ever cast. Because should this gang of thugs continue in the two houses of Congress, there isn't any chance of getting the Constitution back... Now it has got to happen, or welcome to the Third Reich." Sheer's got the video up; you should watch it if you have some time.

In 2000 I was no Al Gore booster, primarily because of my antipathy towards his censorious wife Tipper and because of his role in the DLC but I figured I'd hold my nose and vote for him. Then he gave the VP nod to Lieberman. The L.A. Times printed my letter to the editor explaining why I wouldn't be voting for Gore/Lieberman. Then, two or three days before the election, a poll was released showing that Bush was gaining on Gore... in California. I didn't even bother to hold my nose; I just voted for him. I hope the uncertainty of the Pew poll for whoever takes it seriously, will inspire more fed up Americans to get out and vote tomorrow.

I want to close with one more bit of information:'s projections in all the senate races based on averages of the most recent polls from all credible sources. It predicts enough GOP loses (and no Democratic losses anywhere) for a Democratic take-over of the Senate. Here are some of the most watched races with the projected average Democratic margin of victory:

Maryland + 3.6
Michigan +10.4
Minnesota +17.0
Missouri + 1.6
Montana + 3.2
New Jersey + 6.0
Ohio +11.2
Pennsylvania +10.2
Rhode Island + 6.2
Virginia +1.4

That's 6 Republican incumbents out on their asses and that means: Majority Leader Harry Reid. It also means accountability and a reassertion of the constitutional principle of checks and balances. Wall Street investors were already celebrating today, boosting the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 120 points. (The crooked dealers and shady touters like Lawrence Kudlow, of course, are all gloom and doom but history has proven irrefutably that the worst thing for the stock market is a Republican-controlled Congress.)


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