Friday, October 20, 2006



It's been months since we've peeked into the loony bin of Katherine Harris' tent revival show of a "campaign." Why bother now? Looks like our crazy gal Katy has finally seen a clear vision of reality. In the midst of her pointless and comedic charade of a campaign against conservative Democrat Bill Nelson, Harris is looking for a buyer to take the DC house she will no longer need off her hands. Even though she's taken boatloads of cash from the realtors in the past, she claims they're not needed and she's selling the house on her own. "Harris spokeswoman Jennifer Marks said Harris is not using a multiple-listing service. She said Harris has already shown the home to potential buyers and has someone available to show the home when she is not in Washington."

Down by around 20 percent in the polls and likely to be indicted for taking bribes from Jack Abramoff, Harris claims she's selling the house to put more money into the race. She's already wasted over $3 million of the fortune she inherited from daddy on the ill-starred race. But whether she winds up in a nut-house or the Big House, it's clear she won't need a house in the nation's capital after January.


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