Thursday, June 15, 2006



"Hot" isn't the first word that comes to mind when you think of politics-- at least not in terms of "sexy." I think of guys who look like a composite of Denny Hastert, Curt Weldon, Bill Frist and Jeb Bush when I think of what politicians look like. But Ron Gunzburger's Politics1 is finishing up a readers' poll to find out who the hottest man in politics is. It ends tonight at 9PM (Eastern). Ron's readers either prefer Democrats or he just couldn't find any attactive Republicans to offer up. (I mean South Dakota's John Thune? Hot? 11% voted for him and he was the only Repug to jump out of single digits.) Anyway, it appears that the winner will be a Democrat, either Albuquerque City Council President Martin Heinrich (currently at 20%), Sam Brooks, a DC City Council candidate (at 19%) or Nebraska congressional candidate Scott Kleeb (who's at 18%)

I don't know anything about the 2 City Council guys. But Kleeb is a conservative Democrat (in the most Republican districts in a deep, deep red state). He's a Democrat who, if, by some miracle, he wins against the drooling neo-fascist he's running against, can be expected to vote with Democrats around half the time. That's better than none of the time. But DWT support for November will be focused on Democratic challengers who can be expected to fight for basic Democratic and progressive ideals, values and principles 100% of the time-- like Donna Edwards, Jerry McNerney, and Ned Lamont. Now that's HOT!


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