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I used to be a judge every year at the WBCN Rock'n'roll Rumble in Boston. One year, 1991 I think, there was a cool young band called Seka in the finals and they really blew me away. They won and I signed them to Sire Records. Seka, the porn star, for whom the band named itself, threatened to sue and the band changed their name to Strip Mind. We put out an album called WHAT'S IN YOUR MOUTH and a (now very rare) maxi called "Jingle My Bells" (which includes sludge and punk versions of "O Tannenbaum" and "O Christmas Tree"). And then the band broke up and disappeared. Except for the drummer, Sully Erna.

The drummer became the founder and lead singer of what would become one of the biggest bands in the country, Godsmack. A little Alice In Chains derivative for me but I was damned happy to see someone I knew achieving success. Good boy, I thought. Not my kind of music personally, but... good boy.

Well... maybe not such a good boy. Godsmack-- who are, after all, from Boston (not Dallas or Boise or Tuscaloosa)-- started getting a reputation for supporting Bush and the war against Iraq and being aggressively pro-military. To be honest, I didn't dwell on it. No one is perfect and I guess in the back of my head I was kind of happy for the huge success Sully and his pals were having. And last week, that success culminated in the release of their inventively-named fourth album, IV. It immediately went to #1. That is so awesome! From my years in the music biz I know what a great feeling that is; I mean only one record per week goes to #1. I would have been so happy for Sully and Godsmack if I knew. But I didn't. I was too busy listening to LIVING WITH WAR by Neil Young streaming for free on the Internet all week to have noticed IV. But if I would have heard about it, I would have been happy... or happyish I guess.

But then my pal Jay Babcock, publish and editor of ARTHUR Magazine e-mailed me. Now ARTHUR is my #1 favorite music mag in the whole world. I love it. And Jay isn't derivative of Alice in Chains-- or anything else-- at all. He's a unique, creative, idealistic true believer. And he's not some kind of liberal publishing magnate. Jay struggles to make ends meet, keep his magazine going, keep his household functioning, keep his cool philanthropic projects-- always aimed at making the world a better place for everyone-- going every single week. Jay told me about Godsmack's #1 chart debut.

And that's not all he told me. Mostly he told me about the interview he had done with Sully on the phone last week. It sounded pretty brutal. You see, Jay feels strongly about the military aggressively luring confused and desperate young kids-- many right out of high schools-- into the Bush Regime's war-profits-schemes. So here's Sully and Godsmack licensing songs to the military to use for their teenage recruitment programs and here's Jay who kind of thinks bands shouldn't be doing that. That's a call that had all the makings of an explosive situation. And the makings exploded.

If this interests you at all, you should read the whole transcript of the interview here at the ARTHUR website including the comments from Godsmack fans and detractors. Or you can listen to the interview as an mp3. This morning Jay wrote "an afterward" on the site too, part of which I'll use as an intro to the segments of the transcript I'm going to reproduce for you here:

I suppose to a degree it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but… lives are on the line. People need to be held accountable. I’ve been trying to interview this band since 2003. I finally got my chance. It’s stimulated a ton of discussion — check out’s various threads, or the number of blogs and rock news sites that are now picking this up, or the comments below, or the endless barrage of juvenile hatemail we’ve been receiving — and it’s embarrassed the band into silence on the issue, which is better than the jingoism they’d been spouting previously.

Finally: Please keep in mind that Sully is a MILLIONAIRE living in a comfortable life. His band is using their music to help recruit poor, under-educated, foolish, impressionable kids into the military at a time of worthless, pointless war, the consequences of which we — all of us — will be feeling for the rest of our lives. If he doesn’t care to discuss this — all of this — he shouldn’t do interviews… especially with anti-war publications.

Referring to Greg Goldin's 2003 article in the L.A. WEEKLY, “Selling War: How the military’s ad campaign gets inside the heads of recruits,” Jay didn't exactly get the interview off to a palsy-walsy start.

JAY: So I notice you guys have been really involved with promoting the military.

SULLY: Well, they actually came to us, believe it or not. Somebody in the Navy loves this band, because they used ‘Awake’ for three years and then they came to us and re-upped the contract for another three years for ‘Sick of Life.’ So, I don't know. They just feel like that music, [laughs] someone in that place thinks that the music is very motivating for recruit commercials I guess. And hey, I'm an American boy so it's not… I'm proud of it.

JAY: You're proud of recruiting your fans into the military?

SULLY: Well, no. [laughs, then playfully] Don't be turning my fucking words around, you!

JAY: Well, tell me what you mean. You said your music is powerful, it's got an effect, like you said, and you're letting the military use it. The military, who are they recruiting? 18-to-30-year-olds, right?

SULLY: I guess… I don't know what their recruit age is. I know it's at least 18.

JAY: Yeah, they do down in the high schools now.

SULLY: My thing is… Listen, here's my thing with the military. I'm not saying our government is perfect. Because I know that we make some mistakes and we do shitty things BUT, BUT. You wouldn't have your job, and we wouldn't have our lives, if we weren't out there protecting this country so we could lead a free life. So there's kind of a ying and a yang to that. Sometimes it's not always the best choices that we make, or we stick our noses in other people's shit, but at the same time, we protect this place enough that we're able to like pursue careers and do what a lot of people in other countries aren't able to do. They're kind of picked and they're chosen to be whatever they become… I'm, I'm, I'm proud to be an American, I'll tell you that.

JAY: So your country, right or wrong?

SULLY: Uh, no. Not right or wrong. But I'm proud to be an American. I love my country. I've seen the depressions and how people live in other countries and how they're told what to be, and they don't have the choices that we have. I do love that about our country. So, you know… And I actually sympathize with a lot of the soldiers, and the military in general, that are trained to go out and protect FOR us, and what they have to go through, it's really kind of shitty in a sense that these young kids have to go over there and die, sometimes, for something that isn't our fucking problem. And that kind of sucks. So what I have to do is at least support them, because they don't have the choice that we do.

After some more sparring, Jay and Sully got into it pretty heavy.

JAY: Well I have a quote from you here: “We've always been supportive of our country and our president, whereas a lot of people I thought”—and you said this in 2003, to MTV News, you said—”a lot of people I thought lashed out pretty quickly at what we did and I thought the government did everything pretty cleanly and publicly as possible.”

SULLY: Yeah…?
JAY: Well, what are you talking about?

SULLY: That was my opinion at the time. The whole war thing, and trying to keep us up to date like… If you remember, back in other wars, we didn't have the opportunity to follow it through the media, and CNN, and the news—live updates and that kind of thing. And I thought that for the most part you know we were allowed to follow it as best we could through the media sources that were feeding us information.

JAY: [incredulous] You didn't think the media was being controlled by the military?

SULLY: Well, it could be. I don't know.

JAY: You didn't look into it?

SULLY: Listen. Are you a fucking government expert?

JAY: I'm not telling people to go join the military and then not knowing what the military is doing.

SULLY: I don't tell people to go join the military!!

JAY: You don't think using your songs—the POWER of your music, which you were talking about—has an effect on the people that hear it when it goes with the visuals that the best P.R. people in the world use?

SULLY: Oh man, are you like one of those guys that agrees with some kid that fuckin’ tied a noose around his neck because Judas Priest lyrics told him to?

JAY: You were telling me how powerful your music was, and what age the people are that listen to it, and you must have thought, ‘Well the Navy sure thought it was useful,’ so you tell me.

SULLY: Hey, listen. The Navy thought…. It's the same reason why wrestlers work out to the music, and extreme motocross riders listen to the music and do what they do. It's ENERGETIC music. It's very ATHLETIC. People feel that they get an adrenaline rush out of it or whatever, so, it goes with whatever’s an extreme situation. But I doubt very seriously that a kid is going to join the Marines or the US Navy because he heard Godsmack as the underlying bed music in the commercial. They're gonna go and join the Navy because they want to jump out of helicopters and fuckin’ shoot people! Or protect the country or whatever it is, and look at the cool infra-red goggles.
JAY: You said to MTV, “We're not a very political band but we're supportive of the U.S. military and how they approach things.”

SULLY: Listen. Someone turned that around. I never said “and how they approach things.”

This led to the explosion I was talking about and to Sully slamming down the phone on Jay and refusing to get back on with him, even after Jay promised the publicist he would just talk about the songs on the new album (IV). Only read the transcript if you don't mind a little a lot of foul language.

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At 6:44 PM, Blogger sufferwords said...

Fine blogging, more please


At 8:03 PM, Blogger TSop said...

Godsmack sucks. I am truly enjoying the Neil Young record. "Don't need no more lies!"

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant and timely.
Author Author (or Arthur Arthur)

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do these Godsmack cunts have any idea what rock and roll is about? I can tell you that selling out to the miltary is not one of them.

My brothers are both rightwingers and have rock and roll posters everywhere (including Woodstock and Pink Floyd!). I told them if they continue to support Bush they need to take them down or give them to me. The look of shock on their ignorant faces was very telling.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Godsmack won’t be around 40 years from now, which is how long Neil Young has been around.

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I confess I've become unusually detached and lost the buzz of what's hot these days. Have never heard of Godsmack OR Arthur until about a month ago. I was cruising around the northern Rockies (near STeamboat
SPrings, CO, why I was there is another long story) and the car I'd rented had Sirius, which I came to realize is a completely worthless waste of time. Anyway, happened to be surfing channels when I hear some arrogant MORON talkin about his band in the dialectic (ie retard swagger and language/articulation difficulties) of decades passed. Like out of Spiinal Tap. This guy was possibly more of a narcissistic imbecile than _______ (fill in the blank w/anyone in the spectrum of Vince Neil to Steven Tyler or Jon Bon Jovi; whereas VN theoretically has a sense of humor about himself, this clown clearly does NOT).

At that time I'd never heard of Godsmack, the name sounded uhm too close to Godspeed and images of Marjoe Gortner were too vile to follow as I was driving thru the forest under a bright blue sky.

Anyway, this jack-off starts going on, responding to softball questions lobbed to him by the sycophantic "interviewer," about how the last song was about some chick who stabbed him in the back and that always happens cos he feels he's such a trusting, feeling, vulnerable lives-with-his-guard-down righteous soul. Then he quips the ominous warning that if you do him/them wrong, better think twice cos you'll wind up as ultimate fodder for one of his songs. Oooooh, scary retribution, all of this. I mean, weren't double-digit IQ'd fatuous fools of this ilk already euthanized in the wake of Johnny Rotten declaring a pox on such self- indulgent wanking ? The only thing worse than the adolescent diarrhea flowing out of this bozo's mouth was his band's 15th rate metallic hand me down guitar groanings that I was tortured with ad nauseum (the car's tuning mechanism jammed, I couldn't change channels or cut the power, yikes!). So why doesn't it surprise me that el douchebag digs the military and the giggling murderer Smirk, that this putz is more than flattered to lend his band's sounds to recruit kids to die for Haliburton's increasing profit margin? "Sully" is more than an apt name for this urine-on-the-brain personified zit. Have I prooduced a sufficient number of adjectives for such a dump of a human being?

Well, I'd completely forgotten about this unpleasant intrusion into my Colorado trip, until I read thru my daily dose of DWT per the interview in Arthur. Kudos to Jay -- no doubt he realizes that it is only fortuitous that we were all spared theories of karma and wicca (oooooohh again) to follow. Oh, the hazards of bein a rockstar in the new millenium. The best thing this guy can hope to contribute to the world is a healthy spleen or kidney. But I wouldn't bet on that either ...

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By saying Godsmack's music sucks because they agree and support an ideal which according to the left is pro right, is the same type of "False Dichotomy" the left accuses the right of. "You're either with the president're with the terrorists"

Since when is rock and roll about agreeing completely with the "liberalism"? At it's core, rock and roll is about free expression no matter if it goes against social norms. Seems like a band in support of the military in this day is more rock and roll than anything else.

It's a vicious cycle, no adult likes to be told they are wrong or they "suck." Do you think by the continuance of belittling one for their social beliefs they will eventually "come to see the light" and realize they have been wrong all along? Net, doesn't work that way. All it does it forces them to believe more conservative ideals more detrimental to society to being in support of the military.

Maybe one day we all will eventually mature.

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. It may be too late for the ill-informed Sully to develop a political conciousness, but one can at least hope that band is shamed into no longer allowing the military to use its music.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rock n roll is about rebellion - neil young's got it right and godsmack got it wrong - somebody saw a quick buck and took it. There are ways to make your money and stay true to your beliefs in music or anything else you choose to do.

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no bigger rebellion than what Godsmack is doing. They are standing up for their beliefs and arent backing down becasue it's unpopular to the rest of the music community. Looks like they've got it right.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should sit down with young Jay (I assume he's pre-adolescent offering such wandering logic) and explain that being "rebellious" refers to aligning with or adhering to a position that flies in the face or generally contradicts that of the mainstream or those who control the show. There is nothing "rebellious" about promoting the establishment point of view. Considering the monopoly of disinformation that the "mainstream" (read: Repukelican corporate) media obligingly pilfers in the direction of the neo-monsters who are the established power, Godshit's endorsement/promotion of the neocon kidnapping (read: recruitment) of desperate youngsters to become human targets and/or accomplished assassins is one of CONFORMITY -- just like young Jay's semantic inability to properly context the word "rebellion" conforms to the mold of a legion of youngsters simlarly unable to effectively think and reason. Ie. Jay's inability to make the distinction between REBELLION and CONFORMITY is itself ... not terribly rebellious at all. Sorry, dude.

At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct. Someone needs to sit down and explain rebellion to a 23 year old law student conforming to the less popular argument of a political blog. I am a pre-adolescent youngster with wandering knowledge with the inability to understand rebellion. HA! I'm either with the President or I'm with the terrorist right?

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jay, you're a conformist. Just accept it, its just will never "get to be cool or keep on rockin' in the free world".Just because you rebel against non-conformity doesn't make you a non-conformist. You're a rebel like Pat Boone.

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jay, you are refusing to be a non-conformist so you're a rebel? Man, you are a hip cat!

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay, precisely which moss covered rock have you been lurking under, waiting patiently for the opportunity to dispense your fascinating and penetrating insights?

A rock 'n roll band that supports and assists Prez Pinocchio and his amoral fraternity of political theorist puppeteers makes about as much sense as Christian porn. It's oxymoronic.

Jay, the best rock music has always offered the listener something to reckon with, something to chew on. At the very least, it's been novel and unexpected. At it's very root it's oppositional.

Conformity and goose-stepping may move millions of units but it doesn't make very interesting music.

If a bunchof woefully misinformed,
careerist, musical Australopithecus like Godsmack makes you feel better about your simplistic world view and cheap taste, so be it. Just try to understand that your musical preference, like your politics, is just another manifestation of your highly developed appreciation of the ordinary.

Rocco Sole

At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you link to a picture of the wrong Seka. Your link shows Seka Aleksic. The Seka the band was named for is here:
or here

At 9:35 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Thanks! I fixed it. DWT has the coolest and smartest commenters.

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Godsmack. Crap band, crap music, crap humans. Want some real power and opinions that are studied and well considered? Napalm Death and Ministry. Godsmack can go back to fellating AIC/Metallica like the two bit whores they have always been. See on the reunion your with Scott Stap, kid.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Kilgore Trout said...

(sorry this is long)
As an adolecent about to turn 24 i have to stand up for jay dispite disagreeing with him. In our age group it is far more common to be liberal than conservative for those who pay attention to anything political, the majority just dont care. I will also say that I would give Neil Young a lot more credit if he had stood up five years ago against bush, for that is when it truely took balls to be a non-conformist. Right now all sorts of "rockers" a term im using loosely, are speaking out against bush, which makes me wonder how many are simply doing it because they think it will sell well.
And as for what music is good or bad well thats just personal taste, I love the measage of Neils new album but i heard it once and thats pretty much enough for me. As for Godsmack, musically, eh, their ok i guess. I do think that if your going to say you support one side or another these days than you had better be able to back it up. I would guess that they were waved a big check and they signed without really caring one way or another about what it was used for. They probably didnt care if they were being paid to sell pepsi or to send young men and women to die, the money spends the same either way.

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm personally not a godsmack fan. neither am i a bush fan. however, i am compelled to thoroughly disagree with jay here. if sully wants to support the military, that's fine with me. hell, i support the military, i support soldiers, and i support anyone who wants to join the military. as a teacher, i see a lot of kids leave high school with zero options except joining up, and i've seen it be the best (and worst) thing in a lot of peoples' lives.

but what jay seems to be missing is that support of the troops and support of the war are two totally different things. i do support the troops. i wish them all much luck and much power and want them to come home soon and safe. i do not support the war. i think it's flat-out bullshit. and if a kid wants to join the navy, it is not going to be because of a stupid song.

billy gibbons--of zz top fame--is a known republican. does that make his music suck?

At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a former Marine and the mother of 2 children in the military. My oldest son is currently in Iraq. I tried very hard to disuade him from joining. This is not the time to join the military with a war going on, besides that we have a president to has abused the military for his own agenda. Have always been opposed to the war. My son knew that I went to D.C. last September for the protests. He thinks Bush is a dick but wanted to get out of Cleveland and do something with his life. His father and I were both in the Marines so it is something he has always wanted to do. Having served myself under Carter/Reagan (I'm dating myself) I served honorably and would not trade the time I had in the Marines for anything. But when you have a Commander in Chief that has no regard for the men and women who wear the uniform, and uses and abuses the military, I would be loath to encourage any young person to join the military. I would encourage them to challenge any recruiter that came to their school and to let them know emphatically that they are not interested. I have always been a fan of Godsmack, until now. I will never buy any music from them again and would even consider tossing the cd's that I currently own. I can't imagine why they would want to market their music to the military hoping to recruit young people and possibly send them to their death. I guess that just proves the old moniker, "money talks, bullshit walks" is true. What a shame that is one way they have chosen to make money. Maybe Sully should join the military. Perhaps he would have a differing opinion when he realized that his president doesn't give a rats ass about him. Who needs Godsmack anymore. Neil Young is a real rock hero.

At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, the reasons Sully gave were shallow, insipid, and, like, duh, we have to go to war, 911 and all.

Not so much that he supports bush, etc. but he comes off like an ignorant, self satisfied hick.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay has about half a point, but the military is a career, not a political party. The military isn't the criminal organization here, it's Rumsfeld and his team of lawyers.

Congress has the power to stop the war AT ANY POINT by cutting funding, so go blame the President and Congress first, not the generals or the military recruiters.

Godsmack is a shitty band but if they are proud to support the military then more power to them. Neil Young is not Kristofferson or Willie Nelson either.


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Godsmack's form of rebellion is a cheap imitation of the real thing, and Neil Young is a little late, as has been previously noted. If Jay wants a real example of rebelliousness, try the Dixie Chicks. They came out against Bush early, and never backed down.

Did Godsmack get any similar death threats for their "rebelliousness?"

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, as long as this tangent has been exposed, let me say: I DON'T support the troops. The only troops I will support (and respect) are the ones who out of appropriate conscience have gone AWOL or have fled to Iceland or who are presently serving court martials for refusing to be complicit in the assassination of innocent Iraqis, a too large portion of which have been women and children, so-called 'collateral damage."

In my book, I don't care how desperate, how misled, how tricked and confused recruits had to have been to then engage in the slaughter of innocents; It doesn't matter to me the circumstances of how someone who signed up for National Guard service suddenly finds themselves holding a gun and on the front line of death inexplicably (in their minds). Everyone necessarily owns the right to account for the consequences of their actions. For the yahoo soldier-murderers in this US-led incursion, those who have swallowed the Bush dogma whole (and if we are to believe the stats, that is a profound majority of US warriors), these rednecks can at least rest with their (ill-conceived) conviction. It goes without saying that their moral unaccountability by virtue of "brainwashing" (low IQ ie excuses responsibility for not questioning consequences), the so-called ZOMBIE caveat to moral responsibility, is equally absurd.

Look, Nazis used the same argument -- obeying orders. The ones pushing the button to load the gas chambers can simimlary claim lack of complicity and moral absolution for being "unaware" of their actions or the consequences.

Saying that I support the troops can ONLY mean (in my mind) that I support the annhilation of life caught in the crossfire of US-provoked confrontation. Saying that I support the troops will ONLY infer (to my way of thinking) that I support sanctioned murder and sanctioned murderers, contract killers for the purposes of extending both the profit margins of Haliburton and US empire.

I ain't no pacifist. I will defend my life and my family's life with whatever it takes. But if I kill someone in the process, I better be able to justify to myself that there was no alternative, the act was justified and that I followed a path that had absolutely no other prescribed means to solution.

Imagine the getaway driver of a liquor store robbery where the store clerk's been shot and killed by the thieves. When the cops ultimately nail the suspects, will the driver be excused or exhonerated as a complicit assassin, despite her claims that she was assured by thieve-buddies that no-one would be hurt?

I don't support getaway drivers either. And Godsmack can go fuck themselves for making the getaway driver business appealing to the poor schmucks who can be enticed to be behind this wheel.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger aarrgghh said...

whether sully supports or does not support the troops isn't the relevant issue here. neither is whether his position is truly conformist or not.

the issue here, which jay babcock clearly illustrates, is that sully's position is bankrupt because he's made no effort to think about it in anything but the shallowest terms.

whatever your beliefs, especially if you actively promote them in order to influence the behavior of others, you have a responsibility to learn what all the facts are. because he hasn't made any effort to learn anything about the military or the war, he's unable to offer any credible or coherent rebuttal to jay's arguments. all he has are cheap slogans.

sully obviously has no interest in the military beyond indulging himself in some kind of feel-good give-em-hell rock-and-roll fantasy that he's getting paid to promote. and not being in the military himself makes him not just an idiot but a hypocrite.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger elendil said...

Who the fuck are "Godsmack"?

At 6:09 PM, Blogger Televiper said...

Arrgh was dead on the money. The issue really is Sully is backing an organization while trying not to have a stance of his own. His first words left the impression that he was proud of the military recognition. When he says "Someone in the military must love us" I get the impression he's picturing a group of soldiers or a savvy general, and not the guy in the suit the military has hired for their recruiting campaign. Kinda suggests he's never paid attention to how his band is promoted.

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Are we arguing about Godsmack? For pity’s sake it's almost as if they wrote the music explicitly for recruitment commercials and motor-cross races.

And for the record, the military didn't start the war. It's not like some general pointed at Canada and said something about borders being unsecured and then while OUR backs were turned went and kicked the poop out of Iraq.

The president said he wanted the option to use force, congress gave it to him we said nothing...until after the fact.

So by all means feel free to be pissed off at Godsmack and the military and recruiters.

By the way my roommate is going to Thailand today to support some operation. Nice per deim and he gets to stay in a nice hotel in Puket. You want a recruitment poster? Hell I'd join up today if I could go with.

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Godsmack's music just plain sucks. The fact that the Sully choad is a real dumbass is not any kind of revelation to me. That they want to recruit other macho dumbass choads to go die in a pointless war is not surprising either.

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeebus, would you all SHUT UP about whether or not you support the troops???? Why does everyone have to preface their statement with that "Support the Troops" dribble??? There are more important things in life than whether or not you support soldiers. Get over it... I want your opinion, I don't care who you support.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If, if Reagan played disco
He'd shoot it to shit
You can't disco
In jack boots

At 11:59 AM, Blogger angie said...

I feel for Sully - his ignorance of human psychology and influence, of the way the world really works and that we often don't have all of the information needed to make a responsible, informed decision - no, this kid didn't kill himself because ozzie said so, through subtle message in song - he would have had to have been suicidal and would have done it anyway at some point - the difference here is that the message is more blatant, targeted and supports a broader, direct issue. It is a "celebrity endorsement of a product", which, we all know, dramatically increase sales for the vendor. I have talked with several dozen high school kids who were considering the military only after being approached by a recruiter - when asked to list the 3 primary reasons they wanted to enlist, 100% indicated that their primary reasons were to obtain a higher education, provide a living and benefits for themselves and their families, and to ensure a secure future through military benefits, including early retirement. Not one indicated defending freedom as a priority.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger TheCrapture said...

"billy gibbons--of zz top fame--is a known republican. does that make his music suck? "

God knows i haven't heard anything since the Eliminator album back in 84 that didn't suck a load of elephant droppings..."Rough boy?" "velcro Fly?" WTF was up with those???

have they done anything good since that godawful "Recycler" album or whatever that slab of late 80's offal was called?

Also -- Is a living band still great when they've gone 20 years without a good song ( and I'm not just atlking about a hit, i'm talking about something noteworthy on its own merits)

As for Godsmack, it is my fondest wish that the ghost of Layne Staley should rise up and drag that whole sorry lot of poseurs off to oblivion

At 4:11 PM, Blogger focuzdlife said...

Sully: "I don't fucking know what we really believe, and I don't have the desire to really define that! We just took the money! Leave me alone now, go away!"

...and promptly buries his head in a pile of greenbacks...

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sully: "I don't fucking know what we really believe, and I don't have the desire to really define that! We just took the money! Leave me alone now, go away!"

...and promptly buries his head in a pile of greenbacks...

At 4:49 PM, Blogger focuzdlife said...

Jay asking Sully iif he was American right or wrong made me remember some dialog from the movie Troy (2004)...(yeah, I know not necessarily a great movie, but has some really good quotes in it...)

Achilles: I told you how to fight but I never told you why to fight
Patroclus: I fight for you.
Achilles: Yes, but who will you fight for when I'm gone? Soldiers fight for kings they've never even met. They fight when they're told to fight, they die when they're told to die.
Patroclus: Soldiers obey.
(This last one by Achilles may not be word for word accurate..but it's pretty much what he said. IMDB unfortunately omitted this one...)
Achilles: Don’t die for some fool.

(*quote from IMDB)

At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Jay didn't go off the record with Godsmack and sit down and try to educate the kids on the error of their way's.
Going head to head with head strong teens (or young people) isn't going to work, in fact it quite often has the opposite effect when they deliberately go against what they were being told.

If Jay had said "listen guy's, do you realise that the war was started on deliberate Lies and deception and that their are a lot of people profiting enormously from this war then perhaps Godsmacked may have listened.

Anyway, fuck them and every single ignorant cunt who supports this war, and the people who started it.

G.W. Bush and Co. will burn in hell for their efforts.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Wess said...

aarrgghh said-
"...the issue here, which jay babcock clearly illustrates, is that sully's position is bankrupt because he's made no effort to think about it in anything but the shallowest terms."

Well said and exactly on the button.

At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did anyone stop to think about the fact that Godsmack made this BUSINESS deal YEARS ago, not just a month or two ago? and would we even care if Sully had made this deal with any other company? would it be such a "big" deal if they had dealt with Pepsi or Kit Kat? do these commercials really make you think that the band is taking a political stand, saying that they agree with Bush and all that he believes? have you even seen the commercials? the bottom line is that they (not just Sully) made a business deal years ago (not yesterday) in order to make money (get paid) and to be able to pay the rent and provide for thier families. Is that why some of you are verbally attacking this man and why are you not attacking the OTHER THREE members of this band?

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished listening to the Arthur/Sully interview and while I do agree that Sully did not conduct himself well during, I think that the way Arthur backed him into the corner like that was very unprofessional and inappropriate. Sully didn't call to talk about political issues, in fact, he said to Arthur at one point that he was "told to just do press today" which clearly shows that he had no idea that he was calling into a show that was going to get into political issues such as the war...etc. He was not prepared to answer questions about these issues, and should have changed the topic or ended the conversation when Arthur started accusing his band of aiding in sending kids to war! Political figures, motivational speakers, debaters..etc. don't go into public speaking situations without having written a speech and practicing and rehersing for hours, days... months even! So why is it that we expect a musical artist who, first of all, has had no formal training in politics and second of all has had no time to even come up with an argument or opinion for questions such as these to be put on a radio interview and say something smart and eye-opening? Sully said whatever he think of at that moment and I give him credit for putting up with that interviewer as long as he did!
While I'm here, I might as well add that the commercial that Arthur is pissing his pants over is about 45 seconds long and while, Godsmack's song is in the background... there are no lyrics of any kind playing, there are only instruments. I really don't see how 10 seconds of intrumental music is going to make a child decide to join the military. I just don't!

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! Law student, jeezzzz. like we need more. You and your like are nothin but pussies. Scared of a draft. LOL. How classically yellow. ROCK ON SULLY!!!!

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha i just read all these crap and you people are so stupid and don't ask why i am commenting, but i think sully erna is awesome and so is godsmack!so for those of you that don't like them F**** OFF!

At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before bashing these guys, why don't you listen to what their message is. It's sad you Poindexter, pencil pushing yuppie scum have to pick them apart. There music has nothing to do with politics. You see some of us listen to it to escape this over sensitive,crooked place we call home. So ill tell you what.... Come see them live. Come down all the way to the front and spew this BS! Guaranteed, Smackers will eat you alive. I'm a chick and I'll run you down baby! Find something else to bitch about you damn pukes.


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