Monday, May 15, 2006

"Crazy John" Gibson wants us to make babies—of course, assuming we aren't (shudder!) "minorities." What a great country, where he holds down a job!


Watching tonight's Colbert Report, I got to see Fox's resident raging nutjob John Gibson in full-out, in fact boastfully racist rant urging viewers to make more babies, in order to offset the mounting terror of massing hordes of "minority" babies.

(Yes, "minorities" is how Crazy John kept referring to, well, them. It's safe to say he doesn't think there are a whole lot of "minorities" among his viewers. This is one of the rare points about which people with over-double-digit IQs might confidently agree with him.)

Just a while earlier, The Daily Show did one of its delicious video montages, in this case of the Fox News anchors paying lockstep-lying-stooge tribute to the babelike innocence of the NSA's massive phone-data-collection program. And while it's easy to say that if you put all these bozos' brains together, you couldn't assemble one working model, nevertheless—can anyone question that the looniest of the ultraloons is our C.J.?

Of course the guy is a flaming ignoramus. He's a plug-ignorant pile of protoplasm, barely walking upright. But I really don't think it's entirely, or even principally, a matter of stupidity, or ignorance. This fellow isn't playing with a full deck. Full deck hell! He's playing with just a couple of 2's, plus maybe a dog-eared 3. It's hard to believe that you could find a shred of sanity anywhere in that poor crazy-wired brain. You wonder if he has the teensiest lifeline to reality.

And yet he keeps his job! I was about to begin a sentence, "Even by Fox Nooze standards . . . " But in what sense can Fox Nooze be said to have standards?


At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another brilliant commentary by Fux News, a division of News Corpse.


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