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Today RJB over at WORDS HAVE POWER has a great diary up called "Mud in the Water- CA-50," about the race for the seat formerly occupied by disgraced Republican cog in DeLay's wheel of massive DC corruption, Duke Cunningham. While the dozen vile Republicans slander each other and tear each other apart like a pack of mad dogs who smell raw meat-- and let's be real, for a dying Republican congressional caucus, that's all that's left, a few more months of bribery and stealing whatever isn't nailed down-- the good government/ reform-minded campaign of Francine Busby is rolling up all the contributions and winning the overwhelming support, not just of Democrats and independents but even of moderate, decent Republicans who are sick and fed up with the DeLays, Neys, Cunninghams, Bushes, Roves, Libbys, Cheneys... the whole grotesque menagerie.

The mud seems to pit the extreme ultra neo-Nazi right-wing lunatic candidates against the merely extreme ultra right-wing lunatic candidates. A widely circulated anonymous hit piece-- probably from the vicious and crazed Howard Kaloogian, but who knows with this crew?-- savages conservative ex-congressloon Brian Bilbray, pointing out that he's not as far right as is acceptable and that he has a history of corruption. (LOL!! He was a Republican congressman. "History of corruption!" Are they kidding? Have they never read about how Tom DeLay, Bill Frist and George Bush have been running Washington in the last few years?) The other typical GOP-style hit piece went after the poor old far right codger, Bill Morrow, pointing out that he has committed a capital offense among the over-the-cliff extremists: he may secretly be in favor of stem cell research (as are over 80% of Americans, including a majority of Republicans).

No one will ever know for sure who sent out the attack pieces but everyone agrees it smells like the desperate wingnut Howard Kaloogian. Bilbray won't say who he thinks is doing it but he says he's pretty sure it's a Repug. No shit, Sherlock! You can do the ACT BLUE thing for Francine Busby right here (<----- 7 words back there).


At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly have to agree with your appraisal of repugnicon policies of late, I completely fail to see ANY advantage from the demoncrats, who, btw, are no rank amateurs at corruption and tyranny. What with their hatred of Constitutional guarantees of proper squirrel eradicating gear,(gun control). We most definitely NEED a well armed populace if only to put the fear of G-d into this collection of would-be Hitlers and King-fishes. Further, the rapid and increasingly ambitious erasure of Constitutional RIGHTS MUST be arrested and reversed. We all need to remember that freedom is NOT FREE. The cost of these G-d-given RIGHTS have a definite cost, and we must ALL be prepared to PAY that cost or our freedoms, liberties OR, our very lives are at stake. For those weak enough to suggest we surrender those freedoms I suggest moving to a part of the world where such poorly reasoned attitudes are prevalent-like europe,or even Australia, where the cost of these ideas are coming home to roost. Are you aware that the REAL Crocodile Dundee was Killed by his "government" over his failure to surrender his personal protection? And CAN anyone of you square that with the concept that self defence is absolute? Of course you can't. Only perversions of simple logic can get you to support such BS. And EVERY aspect of your personal liberty is immediately GONE, once we surrender our sovereignty, as sovereignty comes from the barrel of a gun. Don't believe me? What does YOUR government use to enforce the concept of WHO is in CHARGE? Love notes??? Get real people.. The ONLY thing that keeps THEM under control is FEAR of the POPULACE!!


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