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Quarterly fundraising numbers have started coming out today and results for Democrats are mixed. I was really depressed to see Tester get stomped by the corporate Dem and by Montana's crooked senator, Conrad Burns. Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett together did about as well as DeWine in Ohio and McCaskill was almost even with Talent in Missouri. But locally the news was a lot better. California's brightest hope, Francine Busby down in San Diego County, slaughtered all the Republicans in this "red" district that Randy "Duke" Cunningham so recently disgraced. Judging by the fundraising results, it looks like people down there are going around humming The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again."

Francine, who set the grassroots on fire in 2004, is facing a gaggle of right-wing nutcases in a primary in April. She has the most money on hand; she's raised the most money overall; and in the last quarter she brought in $271,208. Whackidoodle extremist Howard Kaloogian brought in $142,356. Recently defeated former Congressman Brain Bilbray (from a neighboring district) brought in $5,420. And Bill Morrow is reporting $212,827. What makes it all the more stupendous is that 93% of Francine's money came from inside the district, mostly in small donations, not from PACs (although Jim Dean told me last week that DFA is about to endorse her and ask people to contribute to her campaign). She was also endorsed by MoveOn.org, which I'm, sure is going to mean more grassroots help and financing.

All Francine's hard work in 2004 is paying off now. This one looks like it could be a big win for the good guys. Please consider going to the DWT ACT BLUE Page and making a contribution to Francine's campaign. Even a small donation, like $10 or $20, is an awesome help. And think how great you'll feel in April when she wins-- with your help!


At 2:40 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

After I first posted this a couple of California friends asked me who the hell Bill Morrow is and wanted to know if he's a real threat to Francine. He's basically another garden variety right wing extremist and no one thinks he has any real chance to win a congressional seat on planet Earth. Last week the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE ran a very informative piece called "And on the far right, Morrow vs. Kaloogian" that examines whatever terrain there is way off the cliff. Thirteen years ago, far right fanatic Morrow, then a notably ineffective Assemblyman, actually once suggested that the annoyingly boisterous Kaloogian, then just a random nut case, run for Assembly. Because of a crowded field of moderate Republicans-- there still were some back then-- Kaloogian won the GOP primary and was elected. Now both he and Morrow have been term-limited out of the Assembly. Although Kaloogian is best known for leading a caravan of loons down to Crawford, Texas to challenge Cindy Sheehan to a duel, and for weeping and sobbing hysterically, like a 5 year old girl on TV when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to run for governor, he is now just one crack pot among 8 Republicans who are trying to step into the shoes recently vacated by their hero, convicted bribe-taker/ex-Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. And, of course, one of those crack pots is his old pal Morrow. All 8 Republicans would be considered right wing by normal people but Morrow and Kaloogian are vying for the outer limits of sanity-- while making desultory attempts to not step over the bounds into outright Nazism.

Kaloogian is generally seen as a clown and a maniac, almost a mini-me to someone like Mussolini. Morrow comes off more like a normal person (until you examine his politics-- which are as insane as Kaloogian's). The two are expected to split the most racist, xenophobic, bigoted and Know-Nothing wing of the local GOP between them.


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