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South Texas' 28th CD is so Democratic that no Republican is even contesting it. Of course, they probably felt they didn't have to because the current "Democrat," Henry Cuellar, is as likely to vote with the Republicans on important issues as he is to vote with his own party. (He even endorsed Bush for president in 2000!) But because there is no Republican running, the March 7th Democratic primary which pits the reactionary Cuellar against progressive former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, will decide who the next congressman is from the 28th.

Take a look at Ciro's voting record. For anyone with progressive ideals, he's a true blue congressman, as good as you could ever hope for. And Cuellar is as bad as you could fear in your worst nightmare on issue after issue after issue. This should be an easy pick-up for the Forces of Light. Ciro needs money though and I'm starting an ACT BLUE page for him today.

Oh and if you watched Bush's SOTU speech the other night Cuellar was the Democrat sitting with the Republicans-- even Joe Lieberman didn't do that-- who Bush gave a big smooch to. Today's DAILY KOS has a great story on Cuellar and why it is so important that he meet up with unemployment next month. Cuellar is so right wing that even the Blue Dog Democrats rejected him! He's a man who defines himself as pro-gun, pro-free trade, anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. According to Kos " Cuellar's entire political existence appears to be designed to provide Bush [and the Texas GOP] with "bipartisan" cover, from his days in the Texas House to the past two years in the US House. If Bush wants bipartisan support, he needs to earn it the real way -- through negotiation and compromise, not by flipping a switch with Henry Cuellar, his mole inside the Democratic caucus."


Today Matt Stoller at MyDD has a great diary about how netroots contributions to Cirdo Rodriguez really can make a serious difference for America. "Ciro Rodriguez is a place where we can matter. Atrios makes the point that money going to Rodriguez is actually very well spent. $50 to Rodriguez matters, whereas $50 in a Senate race is a drop in the bucket. Primary fights where you can genuinely push a progressive candidate with a realistic shot are very rare, especially with the Tim Kaine-esque party we have right now. So this is a real opportunity for us."

I was proud and excited to see that some of the DWT readers joined me and put some money into our ACT BLUE Page for several of the candidates that I've been writing about, like Francine Busby, Dave Lutrin, Lois Murphy, Chuck Pennacchio. Right now Ciro Rodriguez really needs some
cash to help him replace a horrible reactionary imbecile with a shining example of a progressive fighter-- and in a deep red state. Like I've said before, even $10 helps if enough people kick in. The election is next month.

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