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I think the professional prognosticators think there will be no California congressional seats changing hands in November. I think they may be in for a VERY BIG surprise. In fact, I believe that if things keep going the way they are now-- without even accelerating into frog-marches and mug shots for bribe-taking crooks like Duncan Hunter, Jerry Lewis, Dick Pombo, John Doolittle, etc-- California voters could send a deafening message to DC by next fall. And even before that, the candidacy of good government progressive, Francine Busby has taken off and it now looks like rancid Randy "Duke" Cunningham is going to be replaced by one of the most exciting, fresh new faces in Southern California politics in many years.

DWT has come into possession of some brand new polling from the 50th CD-- brand new and very exciting. The research was based on interviews with 401 likely April special election voters in December, 2005. The survey shows that voters in the district are ready for a change and are much more receptive to a Democratic message of change than to any Republican message of more of the same. Busby holds an advantage over all opponents tested in both a single-trial heat match-up as well as head-to-head match-ups. Busby has a shot to take the whole ballgame in the special (primary) election in April!

Despite a GOP voter registration advantage in the district, a majority of voters surveyed disapproved of Bush’s job performance-- with a plurality of voters STRONGLY disapproving. Even among Republican voters a significant number disapprove of Bush’s job performance, while nearly all Democrats and two-thirds of independents disapprove of the job Bush is doing as president. This translates to Busby leading each of the Republican candidates. She is also better known than all the Republicans other than former Republican congressman Brian Bilbray.

A majority of voters (53%) say that things in the country are pretty seriously off on the wrong track, with just over one-third (37%) suggesting things in the country are on the right track. Many voters will be looking for change to get things back on track.

Once considered a strongly Republican district, the 50th has swerved away from the party of Bush, DeLay, Cunningham, Abramoff and Frist. Only 35% of the voters indicate they will probably or definitely vote for the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress. Moreover, voters are seeking checks and balances in Congress, with 43% saying they want a candidate who would provide a balance to Bush’s agenda, while only 34% prefer a candidate who will consistently support the Bush agenda.

Voters are very focused on corruption among elected officials; it is named as the second-ranking issue facing the area. More than 90% of the voters familiar with Duke Cunningham have an unfavorable view of him, with the vast majority having a VERY unfavorable view of him. Voters are looking for honesty and have integrity-- Busby's strong suits. You can contribute to Busby's campaign on the DWT Act Blue page; even a small amount helps.


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