Thursday, October 11, 2018

Two Long-shot House Races Worth Betting On


Nate and Ammar are running against 2 indicted crooks

The DCCC still refuses to back progressive Democrats Nate McMurry and Ammar Campa-Najjar despite the fact that both their opponents, extreme Trumpists Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter, have been indicted on multiple counts of fraud and related financial crimes. The DCCC claims the districts are too red for them to compete in. Yet, polls for both Nate and Ammar show the two races locked in dead heat ties.

Yesterday, McMurray's campaign revealed results of internal polling showing that the NY-27 is tied, 42-42%, despite the fact that Collins has been spending heavily on a smear campaign to discourage voters and McMurry hasn't aired a single TV ad yet.

"This proves what we’ve been seeing on the ground for months: We. Can. Win," said McMurray. "Voters are tired of corruption and care about protecting healthcare, fighting for farms and supporting small businesses. Voters feel taken advantage of by a wealthy man who used his power to enrich himself instead of representing people like us. They are angry that he’s running for re-election because his defense attorneys told him to. They are sick of politics as usual that puts the desires of the powerful above the needs of working people. They know that we are better than this in Western New York, and they’re right."

The poll also shows that nine in ten voters (90%) report that they have heard, read, or seen information about Collins’ indictment, with a majority (57%) stating they have heard "a lot" about the indictment. Collins and his son were arrested in Collins' swanky NYC penthouse-- where he lives, far from the district, by FBI agents on multiple charges including insider trading. He said he wouldn't run for another term but changed his mind after his lawyers told him being a member of Congress is an ace bargaining chip to use to get a reduced sentence (in return for resigning).

McMurray's campaign does not accept any corporate PAC money but has raised close to half a million dollars in the third quarter. The influx money is helping him compete in the final leg of the campaign and will guarantee that Collins can no longer outspend him ten to one, as he had been doing.

Collins has been a complete Trump enabler and rubber-stamp, one of the worst anywhere in the country, as you can see on the 538 graphic above. The one below is for the record Duncan Hunter has accrued-- when he wasn't busy accruing money from his campaign fund and the booze and sex-workers he used it for:

Goal ThermometerHunter and Collins were the first two members of Congress to endorse Trump. So you can imagine that both are enthusiastic and dedicated Trump puppets. Collins is so bad he almost makes Hunter look better-- almost. Hunter does what Trump wants 94.5% of the time. Both these dreadful, corrupt congressmen should be replaced and McMurray and Campa-Najjar will both make outstanding congressman. Please consider clicking on the Blue America 2018 congressional calendar of progressives who have won their primaries but who the DCCC refuses to assist. The DCCC always prefers to help Blue Dogs and New Dems from the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party. McMurray and Campa-Najjar are both from the FDR wing of the party and both supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary. Both can really use some help for this final sprint to election day, less than a month away. These are the kind of long shot races in anti-red wave cycles that always shock pundits, journalists and the DCCC on election day. Nate Silver foolishly gives Nate a 1 in 20 chance to win and gives Ammar a 1 in 8 chance. Help prove him-- and the imbeciles at the DCCC-- wrong again.

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At 7:44 AM, Blogger Anthony said...

This says a lot about both parties. One would rather see a corrupt as hell, lying piece of shit win just because they have a big R in front of their name. The other would rather lose to a corrupt, lying piece of shit and maintain the status quo than win with an uncorrupted progressive. The people running the democratic party still don't care about anything except having control over the party.


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