Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Steyer's Doing Good Work-- And Politics Is Not A Battle Between Good Billionaires And Bad Billionaires


Earlier today we looked at their billionaires, freaks like the Kochs and the Deasons. Meanwhile, a close friend of mine has been spending much of the summer at the Bohemian Grove, where Michael Bloomberg is strutting around, puffed up and bragging that he intends to buy the Democratic nomination for president. They have their freaks; we have ours.

There was some news yesterday about Tom Steyer, this cycle's biggest contributor on the left-- reportedly $110 million, more than Bloomberg is spending. Steyer is smart enough to not give his money to the DNC or DCCC, where most money is used corruptly for pointless, even counter-productive consultants and their self-justifying and losing projects, especially commissionable broadcast TV and radio. Much to the chagrin of establishment status quo Democrats-- take Pelosi-- Steyers' money has gone into his own idea-oriented projects Need to Impeach and NextGen America, an environmental advocacy nonprofit and political action committee, although he did put a $1,000,000 into Andrew Gillum's gubernatorial campaign through his For Our Future PAC. Again, Gillum is decidedly not the candidate of the corrupt status quo Democratic establishment, neither in Florida nor in DC. Pelosi and establishment Democrats are no less angry with Steyer as Trump is with the Koch network-- also for focussing on ideas instead of on establishment party priorities

Steyer's e-mail list includes 5.5 million voters who want to see Trump impeached. That's heavy and very powerful-- and bigger than the NRA mailing list.

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At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a quick question: who matters -- 5.5 million voters or one corrupt nancy Pelosi.

easy answer. the one corrupt "trumps" millions of voters every time in this shithole.

At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steyer would accomplish more by donating to progressive campaigns. How many times have we read here on DWT that progressive campaigns are starving for funds since the DxCC refuses to support them?

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steyer is as anti-progressive as the kochs. His $elf-interest is anathema to progressivism.

He and a minority of other capitalist fascists may find trump/naziism abhorrent, but they find true progressivism just as bad.

That's why they promote democraps. They know that party will never do MFA or free college or job/income guarantees or convert from oil to renewables... while they MAY (or may not) promote a more sane fiscal policy and foment somewhat less hate.

These are the rich lesser evilists buying their way into the game.

Soon the lesser evilism clergy will be talking themselves into an alliance with the kochs... maybe. 50 - 50 today. But it was 1-99 yesterday. It's a matter of socializing, normalizing and implementing a new idea among colossally stupid people. It works. It's how we got 'trickle down' and why we all think obamanation wasn't horrible and it's how we got trump and it's why we can't get rid of him.


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