Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump Will Soon Be Eating Fesenjan And Qorme Sabzi With Mullahs In Tehran


In the last few days Reese, Gaius and I have all written about how Trump is blowing opportunities for a sane relationship with Iran with his bombast and penchant for taking advise from warmongers.

Yesterday, Trump, addressing the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, now says he's "willing to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani anytime, saying that he believes it is always better to meet with adversaries... No preconditions. If they want to meet, I’ll meet. Anytime they want." Who remembers the national breakout when candidate Obama said something similar? He started babbling some nonsense about how Iran is no longer the same country since he withdrew the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear Deal. Is Trump just manipulative or just a moron? Do you know?

Max Boot: "If past is prologue, maybe next year Trump will be claiming credit for averting war and praising Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as talented, funny, intelligent and a strong leader who loves his people."

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At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

trump is lying but his audience doesn't know and doesn't care. They're also the dumbest hominid beings in the history of humankind.

I can't remember where I heard this, but it's a case of the blind leading the blank.

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

trump must be torn here. I know he hates islam... not based on his being a Christian or anything... but just because it's someone else to hate. But he loves dictators (Kim, Duterte, putin) and would have a natural affinity there.

To complicate things, Iran is an ally of putin, so he'll need permission from his master to do anything there.

It'll serve as a good campaign/voter agitator. If they meet, maybe they can make it a tripartite affair: the Shiite dictator; the atheist kleptocrat and the fake Christian shit-for-brains. I wonder if the Iranian interpreter can accurately translate trump-stupid. I wonder if our interpreter can translate down to trump's 3rd-grade stupid. I wonder how putin can keep a straight face through it all.


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