Friday, August 03, 2018

Sad To Have To Say So, But Trump Supporters Really Do Tend To Be Absolute Morons


It's hard to tell if Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass is a Democrat or a Republican. It's easy to tell he's a status quo hack. And long-time servant of the establishment. Wednesday he wasted a column worrying about how no one understands the Trump supporters. Did you watch them screaming at CNN's Jim Acosta in Tampa a couple of days ago? Take a look at the link; those are the Trump supporters. I understand them; my brother-in-law is one of them. Basically they're morons who have been left behind economically and they're pitiful racists who feel alienated from a multiracial society. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco all had supporters too, easily manipulated people at the bottom of the intelligence curve.

Kass doesn't see it that way. "Trump’s voters," he wrote, "know what put him in the White House." Do they? Putin and a rigged electoral system where Hillary Clinton beat Trump 65,853,514 (48.2%) to 62,984,828 (46.1%) and he's in the White House and she's not. Kass forgot to mention that in his column. Instead, he continued that "it wasn’t merely that Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate. It was that Trump voters detested the crowd that backed her, loathed them; and those voters in turn were viewed as something to be stepped on, to be ridiculed for heresy." Morons always detest smart people. And always will. Trump supporters hate life itself. They're losers at life. That hate their jobs, their spouses, their children. They hate everything and want revenge and want to world to end. Eventually all Trump supporters will be part of Q-Anon. What's that? The end of America? Watch this video: 

"Trump supporters are still detested; the working class"-- Hillary won the working class-- "the suburbanites in high-tax blue states"-- Hillary won them too-- "the families in rural America, all painted with a broad brush and dismissed regularly by the pundit class as hateful, xenophobic and worse. Yes, hateful, xenophobic and worse. Is that a no-no? It's reality. It's what Trump cultivated and allowed and it's the vote he got-- the very worst America has to offer.

"Because," he wrote, "they think their country needs borders and that illegal immigration should have been stopped years ago?" Illegal immigration is something wealthy conservatives want for cheap labor, a common concept probably too abstract for Kass. "Because they like tax cuts?" Only the wealthy get tax cuts from Republicans; smart people know that. It costs the rest of us. "Because they like working after being without work for years?" Republicans are good for the working class. How? When? Where?

He also seems to be claiming the media gave Hillary any easy ride. I don't like her and I didn't vote for her in the primary or the general but she's been lambasted an smeared by the media for... how many decades?
Let’s say their Manafort fantasies come true, and he cuts a deal, and he serves Trump to special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the orange presidential head is placed upon a platter.

Then what? What do you do with the millions who voted for Trump? Mock them into submission? Have them grovel and beg forgiveness before they’re re-educated?

You don’t have to understand Trump. But it’s dangerous not to understand the 63 million who voted for him. They’re not going into exile. They’re here.
Re-educated? Might be a good idea-- or maybe basic civics classes added back into the public school curricula. One more thing, though I might have said it before:
Hillary Clinton- 65,853,514 (48.2%)
Señor Trumpanzee- 62,984,828 (46.1%)
Eat your heart out, John Kass.

My friend Chip Proser from Agitprop did this short film in support of Ted Lieu's and Ed Markey's nuclear protection legislation. I think most normal Americans would relate to this documentary very, very differently from the way a typical  Trump supporter would relate to it. What do you think? Now... are you registered to vote? Are your friends and family and colleagues at work all registered to vote? The threat from Trump is existential.

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At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The subjects of the first video aren't going to be swayed by the information contained in the second video, for Trumpism is more a religion than not. Religion abhors science, so psychologists and psychiatrists hold no sway of the True Trumplican.

I'm just glad that I live close enough to several major airfields to die quickly from any bomb launched against them. I won't have to experience the aftereffects which will be much worse than those I read about at Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

Fuck Trump

At 8:01 PM, Blogger edmondo said...

I voted for Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House. Call me as many names as you want.

I will vote for him again if the Democrats nominate Cory Booker or Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. You can still call me as many names as you want but nothing will get me to vote for these people.

At 4:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Edmondo, you disappoint me. Jill Stein would have been a much better non-$hillbillary vote. You won't vote for a democrap and I get that. But FOR trump? That's beneath you.

"What do you do with the millions who voted for Trump? Mock them into submission? Have them grovel and beg forgiveness before they’re re-educated?"

These dumbfucktards, notably in the south, have always been there. What we used to do With them was ... nothing. We elected a government who tried to make their lives better in spite of their own failings. The change occurred in the late '60s when yellow dogs were betrayed by LBJ who signed civil rights and voting rights. Almost overnight, those southern white racist morons became republicans. Almost immediately also, Nixon figured out how to cultivate those racist morons and... voila, suddenly the rump party of only the rich became the party of racists, and they became more than competitive.

Between the disaffected and the participatory left, there still exists an unassailable majority. But the 'craps are NOT a left party and they will never again represent the "liberal" in our former 'liberal western democracy'. So that party will only get the most religious devotees of lesser evilism, which numbers about the same as the Nazis at present. When the Nazis are even disappointing to their own, anti-red waves will give the 'craps windfalls. But they'll never prove to earn those, so the inevitable anti-blues will guarantee more trumps... but ever worse.

What ideally happens with these fucktards is you marginalize them politically but you still let them enjoy the fruits of a competent liberal democracy. What you never want to do is make them relevant in the determination of that liberal democracy.

Just ask Germans what happens when they let the racist imbecile minority take charge.

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, trump voters are morons.

but what would you call all those compassionate and passionate lefties who still vote for the party that has refused to help them and has regularly ratfucked them for the past 40 years?

At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope(less) and (un)Change(d) 7:42?


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