Friday, August 03, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

No, Rudy. Someone Has Tampered With Your Brain.

We've all watched the horror of someone mentally disintegrating before our eyes. Usually, we know the reason: It's drugs, or alcohol, or, maybe it's some form of dementia. For drugs or alcohol, there's intervention and/or rehab, which may or may not work. If it's dementia, especially if it's brought on by Alzheimer's disease, there seems to be little that can be done. You just try to make the person at least physically comfortable and safe.

One thing we don't do is sit them down in a hot TV studio surrounded by bright lighting and turn on the cameras for the world to see. Likewise, we don't ask them questions about a subject they no longer have a firm grip on if only because we don't want them to embarrass themselves.

I've said for years that watching FOX "News" is like being some sort of peeping Tom looking through the uncurtained window of an insane asylum. Even back when I first started describing FOX like that I never thought it would get as sadly bizarre as having a completely mentally gone Rudy Giuliani on TV nearly every night. Not!

Watching sputtering crazies like Sean Hannitty and Lou Dobbs was sad enough, but, in adding Rudy to the mix, unmedicated and sans straitjacket no less, FOX has now crossed over into a nether-world of crazy no one ever thought they would see on TV in non-fiction programming. In hindsight, it was inevitable. What we see with Rudy on FOX was the inevitable degradation down to what FOX "News" is now, and it will keep getting worse.

Those eyes! Forget listening to Rudy's saliva-filled speed-mumbling. Forget about the interviewer in front of him being showered in Rudy spittle. Forget watching Rudy contradict himself, pulling half-baked or no-baked legal-isms out of the remaining mush of his brain, and nightly do more unwitting harm to his client. Here's a tip: Just watch what's left of Rudy with the sound off. Just watch the bugged-out eyes, and the weird, confused facial contortions. This is what the professionals see when they look through the little window into the padded cell. This is FOX "News", now nightly with Rudy Giuliani.

Usually, decent people have compassion for those who have deteriorated so far, but I can't even summon the desire to have that compassion for someone who presents so much of the evil that lies at his core. In a way, it's good for people to finally see the evil that has always lurked inside Rudy Giuliani; better to know the truth. And, it's his titanic ego, that way out of control megalomania that keeps him able to do what he is doing now. In his insanity, Rudy is a reflection of his client. Will there be a day when Rudy just shows up at FOX in his pajamas like Senor Trumpanzee reportedly roams around the White House? Will Rudy walk the New York streets in a bathrobe like former Godfather Vinny the Chin Gigante did in an effort to build an insanity defense for both him and Senor Trumpanzee? The difference was, of course, that, with Vinny, it was an act.

"Watching Rudy." Watching Rudy is the new reality TV show. The show is getting darker. Rudy's threatening people now. Threatening Michael Cohen in language that Micheal Cohen understands. Soon, there will be a whole list of people who "better shut up", or else. How soon before Giuliani starts mumbling about people who need to be "sleeping with the fishes?" But here's the punchline: The Republican viewers of "Watching Rudy" watch him because he is defending their hero. They hang on Rudy's every word and nod in brainwashed agreement; and isn't that the reason for FOX "News" in the first place?

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At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When does Rudy go in for his sexual reassignment surgery? I think the hormones are affecting that mass of cells which acts as his brain.

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no. I see rudy running for prez in 2020. He's MAYBE worse than trump. and he's spewing just enough venom and nonsense to make a 2020 run for Nazi president viable. He'll have to ramp up the racism... but he can do it. He's ambitious enough. And he's plenty evil enough. I can see this happening.

From here on out, policy and issues will be irrelevant to the Nazi party's big runs. It'll be hate, greed, hate, fear, greed and hate. That's really all the base wants.


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