Monday, July 23, 2018

Why Are So Many Nazis Running For Office As Republicans? They Sure Love Señor T


There's a lot of hand-wringing lately about why Republican primary voters are voting for Nazis. And why are Nazis and fascists so attracted to the GOP? Fox News didn't actually wonder why-- no one would no why more than they would-- but they did report on the phenomena over the weekend. They prefer to call them anti-Semites and white supremicists, as that was somehow less vile. Andrew O'Reilly took a peek behind the white sheets, in Illinois, California and Wisconsin, completely leaving out Corey Stewart's Senate race in Virginia.

O'Reilly starts by mentioning that "Arthur Jones is an avowed member of the American Nazi Party, a Holocaust denier and a sympathizer of the Ku Klux Klan," but doesn't mention that his description wouldn't be all that different from Trump's father, who was worshipped and emulated by... Señor Trumpanzee. TRump's repulsive racism isn't something that just popped into his head on his way down that fateful escalator ride. And the racist and Nazis are just randomly attracted to him and the party he's taken over.

"Jones is one of several Nazis, Holocaust deniers or white supremacists," explained O'Reilly, "who have elbowed their way onto the GOP ballot for November’s midterm elections, in part by either concealing their views or running unopposed in the primary. But their campaigns have alarmed Republican leaders, with state and national GOP figures now speaking out against them and making clear they are not welcome in the party." O'Reilly is playing this down and certainly leaving out dozens of other GOP Nazis.

Take Russell Walker, for example. Maybe Fox News just wants to pretend this GOP state House candidate is merely a fan of the Confederacy. His website, however, insists that "Jews are descended from Satan." Does that pass the neo-Nazi test? Well, the Nazi-- who didn't try to hide his open fascism-- won the GOP primary 64.8% to 35.2%. And, by the way, he hates blacks even more than he hates Jews and he's been open about his racism for many years and never tried to hide them and, in fact, it's why Republican primary voters picked him by such an overwhelming margin.

Back to the GOP candidate in Chicago, who the Illinois Republican party has denounced by didn't take the opportunity-- now passed-- to oppose. "Jones' campaign website," wrote O'Reilly, "is filled with numerous anti-Semitic statements, Holocaust denials and screeds against everything from immigration to term limits for federal judges." Fox also brought up, John Fitzgerald, the Republican running against one of the most progressive members of Congress from California, Mark DeSaulnier, in CA-11-- an East Bay district that stretches from Richmond through Orinda, Moraga, Lafeyette and Danville up to Walnut Creek, Concord and Antioch. The PVI is D=11 and Hillary eviscerated Trump 71.5% to 22.7%, not exactly Nazi-country. A complete right-wing lunatic, he insists that Dwight Eisenhower ran concentration camps that killed Germans during WWII and on a neo-Nazi radio show said that "Everything we’ve been told about the Holocaust is a lie. My entire campaign is about exposing this lie." The GOP backed him but when he was exposed they said "oops" and said they should have researched him better.

And next up to bat is one of the several crackpot right-wing extremists hoping to win Paul Ryans' seat in Wisconsin bye getting the Republican nomination and taking on Randy Bryce. Ryan has endorsed a garden variety rightist who everyone has noticed is pretty much a clone of Ryan himself, Bryan Steil, but Nazi Paul Nehlen has a significant following about southeast Wisconsin Republicans. He's raised $198,684 so far and Steil leads him primarily because of PAC money Ryan is funneling into his campaign. He calls himself the "pro-White" candidate, which isn't the same as admitting to being a white supremacist- but, remember, Trump never admits he's a white supremacist either.

I just went to Google Images and typed in "idiot" and this is what came up on page 1:

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At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The republican party has been the political arm of the Nazis and KKK for a half century. The KKK joined after LBJ signed the civil rights and voting rights acts.
Hate is where they've gotten their votes since there aren't enough billionaires to win any elections.

This is a total waste of space on your page.



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