Monday, July 30, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

I don't normally condone vandalism but this Pick Axe Guy actually does deserve a star, unlike the traitor whose star he destroyed. I even consider the act of taking a pick axe to the Hollywood Star of Donald Jackass Trump an act of fine performance art; very fine. And very fine patriotic performance art at that!

Like most things in his miserable excuse for a life, Traitor Don did nothing to earn his star. I mean, come on now, are we supposed to believe that just having a godawful dipshit show like "The Apprentice" is enough to earn one a star? If so, that certainly cheapens the value and significance of every other star imbedded in the sidewalks of Hollywood. This everybody gets a trophy nonsense has gone way too far. Next thing we know, Pablo Escobar will get a star just because there have been so many TV shows and movies about him. Hell, in this perverse world, Pablo Escobar could get a star just because of all the cocaine his cartel made available to the entire Hollywood film industry.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Diaper Don told the Hollywood folks in charge of the stars that he would pay for a star. He probably even asked for one that was bigger than everyone else's. In any event, if he did offer to pay for a vanity star, he probably stiffed the city when the bill arrived.

As it turns out, the misguided folks in charge of the sidewalk stars quickly replaced the destroyed star with a new one. So much for the claims that people in Hollywood are all a bunch of liberals. The countdown for the destruction of the new star has already begun. Its fate is sealed. Only the mechanism of its destruction is to be determined. When it is gone, it will no doubt also be replaced and the Diaper Don will claim "I've had more stars on Hollywood Boulevard than anybody. It's a record. Believe me. Tremendous honor."

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At 5:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah. that star demeaned all of the stars the same way giving a peace prize to obamanation and Kissinger made that prize meaningless... or ironic.


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