Thursday, July 26, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

The President's Brain is Missing

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, like many people, that the above tweet can't possibly be real. But, no, the above tweet is not fake. It's not something I made up. It is all too real. It comes, completely, from the mind of Donald Trump as he continues the sick farce of trying to defend the utter quackery of his presidency with all the rational of a concussed 6-year-old who found his way into mommy and daddy's liquor cabinet or drank something found under the kitchen sink.

Traitor Don has completely lost his mind now. His de-evolution down to polluted water pond scum is nearly complete. His phone is just one of the toys in his attic. His mind is gone, shot, eaten away by demons real and imagined. If we didn't know this before, this Tuesday morning tweet from the toilet of Donald Trump cinches it. Even after Putin stated, before the entire world, that he wanted Trump to win all along, this lunatic says Putin is siding with the Democrats against him and his supporters. He has now even deleted that particular Putin statement from the White House transcript of his Helsinki treachery.

Trump is 100% stark, raving mad now. Case Closed. He has gone too far down the dark path of insanity. His mind is never coming back and we are stuck with this nightmarish reality as long as his complicit co-traitors and co-conspirators in the White House, Congress, and Korporate Amerika keep going along to get along, to get rich, and to turn America from step by step fascism into the maximum full blown fascist empire of their dreams. Republicans see no insanity. They see no threat to America. Sure, a tiny handful of them mouth a few of the right words, but judge them by what they actually do. What we see is that they march along with their leader, taking us all off a cliff for the benefits of their bank accounts and their Don of Dons, Vladimir Putin.

During the 2016 campaign, and every day since, it's always amazed me that anyone could watch the Diaper Don speak for more than 2 minutes without coming to the realization that he is severely mentally ill. Whatever the reason, be it syphilis, dementia, a head full of tumors or all of the above, it doesn't take much to see that something is terribly wrong with Trump's mind and his actions are no different than some of the sickest autocrats and nutjob dictators in human history.

Of course, the idea that Trump is laying the groundwork for an insanity defense has occurred to me, but, this portrayal of insanity is too good. You'd have to be De Niro, Streep, or at least Nicholson to do this level of acting and that requires an IQ over 70. It would be more likely that one of the knuckle-dragging shitgibbons on the White House staff (like Conway, that new guy form FOX "News," or someone we've not heard of yet) thought this is a good way to discredit the election of any democrats come November. Maybe the idea was even something that came up during Traitor Don's infamous secret meeting under the cone of silence in Helsinki.

I'm not a shrink but you don't have to be a shrink to know when someone is this stone crazy. I'll leave the why's and wherefores to the medical communities of the future. Trump's mind will be the subject of books and many many grad students will write their doctoral thesis about Trump's brain for decades, maybe hundreds of years, if he is allowed to continue in office. I do know enough, though, to know that someone as sick as Trump would be every bit as mentally ill no matter what party they belonged to. The issue of his mental illness abides separately from his politics and his bad character. It just exacerbates the situation. It's the conduit. I would normally have compassion for someone as far gone as our president. We still have some institutions for poor souls who are similarly afflicted as Trump is, even after Ronald Reagan threw so many of the mentally ill into our streets. But, just so you know, I make exceptions when it comes to people who are evil by nature. Trump would be horrific even if he was sane. The mental illness, however, increases the danger he presents exponentially. Tuesday's lunacy is a prime example of his sick desire to propagandize his base with the classic Big Lie. His base and the rest of his Republican Party have bought into the brainwashing and surrendered their sovereignty, their lives, and their well-being to him. Tuesday's tweet is totally Orwellian

Vladimir Putin knows all of this, which means he knows a lot more about the Diaper Don than those who voted for him and plan on doing so again. Advantage Russia.

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At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nobody who voted for trump has read Orwell. Nor have they read Shirer. Nor even have they read and understood the bible. So ... who is there to give a flying fuck?

Yes, some voters on the left have read Orwell and Shirer and know the bible is horse shit. But they vote for democraps. How can THAT possibly help??

At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because it's HER! Turn? (I voted for Stein. Eat THAT, Hillbots!)


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