Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kaniela Saito Ing-- Now THIS Is An Inspiring Campaign Video!


The day after Alexandria Ocasio's political earthquake-- her "unlikely" victory over a hack politician who had first been elected to office before she was born-- Chris Hayes had her on his MSNBC show for an interview. She made sure to endorse Kaniela Saito Ing on the program. A week later she dispatched one of her most trusted staffers to Honolulu to give Kaniela a hand with his campaign. The political establishment in Hawaii isn't enamored of the populist agenda that has powered boh Alexandria's of Kaniela's underdog races. In Kaniela's case the corporate media isn't even hiding it-- pushing out every bogus, twisted lie they can dig up against him in order to put doubt into the minds of voters. Why? Watch the video. It tells the whole story of what the establishment fears.

And now that he's going after developers-- the biggest part of the political donor establishment-- the war against him has ramped up to max in front of the August 11 primary. This is a note Kaniela sent to his supporters that has been driving the luxury developers over the top:
We were so sick and tired of “affordable housing” proposals ghost-written by luxury developers and corporate donors.

So, my campaign team consulted with economists and organizers to write a bold and visionary solution to the housing and homelessness crisis. I’m proud to introduce: Housing for all.

Housing for All is the Medicare for all of housing. Read the plan and and watch the Now This video explainer about our vision here.

Our generation is not set up to succeed like our parents were. The median cost for a single family home in Honolulu is now $795,000, which means residents need to make $200,000 a year to afford an average home in my district. And it’s not just Hawaii. For every 100 low-income families in America, there are just 35 affordable homes.

Our Housing for All proposal outlines three goals: build 10 million social houses over next 10 years; keep rent under control; and provide a home for every American.

The money is here. We have multi-million dollar condos popping up every few months. Scarcity does not occur naturally; it is a political choice. Luxury developers, their corporate tenants, and price-gouging landlords have been buying out our politicians for decades.

This is why our campaign refuses all corporate money and why we are building a movement. We are championing and creating bold ideas. We’re really excited to continue pushing the conversation forward and I welcome my colleagues and opponents to jump on the bandwagon.

Goal ThermometerWe are now 18 days until the primary election.
Blue America invites you to help Kaniela bring his bold ideas like Housing for All to Congress by chipping in whatever you can afford at the 2018 congressional thermometer on the right. There is no candidate for Congress running this cycle who can make a bigger impact on Congress than Kaniela. He is the personification of the kind of real change and reform American voters always say they want. the mob of corrupt conservative candidates opposing him are the opposite.

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