Thursday, June 28, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

There's been so much chatter about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her visit to the highly rated Red Hen in Lexington, VA. the last few days. Reservations even ticked up and the place is now booked for 4 solid weeks thanks to supporter reaction to the grossly immature tweets of Sanders and her boss but, now, according to Friday morning reports, the restaurant will close until July 5th so things can cool down. The Red Hen’s owner, Stephanie Wilkinson has also decided to leave her position as the director of local business group Main Street Lexington so as not to hurt the interests of other local businesses. Laughably, Trump supporters have been protesting outside the restaurant calling for, get this- tolerance and civility! Like I always say, republicans have no sense of irony. The republican brand is intolerance to its core. Their president can’t go 5 minutes without being uncivil to someone somewhere.

For me, it all boils down to this:

Dear Sarah Huckabee Sanders,

What goes around comes around.

With all due respect,

Not to worry, DWT readers. I have zero respect for the putrid, fetid likes of Ms. Sanders. All of my adult life (and even before) the phrase "with all due respect" has meant "respect if any is due" which, in this case, none is, and any respect that Sarah may have once had because of her position has been irresponsibly frittered away.

My sympathies go to the owner of The Red Hen. She was in a very real dilemma. On the one hand, she probably didn't want a repeat of Kristjen Nielsen's being shouted out of a restaurant. On the other hand, it was blatantly obvious about how the rest of the restaurant's staff felt. There's also the moral issue. Plus, would you want to go down in history as a person who welcomed a person who models herself after Josef Goebbels, another pathological liar of evil intent, to your place of business?

The Red Hen did Sarah Huckabee Sanders a big favor. I know that, had I been working in the kitchen, Sarah's happy meal would have had a little something extra in it before it left the kitchen. Perhaps the manager knew this and Sanders owes her a thank you. Personally, I would have probably pissed in her soup or done something similar while the air mysteriously left all four tires of her car as it sat in the parking lot. With only a hint of a smirk, I don't mind being the instrument of karmic payback.

Next time, Sarah, why not stay home and bake a cake or a half-dozen pies for dinner. You could even stay at the office and chomp down a few buckets of KFC with sides of mashed potatoes with your boss. If you do have to eat out, may I suggest that Chick-fil-A would welcome someone like you with wide-open arms?

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At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also sympathize with Ms. Wilkinson. But I also see the vector for what it is.

Ms. Wilkinson's action is probably the last gasp of a dying society. We have a Nazi in the white house surrounded by Nazi enablers and sycophants who are installing Nazis in every institution and on the courts and normalizing Nazi memes on nearly all issues.
Kennedy is retiring and the fucking democraps are expressing regret that they didn't do what mcturtle did to get their milquetoast nom confirmed 2 years ago, proving once again that they knew better but couldn't make themselves act like leaders.
But WITH kennedy on the court, it has just affirmed that hate is as American as apple pie, free speech is for oppression, labor has no rights and signals that roe is dying fast.
When mcturtle puts trump and Koch's next Nazi onto the court (and several democraps will confirm -- manchin and jones for two), leftys will feel nauseous, but it won't make a bit of difference. That court has been a Nazi institution since BEFORE the democraps confirmed Roberts.

You all can think what you like. But the religious hypocrites, the Nazis in America have already won. And, to borrow the prescient words of Kruschev, they won without firing a single shot.

We on the left, by way of our delusional fidelity to the corrupt, hapless, feckless democraps, just laid down and let them win.

There will be spasms, like that of these couple of restaurant incidents. But they will be fruitless... and the suppression from the right SHALL prevail.

At this point, DWT kvetching is pointless. Violence is the only method that can possibly succeed, and americans of the left have no stomach for that. We're quite happy to lay down and go fetal.

At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since too many "businessmen" are Trumpzis, when a brave business owner like Ms Wilkinson takes a stand which goes against the Big Money Common Knowledge, one can expect to stand alone against all of the slings are arrows of outrageous fortune can be arrayed by same.

I'm sorry she chose to close the restaurant for a week when remaining open would have proven that they can't dissuade her. But she's handed them the keys, and she might as well now look into selling the business. She's done.


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