Friday, June 01, 2018

Kaniela Saito Ing Battles Another Republican Pretending To Be A Democrat, Beth Fukumoto


Trying to figure out how someone is going to perform in Congress is the single most important factor in figuring out which candidate to support in a contested election. And as we saw earlier today, one of the easiest ways is to examine the voting records and leadership records of state legislators trying to make the jump. The best legislator in the state of Hawaii, Kaniela Saito Ing, is running for Congress in the Honolulu-based district being given up by Colleen Hanabusa. His opponents are from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party... except one. Until recently Beth Fukumoto, who was stripped of her leadership role in the GOP, was an actual Republican, leader of the House Minority in fact. Now she calls herself a "Democrat." While Kaniela was championing-- and fighting the long and hard battles for-- marriage equality, 100% renewable energy, same day voter registration, emergency contraceptives for rape victims, and making Honolulu's police department change its policy so cops cant get drunk while carrying firearms-- Fukumoto fought him on each one. Kaniela was running up an incredible record of leadership; this is what she was up to:

Goal ThermometerShe voted "no" on marriage equality, "no" on emergency contraceptive for rape victims, "yes" on a bill to exclude the LGBTQ community from a so-called "religious freedom" restoration bill. She also voted "no" on a bill to bring Hawaii into 100% renewable electricity by 2045, "no" on expanding an energy tax on fossil fuel for 15 years, "yes" on corporate ownership of public streams, while refusing to oppose LNG or Nextera.

The NRA gave her a "B", happy with her for voting against background checks and "no" on disallowing gunowners from carrying firearms while intoxicated outside home.

This brand new "Democrat" who thinks she should be in Congress now from America's bluest state voted "no" on Obamacare Implementation after the Republican-controled Congress cut federal funding. She also voted against raising the legal age for buying or consuming tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, from 18-21.

Fukumoto voted against  Same Day Voter Registration and "no" on raising taxes on wealthy out of state speculator-- taxes meant to go towards affordable housing. She wasn't just a Republican in the state legislature, she was the leader of the Republicans in the state legislature. It's not that tough to run on Trump opposition in a deep blue state. Fukumoto is an opportunist who has been a conservative for a very long time and only changed parties to run for higher office.

Basically every time legislators were put to the test on being progressive, she landed on the wrong side. Despite her consultant-crafted progressive rhetoric in this race, she holds one of the most conservative records in state. She was, first and foremost, always working in the interests of wealthy corporations and conservative causes and never for the working families that Kaniela always stood with. 

Her crooked husband David Chang was chairman of the Republican Party of Hawaii from November 2011 until March 2014 and his ponzi schemes financed her political career.

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At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Palolololo said...

Except for his ethical issues. MAJOR problems with money.

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this is the Party too many want to retake from within.

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we dispense with the whole pretense that the democrap party isn't already 98% "republicans"?

When a candidate who has not already distinguished him/her/itself as a devoted corporatist, money whore and warmonger is the rare exception rather than the rule, it should be assumed that's what the party truly is.

"it is what it is" springs to mind as relevant.


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