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Are DCCC Staffers Blowing It In California?


Gil Cisneros, the DCCC's 2018 mascot... and people wonder why California is looking dodgy

Six of the very best members of Congress-- plus many more-- declared their candidacies on the back on fantastic records as state legislators: Ted Lieu (CA), Pramila Jayapal (WA), Barbara Lee (CA), Jamie Raskin (MD), Mark Pocan (WI), Keith Ellison (MN). Some of the worst Democrats in Congress were grotesquely bad state legislators, like Joe Crowley (NY), Darren Soto (FL), Lou Correa (CA), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL). Today the Democrats are enthusiastically running the single worst member of the New Jersey state senate, Jeff Van Drew, and one of New York state's worst legislators, Anthony Brindisi, for Congress. On the other hand, Alan Grayson was arguably the most successful member of Congress-- in as much as he passed the most legislation in a Republican dominated Congress-- and had never been a legislator at all. Nor had outstanding current members like Ro Khanna (CA) and Nanette Barragán (CA). Nor outstanding current candidates like Randy Bryce (WI), Kara Eastman (NE), Alexandria Ocasio (NY), Levi Tillemann (CO), Doug Applegate (CA), Katie Porter (CA), Sam Jammal (CA).

Applegate, Porter and Jammal are all running in Orange County and yesterday political pundit Ron Brownstein, writing for The Atlantic, asserted that California Democrats are in trouble because the party has no bench, no "network of credible local elected officials." Another Correa or Juan Vargas, who totally sucked in Sacramento and now totally suck in DC? Is that what he thinks California Democrats need now? How about more crap like reactionary Blue Dog Jim Costa? He served in the state Assembly from 1978 'til 1994 and then in the state Senate from 1994 'til 2002 and is now one of the Democrats who votes most frequently with the GOP.
Particularly in Orange County, the epicenter of the competition for House seats in the state, Democrats are confronting what could be called a “resume gap.” While Republicans are fielding an array of candidates who are current or former elected officials, Democrats are relying entirely on first-time contenders who entered their races without any elected experience, existing political networks, or name identification in their districts. That’s making it tougher for any of the Democratic candidates to consolidate support within their party.
Goal ThermometerApplegate, Porter and Jammal are outstanding candidates with outstanding resumes that were built, respectively, in the military, in academia, and in both the private sector and in the executive branch. Thanks God none of their experience came as corporate lawyers who spent their lives climbing the political career ladder-- which spits out some of Congress' worst members. The best of the California congressional candidates, up and down the state, can be found by tapping the ActBlue thermometer on the right. The DCCC doesn't support any of them. Perhaps that's what Brownstein should be investigating and writing about, since DCCC meddling-- by incompetent staffers by Kyle Layman and Jason Bresler, in CA-39 and CA-48 is what has put those two seats in jeopardy. Instead Brownstein got it completely ass-backwards, asserting that the DCCC is to blame for not intervening more forcefully to winnow the fields." Not much about how the DCCC recruited the worst bunch of garbage candidates on the face of the earth, led by a clownish Republican lottery winner-- pretending to be a Democrat-- who pays off everyone he's told to pay off.
Democrats fear they could fail to crack the top two slots-- and thus be excluded from the general election-- in as many as three House seats now held by Republicans that Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 presidential race. That would be a bitter disappointment to Democrats, who began the year brimming with optimism about their prospects against seven California House Republicans in seats that Clinton won, and more cautiously hopeful about their chances in three other districts that preferred Donald Trump. Compounding their frustration is the news that Republicans recently fell into third place in terms of total registered voters in California, far behind Democrats. They now also narrowly trail Independent voters, who don’t choose a party.

The Democratic risk next week is concentrated in Orange County, the huge, sun-splashed suburban region south of Los Angeles. Long a hotbed of hard-core conservatism, Orange County has grown more competitive in national elections under the same twin forces that have reshaped the politics of affluent suburbs elsewhere: growing racial diversity (whites are projected to fall below 40 percent of the county’s population by 2020) and improved Democratic performance among college-educated whites. Clinton in 2016 became the first Democrat to carry the OC since Franklin Roosevelt in 1936.

...[T]he party is relying almost entirely on wealthy political neophytes who are mostly self-funding their campaigns. In the Royce seat, the leading Democrats are a business executive born in New Jersey (Andy Thornburn) and a lottery winner and philanthropist (Gil Cisneros, whom the DCCC has endorsed). In the Rohrabacher seat, Democrats are choosing primarily between entrepreneurs Harley Rouda (who’s also backed by the DCCC) and Hans Keirstead. And in the Issa seat, there’s investor Paul Kerr; nonprofit executive Sara Jacobs; and the sole major contenders not funding their own efforts: environmental lawyer Mike Levin and a retired Marine, Doug Applegate, who also ran in 2016.
Brownstein neglected to mention Omar Siddiqui who lives in CA-39 but is running in CA-48, and who self-funded $764,856 into his campaign. Brownstein also forgot to mention that the completely inept DCCC clownishly recruited two self-funders to run in that district, both uninspiring New Dems:
Harley Rouda- $1,130,500
Hans Keirstead- $730,400
And two in CA-39, neither from the district:
Gil Cisneros- $3,552,762
Mai-Khanh Tran- $730,000
Cisneros has the distinct of being the worst DCCC recruit of the cycle, who is busy threatening to sue The Intercept and the Washington Post and... Samantha Bee?!? The clip she made showing what a imbecile he is was taken down and so was this tweet:

Cisneros is as big a fool as Trump-- same kind of mentality too-- threatening to sue anyone who covers him in a way he doesn't like! Hard to imagine the DCCC hooking up their 2018 fate (and ours) to this incompetent! I sure hope Pelosi cleans house there before November... but, alas, I'm nearly certain she won't.

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At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, as expected.

The Atlantic is on this story:

"Preemptive finger-pointing is already starting among Democrats as they grow increasingly concerned that Tuesday’s California primary could deal a painful blow to their hopes of recapturing the House of Representatives. But the rising laments may all be missing the root cause of the gathering threat: a long-term failure by California Democrats to invest in building a network of credible local elected officials."


"...Democrats are relying entirely on first-time contenders who entered their races without any elected experience, existing political networks, or name identification in their districts..."


"Blame has been directed at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for not intervening more forcefully to winnow the fields; at second-tier contenders for remaining in their races and dividing the vote; and at Orange County Democratic voters, who, at least in the mailed ballots, have not yet matched the higher turnout Democrats have seen in most other states since Trump’s election. "

First, beating up the DCCC makes more sense for injecting bad candidates into the process while pressuring everyone else to get out and causing this problem to become worse.

Second, ALL "democratic" and real Democratic candidates are by this definition second-tier candidates for being so new to the process. Many, especially here at DWT, recognize that the Party needs new blood to survive. Attacking such candidates because the Party machine is so corrupt and incompetent defeats the purpose and will guarantee defeat where victory was certainly possible.

Third, it's clear that the Party hjacks didn't learn from HER! horrible candidacy if they are going to attack the voters for not seeing their way to coming out strongly for them and their bad selections for candidates. We the People owe NO ONE our votes. You must EARN them.

End Part I

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part II

Continuing . . .


"Democrats next week could pay a heavy national price for the prolonged local failure to recruit and nurture a stronger bench of rising stars."

WHAT?!?!?! Recruiting EX-Republicans isn't working???

VOX thinks the "democrats" are blowing the opportunity also:

"...there are two candidates: an ex-Republican business executive with the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the nation’s largest progressive group, and a California Democratic Party-endorsed stem cell scientist, who has spent a lot of time denying allegations that he drunkenly punched a female student in bar fight."


"The California Democratic Party has their process — people have used the word corrupt, I don’t like that word, it’s inappropriate — but I feel like it’s outdated,” said [Aaron] McCall, head of the county’s Indivisible chapter, adding that the party threw its support to one candidate too early. “Hans Keirstead was endorsed by the California Democratic Party before he had a platform on his website.


"On one hand, Democrats’ troubles in this race are unique to the state. There are going to be 16 names on a ballot, eight of them Democrat, and almost half of whom are individuals who have unofficially dropped out of the running." After being pressured by Party hacks to do so.


"Of course, Democrats don’t need to flip every California Republican seat to take back the House majority in 2018. But losing the chance to even run a candidate in a district Clinton won would be a major missed opportunity."

While "too many" candidates are running in other areas. No one is clearly in charge of the DCCC, nor knows how to be.

So 2018 is well along the path to joining 2010 as an annus horribilis in Party lore. Meanwhile, Party hacks continue to exhibit that they are clueless and do not learn from their mistakes.

Just another reason in the growing list to leave these losers behind and form a new party.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Shirt said...

Applegate is running a failing campaign. It's not enough to assert a "mano a mano" attitude towards Trump which he's been doing. What about health care for those who are merely taxpayers and not veterans. What of climate, taxes and school shootings? I voted for Applegate over Issa in the last election cause I'd take a rifleman over Issa any day. But now Kerr appeals to me more than any other candidate. Not only does he address issues of interest to me but his life experience tells me he's not going to forget those who elected him

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are actually hoping Pelosi cleans house? After she spent the last 2 decades making the house exactly how she (and the money she whores for) likes it?

no more 'epiphany yet' questions. I see you're WAAAAY too far gone for one of those. I imagine that pleases you.

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real question is WHY is the DCCC blowing it? It's far too obvious to be simple ineptitude. This HAS to be intentional... DWT, you listening... you playing a part??

After their 2009 debacle and resulting 2010 drubbing, to infer that they are TRYING to minimize their anti-red/trump stink tsunami so they don't have to pretend to govern left while serving the money, so they don't lose 15 million more voters in 2020 when the presidential election (may or may not) comes around again... just seems very reasonable. They got away with refusing to do anything with majorities in 2006. They won't get away with it again.

The same people (as in 2006) trying NOT to do the same thing so they won't have to openly betray the idiots they still need to vote for them. Well, unlike their voters and DWT, they actually heed Einstein's advice.

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the time this election is over, Netflix will have a new show. But the CDP must think ineptitude implausible, as well. It issued a fiery statement, warning the DCCC to back off.

California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement after the announcement that the DCCC has endorsed in Congressional District 48:

“For the past several months, the California Democratic Party and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have had a productive and successful partnership in California’s many battleground districts. We’ve coordinated efforts against Republican incumbents, and on general Party-building activities like voter registration. Throughout our partnership, I have been consistently clear on one key point: when CDP Delegates endorse a candidate, that candidate is the official candidate of the Party, and the DCCC should tread carefully in openly supporting a different candidate.

California Democratic Activists value our independence and the grassroots nature of our endorsement process. Decisions that undercut the independence or our endorsed candidates have the potential to be extraordinarily counterproductive.

I have communicated clearly to the DCCC that attacks against our candidates coming from outside national groups will likely strengthen the resolve of our endorsed candidate’s supporters. The DCCC certainly has a different set of considerations in making their decisions, but it is my strong belief that whatever resources they commit to CD 48 should be spent attacking the corrupt and compromised-by-Putin incumbent, Dana Rohrabacher, or his bareknuckled extremist Republican challenger, Scott Baugh.”

At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine of the CDP seceded from the democrap party and started their own left movement in CA...


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