Monday, May 07, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Yup. The White House is now the Trump Crime Family Social Club. Would it shock you if Sammy The Bull Gravano was the doorman at 1600?

Drugs? You bet. The pill-popping wiseguys and made men (and women) of the Trump Administration now refer to house doctor Ronny Jackson as "The Candyman" as they've brought government drug abuse to new heights. Drugs explain a lot. Just think of that the next time you see Kellyanne, Sarah, or any of 'em yapping on your TV. It's worth noting, too, that we pay any White House drug habits with our hard-earned tax dollars. Criminals? In the White House? Not the first time, but now it's apparently a qualification for "service." Rapists? Can there be any doubt? We've heard more than enough rumors and the way they all so eagerly supported Roy Moore speaks volumes.

Yup. When SeƱor Trumpanzee was talking about such things being characteristic of Mexicans as he announced his candidacy, he was really just speaking code for himself and his people. These are not "the best people" after all. I'm shocked. Shocked I tell ya!

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